Thursday, September 23, 2010

One Life To Live Recap, Tue Sept 21, 2010

James goes to school and finds out the life grant is no longer available. Inez shows up at the school, to see where Ford works. James tells her he had to drop out because Bobby got fired. Inez asks why Bobby got fired. James says he doesn't think Bobby would want him to say. Inez, there's gotta be something we can do to fix this. She reaches out to touch James hand and he pulls away. Inez says she has a job now, they'll find a way. James, I can't take your help its not like your really my mom anyway. James, tells her about hiding in the skinny closet to keep his dad from beating him. He says its not like he needs a mom anyway. 

Clint laughing at pictures of David. The warden wants more money for keeping David. They figured out he's famous.  Matthew walks in on Clint telling the guy who brought him the pictures to keep his name out of it.  Matthew introduces himself to the man standing there, puts his hand out, the man does not introduce himself or shake his hand. The man leaves. Clint tells Matthew that was his handy man, one of BE's secret weapons. Clint asks Matthew if he thinks he is selling drugs and illegal arms? Matthew says no. Clint tells Matthew the law like Nora & Bo do is black and white, around here it's gray. Kelly arrives to take Clint to lunch. Clint gives Matthew a key card, lays his wallet down and Kelly lifts his Clints' key card.

Bobby tells Nate he got fired cause he screwed up. Nate tells Bobby he and his mom don't talk about him because it hurts his mom too much, and then when he goes to be bed he can hear her in the bathroom crying Bobby's name. Bobby, and I should care why? Nate, your an idiot. Bobby, that's what I hear. Nate, not for why you think. Do you know how many people would kill for one day with their mom? Nate is walking away and see's one of Bobby's awards on the ground he picks it up and throws it at him. It breaks. Bobby you broke my Vallarta award. Nate, right you have a Vallarta. You have a Vallarta Award? Bobby, not anymore. Nate tells him he'll pay to get it fixed. Bobby I was going to throw these in the lake anyway. Nate you can't they don't just give these away. I didn't realize that your that Ford. Nate mentions the movie he won the award for, how did you get that effect shooting digital. Ford, trade secret. You really know that movie? Nate, I go to Chicago every year to see the awards. Bobby, those are industry only. Nate, I sneak in. Bobby, your that into film. Nate, good film. Bobby, I hope you know your stuff cause your pitching arm sucks.

Kelly tells Gigi her and Rex have come up with a plan to keep from running into each other nude. Gigi meeting in public helps. Rex, we're going to use cow bells so we can hear each other coming.

The judge asks Todd why he should be the one to raise Dani. Todd because I'm her father. Judge, that's biology not a reason. Name one, the first one that comes to mind. Todd, because I'm, she's, she's everything I want right now in the whole world I don't know what I would do without her. Ross, you heard the man, its all about him. Me, me, me. He's not fit to be Danielle's father. She belongs with me. I'm her dad. I raised her. Todd, I would have done those things too, but I didn't know she existed. Ross, Todd left Tea on a deserted island. Blair, I watched Todd grow up with his children, while he's not perfect, he would walk through fire for his children. Ross, The problem is there is always a fire to walk through because he created them and Tea knew that. That's why she didn't tell Todd about Dani. She knew she couldn't leave her daughter with a killer, an abuser, a rapist. Todd, last year he abducted her at gun point. I love her.  Blair, Tea told me she wanted her with Todd. Todd, that will isn't worth the paper it's forged on. Todd, his brother drew the will up its obviously doctored. Ross, The will's been checked there's no evidence of tampering. Blair, she asked me to be a mother to Dani, she wouldn't have done that if she was planning on her going back to Tahiti.

Destiny pulling Danielle up off the floor. Dani, what are you doing? Destiny, ending this hot mess of a trial. Destiny, heading up to the judge, why don't you all ask Dani where she wants to be? Destiny tells the judge she represents Dani. Somebody needs to. Judge, Danielle your 16 yo? Why don't you take the stand and lets hear from you. Dani tells the judge she feels alone she misses her mom so much. She doesn't want to choose one person.  The judge says they can handle it. Dani says no they can't, and she can't choose she cares about them both. The judge says she'll let them know when she's made her decision. Nate comes and takes Dani away.

Gigi tells Rex she got the grant. Kelly and Clint comes in. Kelly slips the key card to Rex.

Starr still giving Langston crap because she hurt James too. Starr I get you want to hurt him the way he hurt you, but it doesn't look like it feels very good. Langston, It doesn't.

Clint tells Kelly she should bring Zane home to learn BE with Matthew. Kelly, Your not leaving BE. Clint, no but I don't know how long I can hold it together if you and Rex don't give up this crusade to bring back David Vickers. Kelly, I'm just trying to do right by my aunt. Clint, now I wish you'd do right by the Buchannan side of your family. Clint tells Kelly David wants the company, and he's got all his legal people making my life hell. Its better David stays gone, leave well enough alone.

Rex at BE goes into Clints office. Looks at Clints' computer to see where he was the day of Dorian's wedding. Finds out he went to Moraco

Inez is at Rodi's having a drink. Clint comes up and asks her does she want to talk about it.

Starr finds James in the park crying, she goes up and ask s him whats wrong he kisses her. Ohhhhhh

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