Friday, September 24, 2010

Survivor Episode 2

That little Holly has a temper first throwing out the snails then drowning the shoes. Then she confesses to it?

Now Nayonka is getting upset cause someone took her sock. It was probably a monkey. Now she just steals someone elses. That's pretty rude.

That was nice of Jimmy J to convince Holly to stay. One coach to another. Pretty clear who the stronger coach is.

The older tribe wins immunity and fishing gear. So now both teams have fishing gear and fire. Like I said camping. There's no surviving here they get handed everything. Guess next week they'll get soap and shampoo.

I can't believe that Jill figured out where the hidden immunity idol was and gave it away. Crazy!

I hope the younger team votes Brenda out. Oh, Chase why did you open your mouth, she isn't your friend.

Shannon is digging a hole to China man. How the heck did gay people get brought into it? OMG

Nayonka is digging right behind him. Wow this vote should be interesting.

Well I must say I don't like to call people stupid, so how about we say there seems to be a lot of clueless people on these tribes. Need to get rid of them.

I hope Jude takes his socks back!

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