Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Cornelia Marie Is Gone From Deadliest Catch?

Well it is certainly looking like this is the case.

Ever since two of the more recent events, The Tampa Bay Boat Show and The Commercial Fisherman’s Festival I have seen several rumors that Jake and Josh Harris will not be on the Cornelia Marie this next season of Deadliest Catch, and it's looking like the Cornelia Marie won't either.

I have never liked rumors because they are often just that, rumors. But you know me I’m curious and I wanted to find out about our boys.

The initial rumors were that Josh Harris would be hired on the Time Bandit and John and Andy Hillstrand would help to teach him to Captain, and that Jake will be going to the Northwestern.

First I checked the Cornelia Marie’s twitter account. For those of you who don’t know Morgan Howard is the son of Cornelia Marie Devlin. He is usually the one on this account. There had been rumors earlier in the year about the boat being sold. So I was concerned about that too.

One person had asked Morgan about a rumor at CFF that the Cornelia Marie would no longer fish and would become a floating museum. Morgan’s response was this “No that’s not true. We have no plans other to fish. Right now the boat is in the shipyard. “

Someone else was questioning Morgan about Jake and Josh going to an event in Norwalk, Connecticut. The question was broken up over a couple of questions. In one question they asked is Jake going too cuz I heard it was just Josh. Morgan’s response was different boat. I don’t know if this is some kind of code, miscommunication or maybe Twitter just isn’t showing me all of the conversation. It may have been a miscommunication, but in any case I found this an odd response to the question. Another clue to my investigation maybe.

Then on Wednesday night I was in a chat room with one of the deckhands. I asked about Josh Harris going to the Time Bandit and the moderator basically shut the question down. Someone else came into the chat a little later and asked the same question. The moderator again said he doesn’t know. Someone else in the chat asked if they could answer the question the moderator said I wouldn’t.

Now if this was just a rumor wouldn’t you think the response would be no that’s a rumor? Instead the denial of an answer along with so many people saying they were told at one of these events leads me to believe it is true, that Jake and Josh Harris will not be fishing Red King Crab on the Cornelia Marie this season.

I have checked many places and it looks like this rumor has some teeth to it.

The good news here is that it looks like the Cornelia Marie will still be fishing just not on Deadliest Catch. Hopefully Jake and Josh will get some more experience under their belts and get back to where they belong on the Cornelia Marie.

It looks like the Captain’s Tour; Andy Hillstrand, Johnathan Hillstrand and Sig Hansen have taken the boys under their wing. Who could ask for better teachers? Does this really surprise anyone? They are looking out for Captain Phil’s boys. It just warms your heart doesn’t it?

Look how well Jake Anderson is doing under Sig Hansen’s tutelage. Even getting married, that still just tickles me to death.

I also learned in the chat this week that the Time Bandit will leave for Dutch Harbor this Friday. So here’s to all the boats whether on Deadliest Catch or not to staying safe, having a good catch and getting home soon.

I imagine my timelines will be very slow with all the guys out to sea. They really should get Wi-Fi in the Bering Sea. LOL yeah like they would have time to tweet. Maybe the Captains could or whoever is on watch. I guess that would probably be a safety issue. Maybe while they are eating, food in one hand, phone in the other. Okay in my dreams. Well, maybe they will think of their fans when they pull into port and send us a shout out.

Stay safe guys!

Dutch Harbor WebCams
Live ships Marine Traffic. I'm not thrilled with the way this site works, but until I find a better one...Type Dutch Harbor in the go to port box.

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  1. I love watching Deadliest Catch. I even love the old episodes. It makes me shiver to think of anyone falling overboard as they have, So my prayers go out to each and every deck hand for a safe trip each and everytime they leave the docks. Hopefully they get loads and loads of Crab I also love the excitement on the faces of all on the ship when that happens. This is a show that I will always watch Thank you DSC Pam


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