Friday, September 23, 2011

Grey's Anatomy September 22, 2011 Recap

Finally the new season begins!

I forgot half of what was going on it's been so long. I hope we get more than a couple of episodes before the reruns start.

Here we go. Woo Hoo! A two hour episode!

I don't know who the couple is in the beginning. I guess we'll find out. They are fighting. The husband is eating cereal with no milk. The wife is getting ready for work.

Derek Sheppard and Owen Hunt are working on the house. I love the stones.

Little Grey can't have sex with Avery cause the baby is crying in the next room. Avery says you can and distracts her from the crying baby if you know what I mean.

Alex gets out of a bed next to a patient and tells him he snores like a truck. I'm going to put a note in your chart because you mix apnea with your heart crap. You are dead before you reach 60.

Callie Torres and Arizona Robbins arrive at the hospital with baby Sophia. Teddy Altman is there talking baby talk. The new interns have arrived. That's usually interesting. I wonder who will stay. Callie asks whats wrong with Teddy, Arizona says she's getting laid, she's unnaturally cheerful. Teddy says the sex is earth shattering. LOL I'm glad those two finally hooked up. Arizona covers Sophia's ears.

April Kepner goes by headed somewhere she hears there is an omelet station. Oh yes, we have to find out if she got AIDS or not.

Meredith, Zola, and Christina arrive at the hospital. They see Derek and Owen, there is a moment of awkward silence and Christina walks away. Derek goes over and gets baby Zola. Meredith wants to talk to Derek he blows her off.

The unknown couple is getting in the car. The husband has been unemployed four months. His wife has been sniping at him all morning.

April is addressing all the residents. No one is paying attention to her. Bailey is at the omelet station making an omelet. April is asking her how she get's people to listen to her. Bailey, leave me alone I'm eating, figure it out on your own. Meredith and Christina are now there. Wait didn't Meredith get fired? Christina and Meredith are talking. Owen won't answer her calls, evidently Christina went to get an abortion and didn't go through with it, she has another appointment at six o'clock tonight. Christina, I gotta go suck up to Teddy.

Mark Sloan and Avery Jackson are talking. Mark tells Avery he is a good surgeon but not a great surgeon. Then asks about Lexie.

Christina runs into Teddy at the coffee pot. Teddy, Oh god what is she doing here? That's what you are thinking right? I'm here, I'm in a happy place, I'm done with drama and if you want to learn I want to teach. Christina, great.

Arizona to Alex if you want a Peds fellowship you are going to have to work for it. All of the other applicants are published you aren't. You are way behind. Everybody hates you because you narc'd on a another surgeon, you've been living in the hospital, you look like a bum and you have really bad breath, really really bad. LOL

The Chief arrives. So he still has his job too? April asks him if he has anything to say. He turns around and says you all know what you are doing, don't kill anyone. Then calls Meredith to his office.

The unknown couple are now in the car arguing. He tells her if she hadn't wanted a big wedding they wouldn't have spent all of their savings. She is now yelling at him to stop the car. Meredith is talking in the background about how nobody expects their marriage to fail.

Meredith and the Chief in his office. Meredith, Derek is refusing to work with me isn't he. Chief, the board met this morning, they feel a suspension would send the wrong message, that what you did disgraced the hospital, the profession. I'm sorry I did everything I could. Meredith, so what are you saying. Chief, you are fired you are no longer a doctor at Seattle Grace.

Back to the couple in the car. The guy if you get out of this car we are done. She gets out.  The ground gives way underneath her. The guy gets out of the car and walks over the street is caving in, like a big ole earthquake crack. The guy falls in an it looks like the car is going to also.

Owen Hunt and Callie Torres are headed to the ambulance. The other residents are standing there gowned up. A woman is trapped under her car and they need to go do an onsite amputation. April says have fun. Callie, for an amputation? April, I mean good luck.

Meredith comes out and tells Christina she got fired. Christina turns to Alex and calls him a SOB. Says it's all because of him and starts hitting him as he walks away. Bailey, Kepner control your people. LOL Christina now has Alex pinned up against an ambulance punching him. April is standing there saying stop it, stop it right now. No hitting, which is doing no good. Bailey walks up behind Christina and grabs her by the back of the neck and walks off with her. Too funny. 

Alex asks an ambulance driver if he is going to the scene. He says he is Alex gets in the ambulance. April says wait I didn't tell you you could go. I need you here. Alex doesn't listen.

Another ambulance arrives with a 42 yo woman. Everyone goes inside except Meredith. The ambulance bay doors close with her standing outside. Very dramatic. 

On the scene, lots of ambulances and firefighters. One of the workers tells Owen there is a husband and wife down there, Danny and Susannah Wilson.  The husband has a head wound and a messed up ankle. They could bring him up but he won't leave without his wife and her leg is stuck under the car. WOW they show a massive sink hole across what looks like the width of the street and quit a good distance across. Water is pouring in from broken water lines. It looks to be quite a deep hole as well, deep enough you can't see the car. The front of the building next to the hole is messed up and there is a fire inside.

The ER is busy treating injuries. Bailey to Kepner, I hope you got me with a decent resident. I'm not visiting any first day first years today.  Yep, I got you with Meredith. OOPS! Someone forgot to notify the Chief Resident there was going to be a firing. April asks Avery he says he's with Sloan, she asks Christina who says no. April, I'll figure this out. Bailey to little Grey, Grey you're with me. Lexie, yes ma'am. April better learn to tell people what to do instead of asking or she is going to be Chief a shorter period than Callie was. 

Back on the scene, evidently there was a water main break going on under the street causing it to give way.  Now they are showing credits on the screen? Odd fifteen minutes into the show. 

Teddy is grilling Christina about a procedure she is doing. She wants to know why she did it that way.

Meredith goes and tells Derek she got fired. He looked like he felt bad for her but then he says what did you think was going to happen and walks away.

Alex Karev walks up to Callie and Hunt and says what can I do. Callie, April called she wants you back at the hospital. Alex, I can't go back there. Callie, it sucks everyone hates you. You aren't hiding out here. Go. They have sent an amputation kit down to the husband. He opens it up and starts saying no I can't do this. Owen, we have one chance to bring you both up. You have to do this.

Alex walks up to an ambulance where they are loading a patient. They are loading a man who has some colored bands in his hand. Alex asks does he have a kid? Then starts screaming have you seen a kid around? He ask's where did they pull this guy from? He's at a dirt pile with a street light laying down in it. He spots a little hand and starts screaming for help. The child is buried except for the hand.

He has the head uncovered it's a little boy that's not breathing.

Back in the ER a new intern is with his patient alarms are going off and he's screaming I think my patient is coding. Meredith is sitting there working on charts. You think your patient is coding? What is his rhythm? He says SVT sinus tach? Meredith, there shouldn't be a question mark at the end of that sentence. Guy, I'm freaking out this is my first day of internship. Meredith tells him what to do but he is questioning everything. Meredith goes over to the patient and says he has a tension pneumothorax she tells him to get the biggest needle he can find. Of course Bailey walks in and catches her. The guy from the cart 14 gauge? 16 gauge? Bailey and Meredith in unison the biggest needle you can find. Bailey saves the man and tells the intern he should have called a resident. He says he thought she was a resident. Bailey tells him she was fired they all could have been sued and tells Meredith to get the H out of there.

Hunt is assisting Alex with the boy now. He has crush syndrome they need to do bilateral fasciotomies. The little boy's name is Nicky Hoffman.

Bailey is telling the Chief we need a Gunther. The Chief says he's busy trying to find a new spot for Meredith Grey. He tells Bailey he want her to write a recommendation for Meredith. Bailey, To whom it may concern, Meredith Grey is an excellent example of the kind of resident you absolutely should not hire. She undermines ground breaking clinical trials. She has absolutely no respect for rules, authorities or as it turns out the oath she took when she became a doctor. She will most likely tarnish the reputations of you, your doctors and your hospital. Sincerely, Dr. Miranda Bailey.  Meredith Grey is the reason we need a Gunther, and walks off.  You gotta love Bailey. Shouldn't Meredith and them be wearing dark blue this year for sure?

Avery is discussing a patient with Derek. Mark comes in. Let's look at your handy work. Oh dear God my grandmother could sew up a turkey better than this. Avery, it's pretty jagged in there. Mark, ever hear of burying your stitches? April comes and tells Avery she needs him. He says he's busy. Mark, yeah turning this guy into Frankenstein. Mark tells Avery to go. Avery says he will fix it, but goes with April. Derek, don't you think you were a little hard on him. Mark, he's a light weight. Be thankful you have Meredith. Derek, she was fired. Mark, is she okay? Derek, I don't know. The patient is the man they were putting in the ambulance. His name is Mr. Hoffman. He asks about his son. Derek tells him Nicky is on his way in.

Nicky gets there. Alex tells April they called Shepard from the road which room are they in? April looks at the covered board and says she doesn't know. Alex screams well find out. April, it's supposed to be on the board. She turns around and says loudly. People I need you to make sure you are updating these boards.

Meredith walks up to April and tells her I need you to reassign these cases. Christina has just walked up. April tells her Yang take over Meredith's cases. Christina, no I'm with Altman and Meredith should keep her cases. April, I am your chief resident you have to do what I say. Meredith, it's fine I can wait, just sign them when you have a minute. April walks off.

Christina, so what you're just going to give up? You have to go to the board. Meredith, the board fired me.

Teddy walks up. Yang what are you doing. Christina, I presented as thirsty so I treated the symptoms with 8 ounces of water. Now that I'm finished I will throw this bottle in the recycling bin so as to avoid excess strain on Seattle's land fills. Teddy, that's funny. You're a funny girl. Come on we have patients. Christina leans over to Meredith and says you need a plan. Come up with a plan.

Back at the scene it's getting dark. Callie is talking Danny through the amputation. He's worried Susannah will feel it. Callie tells him she's unconscious she won't feel anything. Owen comes up and tells Danny to take the blue towel and cover her face that will help him. Danny starts cutting and screaming oh God! Oh God! While cutting into her leg.

Danny hit's the bone and can't cut it. Owen says he is going down. Callie says she should she's the orthopedic surgeon. Owen tells her she has a wife and a child. I'm going. Ut-oh I hope nothing happens to Owen. I have a bad feeling. He has a wife and child too. 

Meredith tells Christina she has a plan. She is going to be a mom. Christina, there is a giant sink hole don't page me 911 unless you have a serious plan. Meredith this is serious. Meredith is going to make jam, drive car pool and have play groups. LOL Meredith, I'm going to be a great mom. Christina, I'm going to vomit, call me when Meredith comes back. Meredith, maybe you want to be a mom too and that's why you can't go through with it. Christina, I wish I wanted a kid so bad, because then I would have Owen and my life wouldn't be a mess. Please get it. I need someone to get it. I wish that someone was Owen. I wish he would get it and show up for me but he won't, and you're my person. I need you to be there at six o'clock tonight to hold my hand because my husband doesn't get that.

Lexie, I'm a terrible person I got my sisters surgeries. I'm reaping joy because my sister got fired. Avery, a terrible person would not feel bad about reaping the joy.

April comes up and begs Jackson to take a patient even though he has sutures to redo. Lexie tells her Bailey's patient needs his spleen taken out. She looks at the board and says he's in room 3 tells the nurse to get the consent forms filled out. The wrong patient is going to get their spleen removed. I'll bet someone didn't update the board. I see it coming.

Meredith is up in the nursery playing with Zola. Janet the social worker comes in and asks how things are doing. She doesn't tell her she is fired or that her and Derek are split up. Then a daycare worker walks up and asks if she is taking Zola home tonight because the schedule says Derek is. OOPS. Janet asks if they aren't together? Meredith lies and says they take turns picking her up and that she should get back to work.  Janet looks puzzled.

Derek is in surgery. Janet calls him out of surgery to talk to him.

Owen is down in the hole with Danny. Owen tells him to cover Susannah's head and keep her safe. He tells him to look away while he cuts off the leg. Danny has put the harness on Owen yells to take him up and assures him they will be right behind him. I still have a bad feeling about this.

Derek goes into some room where Meredith is and asks her what she said to Janet. Meredith says they are just routine questions. Derek, there is nothing routine when she says there are inconsistencies with our stories. Meredith, what did she say? Derek, she said she spoke to you and some red flags went up. Meredith, I did see her earlier but I didn't say anything. I will talk to Janet. Derek, no don't do anything. You've already, don't talk to her.

Avery takes Sloan to see the work he did on the sutures. He pulls back the sutures and there is a lady in the bed instead of a man. Sloan, great you did gender reassignment surgery. That is impressive, normally I don't teach that till next year. Call me when you find the patient. I don't have time for this.

April comes up and tells Avery she needs him to prep trauma one there is another sink hole victim on the way. Avery, stop asking me to do your work. Do it yourself. And how about you tell me where Jerry Hoffman is. Isn't he right there? Avery, does that look like him. April oh no.She starts to realize the error and starts screaming no, no, no, no and running towards surgery.

Lexie is in surgery with Bailey who wants to hurry up before the guy bleeds out. Lexie tells her hold on she has to confirm the consent forms as part of the check list. Lexie is looking at the form and tells Bailey stop. Something is wrong. April runs in and screams stop it's the wrong patient. Well I guess the fact that Aprils check list prevented the accident will save her butt. 

Alex and Meredith meet in the hallway. Alex, Meredith. Meredith, What? Alex, nothing. He walks away.

Owen comes in with the patient. Whew! I was worried about him. He see's Meredith standing there. He's telling her about the patient. She tells him she was fired. Then she tells him Christina didn't have the abortion because she couldn't go through with it because she loves you. And instead of loving her you are punishing her for being the woman you fell in love with. Owen, this is none of your business. Meredith, do you know what will happen to Christina if she has a kid that she doesn't want. It will almost kill her. Trying to pretend that she loves a kid as much as surgery. And it will kill your kid. Do you know what it's like being raised by a mother that doesn't want you. My mother was Christina. The guilt of resenting her own kid will eat her alive.

April is telling Bailey no one was updating the board even though she kept telling them too. I know I need to make people listen to me. But I've only been chief resident for 12 hours. A man almost lost a perfectly good spleen but he didn't because of a check list I implemented. Bailey keeps walking. She stops and turns around holds up her finger. April, it's okay yell at me. I can take it. It's okay. Bailey, can't make the words come out. She backs into the elevator without saying anything.

Christina, just intubated a patient. Teddy asks her why she used that size tube. Christina, because I am in my fifth year of residency and I know what size tube you use. Why are you treating me like a first year? Teddy, because no one ever did. Teddy, I'll bet you're first year you could do things better than most third years. Christina, why yes I could. Why are you punishing me for it? Teddy, that makes me happy. Your arrogance is not your fault. You are arrogant because you are so good. People let you slide by they let you skip steps. I'm sure you can tell me how to do a coronary by pass but I'm not sure you can tell me why you chose that size endotracheal tube.

Chief Webber is on the phone still trying to get Meredith a job, unsuccessfully. Alex walks in and tells him he needs to give Meredith her job back. They go back and forth. Alex wants to talk to the board. He says maybe I lied to get the chief residency. Chief Webber, this is not on you. Alex, its all on me. Alex leaves to answer a page.

Mark is inspecting the sutures Avery redid. He says they look a lot better. The patient asks if Nicky is out of surgery.

Everyone has been paged by Bailey to the ER. Bailey is pulling the charts off each patients bed looking at them and putting them back. She reaches the bed where Callie is with the amputee. Bailey asks her what you got? Callie tells her. Bailey says this is a Gunther. Callie, really? Think they can handle a Gunther? Bailey, they need a Gunther. April, what's a Gunther?

Meredith walks up to Janet who is sitting in a chair in the lobby. Janet had paged her. She says they should wait for Derek. Meredith says he's in surgery that could take hours. Meredith is now in regular clothes instead of scrubs. Meredith, can't you just tell me what is up? Janet, I knew something was up when I saw you in the daycare. So I made some calls. It would have been better if you told me you were fired and you and Derek are living apart. Meredith, I can explain. Janet, I'm sure you can. Meredith, what happens now, worst case scenario. Janet, lets not go there. Meredith, they couldn't take Zola right? Janet, I'm not comfortable discussing that without your husband. Meredith, this is important. I will go get him and I will be right back.

Derek is operating on Nicky. Meredith went to get Zola instead of getting Derek. Part one ended.

Janet is at a desk trying to get a lady to page Dr. Sheppard telling her it's very important that she speak to him right away. The lady tells her he is a brain surgeon everyone thinks it's very important.

Bailey is trying to talk to the Chief about the Gunther. He is talking about his study. Bailey agrees to help the Chief with his surgery. Callie will supervise the Gunther.

Dr. Weber's patient is Henry.

Derek is still in surgery asking why his pager is going off every 30 seconds. A nurse comes in and tells him it's something about his baby.

Bailey has all the five years around the patient telling them what is wrong with Susannah and that they will work together. April, in the OR? Bailey, no at the Jiffy lube. LOL Bailey, Dr. Torres will supervise your work. If you are killing her she will step in otherwise you are on your own. Don't screw this up like you've screwed up everything else you touched lately.

Owen is working with Danny. Owen comes in Callie and Bailey cut him off. They are explaining to him that they are doing a Gunther which is a team building exercise. He says not on this patient. They won't let him in and tell him the Chief has approved it.

Derek is now out of surgery looking for Meredith. He runs into the residents and asks Christina where Meredith is. Christina, I don't know maybe putting anthrax in Karev's locker. I guess if this surgery is starting at 4pm Christina will miss her appointment again? Derek is hollering at someone to page Dr. Grey. The girl says she just did she's not answering. Derek screams page her again. If she was fired wouldn't she have turned her beeper in. 

Teddy is talking to the Chief. She is concerned because the Chief called Henry in so quickly. He tells her not to worry.

Bailey arrives because the Chief has paged her. He tells her she needs to spend some time with mice. Once you've put a device in mice putting one in a human is a breeze. She rebels but does what he says. She's frowning. LOL.

Owen is with Danny who is worried about his wife learning about her leg.

The residents are in the OR arguing over who does what first. Arizona and Mark are in the gallery. Arizona is eating chip and Callie is working a suduko puzzle. Arizona is explaining to Mark who doesn't know what a Gunther is that the name comes from a doctor not a patient. One of the residents comes out as a leader when they do this.  Mark, we know it won't be Avery he doesn't have the balls. Arizona, Karev has the balls but everyone hates him. Mark, bound to be Yang. Arizona, I don't know Kepner is kind of a dark horse these days. Now they are making a $50 bet. Bailey just entered the gallery. She seems to be kind of excited about putting the thing in the mouse. Alarms are going off in the surgery. Callie, Is this where I step in? Bailey shakes her head no. Callie is down in the surgery.

Teddy is telling Henry how happy he makes her. He thinks she is telling him good bye.

Derek is telling Owen Meredith has disappeared with Zola.

Teddy has gone to the surgery galley. Bailey tells her she is watching the Chief's surgery today. Teddy asks if it's so she can be there if something goes wrong. Bailey, no the Chief likes an audience. Teddy, tells Bailey he wasn't supposed to have surgery for two weeks. Bailey, that's cause he's getting batty in his old age. Teddy, great cause he's cutting open my husband. Bailey, I'll be standing there. If the batty acts up I'll lend a hand. Teddy, something is not right. Bailey, you know what you sound like. A wife.

Mark it looks like Yang's the Gunther. Arizona pays Mark. Teddy, no, no, I'm trying to teach her humility and she's running the OR in a major trauma. Bailey, what can you do? Some people are race horses, she's a race horse. Christina asked for epi. You see a hand in the woman's heart. Christina gives the injection. Karev screams ow! Christina says oh my God. Alex look at me. Everyone in the galley is now standing. Alex passes out in the floor. Teddy, race horse? Bailey, my bad.

Now they gotta give the patient epi. Karev's heart has stopped and they don't know why. Epi shouldn't stop a healthy person's heart. Avery and Kepner are working on the patient. Bailey tries to assist with the surgery but Avery tells her there are too many surgeons to step back. He is taking charge now. Christina is on the floor reviving Alex. Who comes too and screams at her crazy bitch you almost killed me.

Arizona and Derek are telling Mr. Hoffman about Nicky. Mr. Hoffman, says they were just walking down the street talking about why people don't have gills and he just slipped away. Derek gets a strange look on his face and leaves the room. Arizona says lets go see Nicky to Mr. Hoffman after she just told him he couldn't see him. She apologizes for Derek.

Alex is getting wheeled down the hall screaming don't touch me. Don't touch my gurney at Christina.

Avery is the Gunther. Mark, good job son. My guy won. We are going to be great together.

Bailey goes to do the surgery with the Chief he tells her she is assisting. He won't let Lexie who is standing there help.

Out at the nurses desk everyone is kissing Avery's butt. Christina is asking about Susannah. They have stopped the bleeding but need to go back for repairs. Teddy walks up and asks how's Alex. Christina, he should be fine. Apparently he had an underlying arrhythmia. I was going to fast and I made a mistake. Teddy, you think? Christina's beeper goes off. She leaves. Mark, boy you got a mean streak to Teddy. I mean you look like a nice girl, but scratch the surface. 

Christina is what looks like down in the basement. Meredith is down there with Zola. I think I stole a baby.

Christina, first of all you didn't steal a baby. She is your baby. You took her for a nap in a very odd location and you failed to answer your phone. Many people find technology intrusive so you are not the first person to not answer her phone or her pager. We just need to find a reason why you were awol for an hour. Meredith, four. Christina, I almost killed Alex in the OR today. Whatever. We'll figure it out. He'll be fine. I'll be back. I'm going to fix this.

Teddy goes into Dr. Weber's surgery. Teddy is freaking out because Bailey is operating. Dr. Weber throws her out of the OR.

Alex is eating ice cream talking to Arizona. Arizona, you need to make up with your friends. Alex, what ever it was an accident. Arizona, nobody has your back. Nobody's looking out for you. This isn't a personal problem it's a professional one. It also means I have to worry about you, because no one else is. I don't want to worry about you. I'd much rather be kicking your ass on the peds ward.

Hunt sees Christina in the elevator and asks her if she wants to talk. She says she does but she really has to go do something right now.  I really want to talk to you. I'm not blowing you off. I'm not a terrible person none of that is true.

April is in with Susannah. Avery comes in and she tells him she doesn't want to mess this up like everything else today. Avery says you did great in the OR. April I wasn't the Gunther. I was the super duper assistant. Are they going to fire me as Chief resident. Avery, no it was your first day, they'll make you do it again.

Chief Webber tells Bailey to place the device. Bailey, starts questioning the Chief and asks him if he is drinking again. She implants the device. The Chief says close him up and leaves.

Christina goes in and tells Alex to get up. Alex, no I'm under twenty four hour observation because you almost killed me. Christina, I revealed an underlying arrhythmia you didn't know you had. I probably saved your life. I'll run an EKG on you later just get up. Alex screaming, you are supposed to have my back. I made a mistake. I was drunk I was pissed off.  I screwed up, you guys screw up all the time. I don't have anybody. You guys are all I have. You have to forgive me. Christina, fine you're forgiven just get up out of the damn bed.

Derek goes into the conference room where the Chief and another man are. The man says he paged his wife too. Do you know where she is? Derek that is the question of the day. Man, well we will fill her in later. Dr. Webber has just informed me that he tampered with the drugs in your clinical trial. Wow didn't see that coming. Derek, excuse me? No it was Meredith. Man, apparently she was covering for him. she was trying to protect him. Chief Webber you have my apologies. I destroyed your trial. Yeah, but Derek knows better.

Derek, she wasn't covering for you. What the hell are you doing? Chief Webber, I'm protecting your wife. What are you doing? Derek, this is wrong and you know it. Chief, she was trying to save Adele, she was trying to save me. At what point are you going to stop punishing her for that?

Teddy is in with Henry examining him. She is telling him about getting kicked out of the OR. He says you are just a mess like any other wife would be. Teddy, it's pathetic. Henry, I think it's adorable. I have a chronic tumor condition. I'm a frequent flyer in the OR. Teddy, I'm going to be a basket case everytime. They kiss. Bailey is standing outside watching.

Callie walks up. Bailey, if you are going to go in there you might want to wait they are acting like he just came back from the wars. Callie has a concerned look on her face. She says something happened with the Chief.

Derek and Christina come around the corner and see Meredith. Derek, where the hell have you been. We've been trying to reach you for hours. She is standing outside a room with Janet. Alex is inside the room examining Zola.

Owen goes in and tells Danny Susannah's surgery went as well as it could be. Danny, we had a fight right before the surgery. I brought up her mother in an argument, that is one of the red buttons. I swore I would never do that. Owen, she'll forgive you. You saved her life. Danny, maybe for a little while then she'll remember why she got out of the car. Owen, maybe she won't. Maybe you can both pretend it didn't happen and go on. Danny, does that work? Owen, it can't hurt to try. Danny, you married? Owen, yes.

Bailey goes into the Chief's office screaming. What did you do? You are throwing your career away for that damn girl. Bailey really is pissed at Meredith. Chief, this is not the end of my career. Bailey, the FDA will never come near you again. That is the end of your islet trial. That explains the rush on Henry's surgery, he wanted to make sure he got the implant in case his trial gets killed. The Chief screams, sit down. She sits down with her arms folded across her chest looking at the Chief with a what heck are you thinking look. He hands her a folder and tells her to read it. She starts reading The artificial pancreas, she stops reading and closes the folder, how about the big opportunity that you blew. Richard, read the next line. Bailey, principal investigator Miranda Bailey. Richard, it's your's now. Miranda's mouth drops open.

Karev ever since Zola's surgery she's had weekly blood tests. The results I got today were a little weird so I wanted to take a look at her. Meredith, with baby's, when a doctor calls. I got worried, so I rushed her right in so I must have left my phone in the daycare center. Christina, and your pager. Meredith, I had to turn in because they fired me. Derek, what's wrong with her. Alex, her white count was elevated 14.5, I wanted to make sure there wasn't a post op infection. Janet is looking suspicious. No CSF leak or anything. No signs of spinal shock. I reran her CBC and her white count was 8. It must have been a stress reaction or a fluke in the lab. She is fine. I think Derek is catching on. Derek, it's true CSF leaks are a problem with spina bifida babies. It's great you caught that.

Alex alone with Meredith. I'm sorry I didn't mean for any of this to happen. Meredith I know. Alex leaves. Janet is in another room. Christina is gone. Derek, I still don't know what you were thinking. Meredith, they fired me. Janet, basically told me they were going to take Zola away possibly send her back to Malawi. You and me. I just needed some time. I just needed to hold her and think about how everything got screwed up. You should take Zola. Janet has a problem with me, not you and we need to make sure they don't take her away and if that's what we need to do then that's what we need to do. Derek, you are not fired. Richard's going to take the fall for you. Meredith, no he's not I can't let him do that. Derek, yes you will if you want to keep this baby you will let him protect you.

Danny goes to visit Susannah. She says I fell down. Danny, you sure did. Susannah, don't go anywhere.

Christina gave Alex an EKG, yanks the stickies off his chest he yells. They look at the results together.

Avery introduces Bailey to the mice. He says he has been off the project for a couple of weeks but he's pretty sure he remembers the drill. Bailey, it had to be mice. Alright lets take it from the top.

Nicky is still unconscious. Callie and Arizona are outside his room. Mark walks up and says how's it going, they can't just take the baby away can they? Janet is off in the distance on the phone.

Owen finds Christina. They go in the stairway to talk. He tells her Meredith says you didn't do it yet. Christina, I didn't change my mind. Owen, I know, you don't change your mind. You'd cut off my leg for me wouldn't you. Christina, well I wouldn't botch it like that guy did. I'd leave you a good stump so you could get a good prosthesis. Owen when is the appointment. Christina, now. Owen, okay. okay. Let's go. Christina, starts crying.

Janet goes in with Meredith and Derek. Callie says it's going to be fine, they aren't going to find a better family than two doctors.  Arizona, anybody want to check on Sophia? Callie, why? Mark, cause when somebody is talking about taking somebody's baby away. You want to see your baby. Arizona, you guys she's fine. The three of them leave.

Avery and April are left sitting at the desk. April, Maybe we should leave too. They don't want us sitting here staring at them. Avery, I don't know they are trying to keep a family together. That's not easy. Can't hurt to stick around and make sure they are okay. April, see that's why you  are the Gunther. I have terrible leadership instincts. Avery, that doesn't make me a better leader, a better person maybe.

Janet, we are in a bit of a bind right now. A lot of questions came up today about your relationship, your employment. Derek, she got her job back that was a misunderstanding. Janet, she disappeared. Derek, that was a miscommunication too. I get it. It's not easy bringing a child into a relationship. You are allowed to have some bumps in the road. This afternoon when it looked like you two had split up, your wife got fired, she lied to me about it. I set off some alarms. I'm trying to dial them all back. But it is not easy to do. Once the agency believes there are a questions about Meredith. Derek, Meredith is the best mother in the world. She loves me, she loves Zola. If there is a flaw with her it is that she loves people too much. She would do anything for them. Janet, Derek please I hear you but social services still has to evaluate the placement and while that happens Zola can't be in your home. I'll give you a minute to say good bye.

Callie, Arizona and Mark standing outside a window watching Sophia sleep. Callie we should let her sleep. No one is taking her away. She'll be awake in a half hour and then we'll take her home for dinner. Mark, Nah we should wake her up. They all go in and wake her up.

Richard, leaving the hospital calling Adele, I'm on my way home. No I'm not working late I'm having dinner with you. This time I mean it. I guess he will have time to take care of Adele now. 

Christina goes to get her abortion with Owen.

Derek says goodbye to Zola. That poor child doesn't sleep now and they are going to move her again. Janet takes Zola. Derek leaves the room leaving Meredith standing there alone. Alex goes and gets Meredith I thought he was going to hug her but he didn't he just put his arm around her and walks her down the hall.

Wow, I thought the show was going to end with everything right with the world. With the exception of them taking  Zola it almost did. We didn't really learn anything about the new interns either.

Man I missed this show! I'm so glad it's back I just don't want to see any reruns for a while ABC.

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