Thursday, September 23, 2010

Young & Restless Recap, Tues Sept 21, 2010

Victoria and Billy have all the kids over. Reed, Delia, and Summer. Delia has been aged. Very Cute. Vicky sounds like she is ready to go back to work.

Nick and Sharon play with Faith. Noah arrives home. Noah is now being played by Luke Kleintank, and I believe I mentioned before he's a real cutie pie. Eden stayed in Paris. They broke up. Noah talking about using Faith as a babe magnet. Noah says to Faith I give it a month before Nick and Sharon are back together.

Phyllis at bar watching Adam & Skye's interview. Jack arrives. Jack's flirting with Phyllis. Jack says so should I get us a room now or wait to finish these drinks. Phyllis tells Jack not a good idea.

JT offers to make Mac a ketchup and jelly crouton. YUCK! Mac forgot to go grocery shopping. LOL Been there. Mac and JT talk about kids and Mac tells him she will have a baby with him.

Skye and Adam back in room, she tells Adam she is securing their future. Adam threatens to walk away from Skye and take his name with him. He didn't like her threatening him yesterday.

Now Jack's in the bar making a play for Skye.

Phyllis ran into Nick, Sharon and Noah at the coffee shop. Now she's blogging about pride.

Adam walks in on Skye and Jack in bed in their room. Jack leaves. Adam pours himself a drink and tells Skye, you didn't listen to a damn thing I said.

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