Friday, September 24, 2010

All My Children Recap, Wed Sept 22, 2010

Bianca asks Kendall who makes better breakfast, me or the Pine Valley jail. Bianca gives her a hard time about skipping bail and speeding.

Marissa drops AJ off at Bianca's so she can take him to school. Marissa took the bar feels good about it. She has her letter from David, she says she can't bring herself to open it, she's going to return it to the sender. Marissa goes to clean out Davids' room because Greenlee didn't want to deal with it. Wads up the letter and throws it on the bed. Bianca and Kendall walk in and say they were worried about her. She can't keep holding everything in. Marissa tells them all the reasons she has too. Kendall hands Marissa a lamp and tells her to throw it, stop being a good girl and let loose. She throws the lamp, some books, and clears off the bed. They take her back to Wild Wind so she can practice primal scream therapy on the grounds. Marissa finally reads Davids letter, she tells Kendall and Bianca, he loved her.

Asher is at Chandlers, Annie comes in Asher says he's there to see Colby. When Annie starts questioning him, he deflects her questions by asking her if she is an actress. Asher talks to Colby about a new social network. Annie is standing in the room listening. Colby tells him the homepage needs more of a pop, needs a private chat room and profile. Annie's walking around the room listening and trying to look at the web page.

Tad runs into Damon at Krystal's. Damon's going to take GED but he doesn't want Tad to tell anyone. Tad offers to help him study.

Scott and JR and are the Yacht Club. They discuss Chandler Europe. Scott tells JR he's already made his first big change. Meet the companies new investor. Caleb walks up and says good morning looks like you and I are in business together. JR tells Scott they aren't taking on any new investors. Scott says its a done deal, he's already issued a press release. Caleb, you boys love your press releases. Caleb leaves. JR are you trying to destroy this company? Or better yet how about we take a family holiday in prison. You let the enemy invest in my family company. Scott, our family company. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. JR, You brought him in so now he can start digging. I'm going over this contract with a fine tooth. Scott, well some things you don't want in an open contract. JR, are you telling me you made some kind of a side deal. Scott, I'm telling you that I can contain him and maybe send him over to Europe for a while.

JR talking to Colby, your cousin brought Caleb into the company. Colby, he's your cousin too. JR not according to the DNA. This statement makes me wonder again if Asher is related to Scott in some way. He's acting like he made some kind of side deal with Caleb, wait a minute that might be the way to take Caleb out, if I can get my hands on that deal.

Asher shows up at Bianca's tells Caleb he still has work to do. Asher says he has to get another program before he can finish. Bianca, I live in fear of that computer screen going blank and losing everything.  Caleb, that's why I keep things where I can get my hands on them. He grabs his briefcase.

Tad goes to see Liza. Tad offers to help solve David's murder. Tad asks Liza to think about Kendall's kids. Liza says she will try and get the court date moved up and will look into community service. Then he tells her not to give up on Colby she misses you as much as you miss her.

JR tells Annie this whole idea with Caleb was hers not Scotts'. Scott doesn't have the killer instinct we do. By pushing Scott the way that you have I see that I'm starting to get to you. Annie starts showing him honeymoon pictures and says if anyone has gotten to anyone she has gotten to him. JR, you'd love for me to admit that I still want you. When you were on your honeymoon making love on that terrace, there is only one man you were thinking of and that was me.

JR going to the office wants Colby to come. She says no she doesn't want to hear him bash Scott anymore. JR, I've got big plans for that social networking site. Colby, I have big plans with Damon. JR, what are you going to do fill ketchup bottles at Krystals Restaurant. Colby, I will if he needs me too. JR, your are too good. Colby to what? be happy? Maybe I don't want to be as miserable as you are.

Doorbell rings, Caleb answers. There is a package on the ground, when he bends down to pick it up he is hit over the head.

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