Saturday, September 25, 2010

Young & Restless Thur Sept 23, 2010

Heather gets Chances wire recording. She doesn't want to listen to it, because it has Chances death on it. Paul says he can stick around. She puts the tape on her desk. Seems like she should have locked it up somewhere. Paul tells Heather not to under estimate Victor.

Adam tells Skye he doesn't care if she slept with Jack. He says were married not friends. Skye, we used to be friends. Adam, that was before you started controlling my life.

Nicks at the club at a table talking to Victoria on the phone. Victor comes and sits. Victor, you don't need to hide that your talking to your sister. Nick, I'm not, I just don't want to be in the middle of your fight. Victor, everything I did was to protect Victoria as you would for Sharon from Adam. Nick, dad you know I am no fan of Billy's but he is no Adam. Adam comes into bar. Victor, no he's in a class all by himself. Jack comes up to Adam at the bar. Shouldn't leave the wifey alone, no telling what kind of trouble she'll get into. Adam, you don't think I know what your doing with Skye. It's pathetic and ain't going to work.
Cane just landed in Australia. Trying to call Lily, his cell phone won't work, so he uses satellite phone. Calls Lily and she doesn't get to phone fast enough.  Nick and Malcolm arrive at Lily's. Someone sent steaks, with a note that says a taste from down under. Lily thinks Cane sent them.

Nikki, is snapping at Meggie. Meggie tells her she is a good listener. It comes from years of bar tending.

Jack goes and sits with Nick and Victor. Victor goes to bar and tells Adam the DA is going to open all of Pomerantzs' old cases. Nick tells Jack Noah is home. Jack, they are having lunch next week. Victor comes back wants to know where Adam went. Nick, he left after you took your call. I really wish you wouldn't have tipped Adam off. Victor tells Nick to go tell Heather he will support her. Kindly do it now.  Nick leaves. Victor, Ethlee just called. Adam will have a check from her in the morning. Here's another check for the Newman fund. Jack, so do Ethlee and Van Alden know we will be pulling our money and destabilizing the fund or that we'll be shorting the shares that Skye and Adam will be forced to sell? They don't yet but they will follow our lead. Skye comes in to bar, Jack is flirting with her. Tells Victor he's keeping her on a short leash. Victor, or is it the other way around? Your sleeping with Adam's wife. Jack, so what if I am as long as you and I get exactly what we want. Victor, If our plans for the hedge fund falter because of you libido. Jack, relax everything is under control. 

Adam arrives at Heathers office, asks her if she is reopening his case. Heather, we have no idea what we will find when we open Pomerantzs' bank records. Adam, you think I paid Owen off? Heather, I wouldn't put it past you. People like you and Owen think that you can twist the rules and get away with it. Meanwhile,  a good person like Chance ends up with a bullet in his chest. Adam, you were more than friends with Chance. I didn't know. I'm sorry. Regardless of what we think of one another. No one should see someone they love gunned down in cold blood. You know he's playing her. Nick barges in. Is there a problem? Adam, first I see you with dad and Jack, now you're here. This doesn't make a lot of sense. Are you two ganging up on me? Heather throws Adam out. Nick tells her he will support her, denies Victor sending him.

Cane tries Lilly again neither his cell nor the Satellite phone would work.

Jack goes to bar to talk to Skye, she wants to know when him and Victor became such good drinking buddies. Jack gives her check. Skye still wants to know about Victor. Jack tells her she is being paranoid. Skye, that doesn't mean I'm not right. Victor was asking me for help with his daughter Abby, who is also my niece. I just told him I wouldn't help him.

Skye and Jack go up to the room. Kissing as they go inside. Adam is there Jack wants to know if this is some twisted game they are playing. Skye, why would I set up the man bringing investors to the fund. Jack, I don't know maybe you are as sick as he is. Skye, your the one kissing another mans wife. Adam, can I speak to Skye alone. Skye asks Jack for a rain check. Jack, you know where to find me. Skye what's the matter hubby you don't like me kissing Jack. Adam, what ever floats your boat. Skye, that s awfully generous of you. Adam, I'm a generous kind of guy. Skye since when? Adam, since I been thinking our marriage is a good one. Together we can pretty much accomplish anything but we've got to work together. Skye, who do you think your conning? See I know all about your ex looking into all of Pomerantz cases. Between the FBI and Heather who would really like to see you fry. Your really gonna need a good attorney. Its really to bad you can't afford one. But I can. That's what all this ass kissing is about. Jack is standing outside the door listening. Nick comes up Jack puts his finger to his mouth to quiet him. Adam, you need me as much as I need you. If I go to jail the fund takes a hit, we both lose. Skye, it will bounce back cause everyone loves a winner. So get it through your head right now. I am the one making the decisions, calling the shots, in control. She walks away. Adam grins, wish you would have stayed dead under the floor boards. Jack and Nick both hear this.

Nick tells Victor Heather seems frazzled. Victor, all I'm concerned about is if she is interested in opening Adams case. Nick, definitely interested and Adam didn't help his case by showing up to confront her. Victor, How did she react? Nick, she threw him out of her office. Nick you did that right, that's why you provoked him. Nick is afraid if Adam is backed into a corner he will run to Sharon like he always does.

Heather still playing with tape, finally is going to listen to it. She's listening to when Chance got shot and starts crying. Paul comes in to comfort her.

Nikki is pouring a drink, Paul comes over to see Victor.  Paul leaves. Nikki goes and pours herself a drink and drinks it. Nikki hears a car, she's heading for the stairs when Meggie comes in. Nikki tells Meggie she's going to lay down she doesn't want to be disturbed. Meggie, what about when Victor comes home. Nikki, tell him I'm resting please. Meggie, Alcohol makes me sleepy too. Go ahead Nikki lie down. I'll take care of everything.

Cane and Sophia are leaving to come back home. The pilot wants Cane to turn off his cell phone, they are trying to beat a storm. Cane gets a broken message from Lily about grilling steaks. Malcolm says the steaks smell different. Neil says maybe they eat different grass down under.

Paul is now with Victor in the club, says he's checked out Meggie and she's clean. Meggie is at club listening as soon as she hears she's clean she leaves. Paul then tells Victor he doesn't want to see Heather's life decimated by him the way he did with Patty. Victor, your my friend, that's not going to happen. Paul and just because Meggie's background check was clean doesn't mean everything is alright at home. Victor, What the hell is the matter with you. Since when will I have a private investigator tell me how to keep my house in order.

Victor gets home Meggie has her bags packed, she's leaving. She tells Victor Nikki hasn't done anything. She over heard him talking to Paul running a back ground check. Victor says a man in his position has a lot of people coming after him. He does background checks on anyone who stays in his home. You didn't stay around to listen did you. Meggie, no I've done some things I'm not proud of. Victor tells her she's becoming a valuable part of the family especially for Nikki. He gives her a hug. Of course just in time for Nikkie to come down stairs and see.

Lily sleeping on couch. The phone wakes her up, Cane says he's been trying to reach her for hours. Knock on door. Malcolm and Neil there. Cane called them because he said he couldn't reach her. Cane is worried if they find his family Lily and the kids could be in danger. If Lily's been sleeping for hours why didn't the kids wake her up? She has laid back down on the couch and Neil is covering her with a blanket. Somebody better go check those kids. I don't think they are there.

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