Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Commercial Fishermans Festival, Astoria Oregon, Deadliest Catch

The Commercial Fisherman's Festival was this past weekend in Astoria, Oregon and many of our Deadliest Catch boys were there.

Jake Jolibois, Jake Anderson, Jake Harris, Josh Harris, Captain Tony Lara, Troy Huls, Scotty Hillstrand, Neil Hillstrand, Edgar Hansen and Adam McCalden I think I spotted Dale Pruitt and heard that Capt Keith was there. I'm sure I probably missed some that attended but these were the people I could pick out of photos. LOL

The Maverick was there, you might remember it from Season 2 of Deadliest Catch.

There were games such as Tug 'O War, Coiling Competition (Scotty Hillstrand won a round), Crab Pot Stacking, an ice cream eating contest and a Highliner Competition. I'm not sure what that is but I'll bet it was fun.

The Snagagim Axasniikangin "Dream Dancers" were there. They looked very cool.

I saw rain puddles in several of the photos but overall it looked like people had a load of fun as always.

I wish there had been a live feed like with Catch Con. I love watching people have a good time.

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