Saturday, September 25, 2010

One Life To Live Recap, Thur Sept 23, 2010

Ford goes to talk to the dean. Tells the dean he is human and he made a mistake, but I am a good teacher, I can be an inspiration to the students. Dean, by inviting them into your bedroom. I'm sorry the decision stands.

Dorian and Langston are out shopping. Dorian is in disguise. Hat, sun glasses and a blond wig. LOL Langston tells Dorian she got Ford fired. Dorian is so proud of her. Langston is feeling bad about James. Dorian says when Ford kissed you, you were still his student right? So he brought this on himself. It is not your fault. Darling the only one you should be concerned about is you and sometimes there is collateral damage.

Nora wants to know what Bo and Inez are laughing about. Bo tells her Clint. They explain to Nora what they were talking about which didn't sound near as funny when they retold it, so Nora isn't really getting why they were laughing so hard. Inez leaves, Nora asks Bo if they were making fun of Clint? Bo, I was just trying to give Inez a little insight to who he is.

Rex asks Clint if helped get David in the cell in Morocco. Rex, putting David in prison you get even with him for making Kim disappear and you get to stick it to Dorian at the same time. Clint, even I don't have that kind of pull. David has had warrants there for years. All I did is tell them where they could find him.  Rex, well at least Bo will know what happened to his son. Clint, no your not going to tell Bo. Clint tells Rex it would embarrass Bo if word got out. Rex, I think Bo can handle it. Clint, can he handle arresting you for robbery? How do you think Bo is going to feel when he finds out you tried to get Matthew to cover up for him, and Kelly, I'll have to press charges against her. It doesn't take a genius to figure out she stole my key card. And then there's Gigi to think about. Rex, What does Gigi have to do with anything? Clint, How would you being in prison affect Gigi and Shane. Rex, you can cart me off to jail and then this picture of David would end up as evidence. You would be charged with kidnapping and be in worse trouble than I am, so I think I'll take my chances with Bo. Clint, well played Balsom, but I think your going to change your mind. Rex, why would I do that? Clint, because I'm about to make you an offer you can't refuse. Rex, should I expect a horse heads in my bed. Clint, no nothing like that. How's business been at Ultraviolet? I've been wondering about Ultraviolet, hasn't been mentioned in a while. Rex, fine. Clint, even with profits down for the third quarter this year? Clint had Rex investigated.  You must be under tremendous pressure to cover your expenses. I can make your troubles just go away. Clint, whatever Kelly's paying you I'll double it. Rex tells Clint, Gigi got a grant. Clint that would be a shame if the grant fell through. Happens all the time. Just think you could pay for Gigi and Shane's college fund with the right investment, and I've got people that can help with that. Rex, I need to get some air. Clint, sleep on it, I know your a good man and I believe in the end you will do what's best for everyone. Rex leaves. Clint calls the dean.

Gigi is listening to Christian talking to art students, looking totally intimidated. At the end of class Christian tells Gigi she drew a good picture, so she feels better.

Nate runs into James at the gym. He tells him about running into Ford at the park. Said they had a little bit of a breakthrough they both discovered they are film freaks. Inez calls to check in with Nate. James tells Nate about the conversation he had with Inez. Nate, It's not your fault. James, how can you say that. Nate, families are inherited, relationships are earned. All right that's a movie line, but its true. You and me were brothers. You and Ford are friends.

Broddy and Ford run into each other at the gym. Ford assures Brody he is out of the picture. Says the last thing he needs is a kid, especially since he's unemployed.

Jessica runs into Langston. Jessica, the person this is most hard on is Brody. Jessica tells Langston it turned out alright. Dorian comes up and says, congratulations to you and hesitation the baby's father. Dorian gives Langston a necklace just like the one Kelly and Blair have because she has proven she is a true Kramer woman. Dorian, now you'll have a constant reminder of who you really are. I'm not sure that is a good thing.

Brody is at the gym beating the tar out of the punching bag. It really makes me mad to see Brody acting out when he did the same darn thing and hasn't even admitted to it. You know Natalie's baby is going to be his, because they're keeping it secret. Christan comes up to Brody in the gym. Brody tells him Ford should be in jail for obstruction of justice, for lying about who attacked him. Interesting point, how come Hannah was prosecuted and Ford wasn't?

Gigi tells Rex she believes today that college is a good idea. It is going to change my life. The dean calls Gigi.

Clint calls Inez and apologizes for having to leave earlier. Inez thanks him. Then he tells her that her son, the one that couldn't get the grant? which one was that? I think things are going to work out for him. Clearly he was paying attention to her conversation if he couldn't even remember the son's name.

Rex goes to talk to Bo and sees Gigi upset on phone, tells Bo he'll be back in a minute. Gigi tells him the grant has been rescinded and reassigned. Rex tells Bo never mind its not important.

Congratulations to Bree Williamson (Jessica) and her husband Michael Roberts whose son "McGreggor Edward Roberts" arrived on Tuesday. He weighed in at 7lbs 4 ozs. Hope all are well.

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