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General Hospital Recap, Monday Sept 20, 2010

Dante takes Spinelli's computer. Spinelli, I beg your pardon. That is most rude and presumptuous. Not that I'm surprised considering the source. But you have no right. Dante this is one of the most dangerous criminals in the world. Spinelli, GIVE IT BACK! Dante, not too many people draw the attention of the Balkin and live to tell about it. I love Spinelli! 

Dante, its not that hard to figure out really. Maybe Sonny wants to work with the Balkin or maybe the Balkin is moving in on Sonny's territory and he's gearing up to defend it. For it not being to hard to figure out he is way off base. Spinelli, I will not divulge privileged confidential information, especially to you. Dante, you people have no idea who you are dealing with. Spinelli, True. I never heard mention of the Balkin until I was asked to research him. He's somewhat of a legend in Europe but virtually unheard of in the states, so how would you a lowly New York cop come to know of a man like this. Dante, I'm a cop, the son of a mobster, its my job to know the where abouts either here or abroad. Could you just tell me if you found something. Spinelli, If I had I wouldn't share it with you. Dante, We were on the same side with this.

Spinelli, You seem to think that your betrayals carry some kind of expiration date, that over time all should be forgiven, but the repercussions of your gross misdeeds continue to reverberate. Young Sir was sent to prison. Stonecold was forced to follow to ensure Michael's safety. Heinous events occurred all of which you are responsible for. Dante, That was the biggest regret of my life so far. If I could take it back I would. But since that's not a possibility, I've done everything in my power to make it right, I got Michael out of prison. I got the charges against Sonny in Johnny's shooting dropped. Don't you think I deserve a couple of check marks in the plus column. Spinelli, I see how you do it. The affable mean, the feigned honesty, I mean its quite appealing to the unexpected. And fair Lulu she still has no idea what a smooth liar you are. Or how easily you could just drop kick her heart. Spinelli goes to door and opens it. Dante, I love Lulu and she means everything to me, I would lay down my life for her in a heart beat if I had too. Spinelli, I sincerely hope fair Lulu comes to her senses one day and leaves you. So that you can experience the broken heart that you so richly deserve. Dante leaves. Oh, I'm so proud of Spinelli, remember when he first came he would talk to people and get all flustered and give up stuff without meaning to. He just seriously went a round with Dante and didn't tell him a dang thing, and he told him off pretty good in the process too.

Lucky still on the phone with Babak while someone is banging on the door. Babak tells him the Balkin is coming there. Its Siobhan telling him he has to leave right away. Ronan tells Siobhan to leave if the men from the restaurant see her, they'll know she came to warn him. She won't leave without him. Says he's a miracle. He's not a heartless assassin anymore. Siobhan pulls a gun, says she can pull her own weight.  Ronan tells her put it away. She kisses him and leaves. Hmmm This Sibohan reminds me of Sibohan Ryan on Ryan's hope. Ronan calls Dante tells him is going to meet the Balkin. Dante tells him screw what interpol says get the hell out of there. Knock on door. Three guys come in put a hood of Ronan's head and take him out. I'm thinking Siobhan is outside and going to follow them, she doesn't seem like the kind to do what she is told.

Sonny and Claire are making out. I'm feeling no chemistry here, actually it's kind a grossing me out. weird. OMG he actually said was it good for you. Claire tells him for all the money, wives, women and children he has. He is the loneliest man she ever met. I'm really not liking these to together, sorry, this is just bad.

Jason, I'm hear to make sure you don't get yourself killed and I don't do parties. Brenda says its not work its a gala. Do you know what that word means? Geez Brenda what a brat. Jason says he's not going and neither is she. Suzanne arrives, Jason tells her Brenda's not going. Suzanne suggests Jason talks to security. They have implemented several of his ideas. Jason leaves. Suzanne thinks he is very talented. Brenda thinks Suzanne has the hots for Jason. LOL Suzanne says Jason's cuddly ROFL She likes him. Jason, comes back and says Brenda still can't go. Suzanne explains the importance of the gala. Jason apologizes to Brenda.

Carly/Jax. I'm really tired of these two. Make up your mind already. Ok Jax is moving back in.

 Max still in blue looking good. Diane has papers for Sonny to sign. Max says Sonny's not around. They go out to terrace and see the candle light dinner, Diane says Sonny's either taken his seduction elsewhere or Claire Walsh finally got wise and Sonny's off tracking her down. Max rubbing Diane's shoulders. Diane, either way thats a lovely table. Max, shame to see it all go to waste. Diane, who says it has too? Diane and Max are eating Sonny and Claires dinner Diane says she has mixed feelings. On the one hand my shoe closet and I would have adored all of those billable hours we would have racked up if Sonny would have gone to trial for shooting Johnny Z. Then my ego would have been enormously gratified had I wiped the floor with that self righteous Claire Walsh. LOL On the other hand I realize its better for all concerned the charges were dropped especially for the children. Max, I'm really surprised Sonny came back at all. Diane you know why he came back don't you? Because Brenda Barrett turned him away. Sonny turned up torch flaring and Brenda had put hers out a long time ago. Max, I only met Brenda once but wow she does leave an impression. God that womans hot I mean for real. Probably the sexiest woman I.... Ohhhh foot in mouth Max Diane laughing. Max, what I meant was except for you of course. Diane, yes. Max, its a different class of hotness altogether. Doesn't compare. Diane, I suggest you start immediately start trying to convince me of that. Max gets up and goes to other side of table and kisses her. These two I love, complete opposites, but they crack me up.

Dante calls a friend at his old precinct to get information. Tells him he needs it ASAP someones life depends on it.  Lulu walks in on conversation. Dante tells Lulu whats going on. Lulu, you think something bad is going to happen to my brother. Dante says the Balkin is like a walking death sentence. Lulu asks him if he's ever dealt with the Balkin. Dante, I was involved on a case peripherally that involved the Balkin, what I do know is that he is violent, unpredictable and elusive. Lulu how is Ronan involved with the Balkin. Dante, just speculation I m guessing they were working together, fell out of favor, if the Balkin gets his hands on Lucky there's no telling what will happen. 

Carly tells Michael she is not threatened by Brenda Barrett. Jax comes in with a smiley faced pizza. Carly tells them now that they are a family again. Total honesty. Morgan, now that you are back together again, Jax will be my stepdad again. So there's no reason for him to adopt me right?

Jason is in a tux. Brenda asks Jason to at least say hi, how are you back to people. Brenda tries to fix his tie. Jason, says don't touch. LOL

Ronan is in a warehouse type room hands tied behind his back. Not looking good for him.

Sonny and Claire come downstairs to eat and walk in on Max and Diane on the floor of the terrace. Sonny, this is my house, my food what are you doing here? Claire says looks like someones been eating your porridge. Diane, I guess congratulations are in order. Sonny has slept with the prosecutor which means he's effectively weakened her to the point where she can not go up against him in court. You do realize don't you that you just got played. Zing! All this while in her bra hopping around on one shoe.

Jason and Brenda arrive at gala, they are in the limo camera lights flashing outside and Brenda starts saying oh no, no, no, no. The corsett just came undone underneath my dress. Jason, I don't even know what that is. Brenda, just unzip the top of my dress and reconnect the corset. Jason, my job is to make sure you stay alive. I don't fix dresses. LOL  Brenda, oh no Ernesto going to be so mad please please. Jason gets out of the car. Paparazzi everywhere.  He goes around to the other side of car to get Brenda out. They pose for pictures. Hmm no picture of him fixing her corset to make Sam jealous?

So I've been thinking about the Balkin and today I'm really leaning towards it being Alcazar. If I remember correctly didn't Jason help Skye kill Alcazar? So he should be good and dead right, but this is a soap after all.  I'm thinking Alcazar had world wide connections, he was evil enough to act like Dante portrays him. It could be him.  And where is Skye she was in town, then she was gone, did she tell anyone she was leaving? She disappeared about the same time Luke did now that I think about it. Hmmmm the unanswered questions.


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