Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One Life To Live Recap, Monday Sept 20, 2010

James tells Starr it was Langston with Ford. James say he's learned not to count on anything. Now that Bobby lost his job he lost his chance to go to college. Guess he should have applied for the grant. James says his dad was right all he is good for is stealing cars. Starr says your right you are a good car thief, and if that's what you want to do then good luck, but if you want something more your going to have to fight for it. Starr tells James to apply for a grant, she will help him. James is going to apply for the life grant again. The same one Gigi was applying for.

Langston tells Ford she was the one who gave the dean the photos. Ford finds out the whole Langston visit was a setup. Ford,I trusted you I believed everything you said. Langston, now you know how I felt. Ford tells Langston she not only hurt him she hurt James. Langston, he's better off without you. Ford, You got me good. I'll miss you.

John has a tail on Ross, who is sitting in his bar Rodi's. Ross is talking to Eli, says its convenient Tea died just in time for him to swoop in and get Dani. Eli starts telling Ross about how Tea got sick. He has a flash back of going into Greg's office when Greg initially got the tests back. Greg tells Eli Tea is fine there is nothing wrong with her. Damn, girl went through radiation for nothing.  Ross asks Eli after you recover whats your next step. Eli, to live happily ever after. Natalie walks up and grabs the phone out of Ross' hand. Natalie hears Eli say Ross that's it. Then she claims to Ross it looked like her phone that she lost at the memorial. Natalie tells John she only talked to Eli a couple of times but she's willing to bet Ross was talking to his dead brother Eli. The caller Id was blocked. John can't trace the call.

Greg is confessing everything to Tea, who appears to be sleeping. .I think she's listening, even if she's in a coma sometimes people hear and remember things. Greg tells Tea she was perfectly healthy until she met him. Eli slipped something into her water in court that is why she passed out. He told Greg to tell her she was dying or Destiny and everyone would find out what he didn't want them to know. Greg prescribed medication to cause the symptoms of a massive tumor. Eli even suggested the hospice, he knew she would want to spare her family. Greg was supposed to kill Tea, but since he couldn't he said he pulled every favor he could to get her back in the states, close to Todd and Dani. Then he bought himself some time to figure out what to do next and for her to recover. Greg tells Tea he put her in a coma so he can flush the drugs he gave her from her system, but he has to go back to Eli to convince him he needs surgery. He's fine, he just needs to get him on the operating table so he can kill him. That explains why he didn't just let him get on the plane and let his head explode.

Todd's at the court house talking to Blair about Tea.

Dani is telling Destiny that Greg kept her from her mom and if he would lie about that he would lie about anything. 

Ross arrived at the court house Blair started talking to him about the case and ended up screaming at him over and I hate Eli.

Nate left Dani in the park alone. I don't like that. She said she would never leave without saying goodbye. Okay, she's with Destiny again, I feel better. Destiny asks about the hearing and why Dani isn't there. Dani, because Todd and Blair told me to stay away. Destiny, since when do the D girls ever do what they are told.

With about a two minute hearing, the judge says the will appears to be fairly straight forward. The will is signed and notarized, it appears to be genuine. Therefore according to the terms of the will custody of Danielle Rayburn goes to Mr. Rayburn. Todds' lawyer gets up and argues that Todd is the biological father. The D girls are hiding in the back of the court. Judge agrees to hear Todds' lawyer. Ross stands up and says he has something that might clear things up. It's Dani's birth certificate naming Ross the father.

Eli calls Greg and wants to know why he isn't there. Greg tells him to relax you wouldn't want that blood pressure to spike, that could be fatal. If Greg stays gone to long and Eli really doesn't have a subdural hematoma, I would think he would be feeling better, so why would he let Greg operate on him? It could be Greg is giving Eli medicine to give him a headache too, but the hospital staff would have to give the medicine since Greg isn't there, and Eli is looking better. So I don't think that is the case. And we still don't know what Eli has on Greg. I wonder if Destiny is his daughter? That would be an interesting twist.

Starr confronts Langston and tells her she set Ford up just so she could get him fired. Langston says so what if I did. I think some of that Kramer if rubbing off on Langston.

Ford sits down at the park and kicks his box of stuff from the school he's been carrying around. Nate walks up.

Eli looking at a picture of Todd and Dani, says sorry Ross you might be getting custody of Danielle but you won't be seeing a lot of her. So now its looking like Eli used Ross too.

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