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All My Children Recap, Monday Sept 20, 2010

Angie is setting up her house for blind person. She trips over a stool and gets mad because someone left the stool pulled out.

Brot comes over for a visit. Angie successfully pours Brot a glass of orange juice then drops it when she trips over a table leg. Brot and Natalia pretend to leave, Angie knows they are both still there. Natalia leaves, Brot stays. Angie says she don't need a baby sitter. Brot, good I don't do babysitting. You don't have to hold back because of me. Angie, Hold back? Brot, your frustrated, pissed off, and your on the verge of losing it. So lay into me. Angie says she won't and then Brot tells her about Iraq and the RPG that hit his vehicle and what he went threw. Angie, what you've been through the physical torture of it all cannot compare. Brot, yeah, but you don't feel like the old you, do you? Angie, no. Brot and it feels like the old you has died doesn't it.  Angie, yes. Brot, instead of me working through my feeling and dealing with my pain. I decided not to deal with anything at all and the worst part of that was I was right back where I started, lost, scared alone. Angie don't do what I did because I guarantee you you'll regret it.  Brot is my hero in real life and on the show.  Angie do you believe things happen for a reason? Brot, I did, then I didn't and now I think I do again. Angie thinks God has a master plan. Angie says she will never see her child. Brot, but you will know your child. Angie, It's not the same, nothing is the same. I know God never gives you more than you can handle. I've just been lying to everybody. I've been lying to myself because, I can't handle this, I don't want to handle it. I don't want to. Angie's crying. I'm crying. Brot's giving her a hug.

Madison walks into Fusion on Randi and Frankie kissing. Frankie says sorry my bad. ??? Randi says we're married. I'm pretty sure PDA's are allowed. Then leaves. Frankie is going to police station to give statement, even though he wasn't at party when David collapsed. Madison, what did happen between you and me. I told you those two were missing. Randi returns and says to Madison we didn't talk about the party you were there with Frankie. Madison, tells Randi Ryan had to leave, she drank too much and Frankie took her out of there before she made a fool of herself. Randi says Frankie didn't mention any of this to me. Madison, that was my fault, I asked him not to. Randi, I get it, but maybe you ought to find someone else for that job.

Kendall, still at police station with Jesse. Kendall calls the boys while Jesse is sitting there listening and tells them she is going on a sleepover, doesn't know how many nights. Jesse, I'll see what I can do.

Ryan with hypnotist. Says he hates David because of what he was doing to Greenlee. The world would be a better place if someone would just get rid of him. Ryan, remembers David standing there with a glass but can't remember if he's drinking. Greenlee busts in and stops everything. Ryan wants her to leave. The Dr. says they can't continue with him in the state he is in. Greenlee questions him about what he remembered. He tells her everything about David, she says that's all nothing else? He doesn't tell her he loves her which is what I think she wanted to hear. Course the way he said it he could have just meant he loved her as a friend.

Jesse tells Frankie he will be interrogated by someone else, then he starts interrogating him. Frankie flashes back to him and Madison on the patio at the party.

Ryan goes to police station to talk to Jesse, sees Kendall. Jesse tells Kendall the Judge owes him, but he doubled the bail money and a with a guarantee she'll stay in town she can go home. Kendall says the bail money isn't a problem but if she takes it out Zach will know. Ryan says he will pay the bail and guarantee she doesn't leave. Jesse leaves to go talk to judge again.

Ryan tells Kendall about the session. Says every time him and Greenlee get together they go up in flames. Its over, I can't love her anymore. I am not good for Greenlee and she is not good for me. Ryan says he has moved on with Madison, he thinks he can make her happy. Kendall What about you? Jesse comes back in, says the judge wants more insurance. Kendall, please don't tell me I have to wear an ankle monitor. Jesse, It worked for Annie. Kendall yeah, yeah, she's my idol. Jesse, no house arrest, no monitor but the judge wants Ryan to know where you are at all times.

Greenlee goes to see Jake asks him about hypnosis. Greenlee swears Jake to secrecy. Tells him about Ryan. She tells Jake Ryan remembered he loves her and she still loves him too. Jake, Well I think its great with David out of the picture, you and Ryan. Greenlee, with David out of the picture? Jake I didn't mean it like that. Greenlee, yes you did. Jake, no I didn't . Greenlee, yes you did. Jake okay, I don't care that David's gone personally, and you can feel the same way its fine. Greenlee, he was my husband. Jake, I know its complicated, he's gone there's nothing you can do about that. It's okay to have your happiness with Ryan.
Greenlee, he didn't tell me he remembered. Jake, well that's a little awkward you know, your husband just kicked the bucket. LOL  Greenlee, Nice. Jake, I don't sorry, its not the best time to profess you love to someone is all I'm saying. Greenlee, what if he doesn't want to love me? Listsoff all the reasons why. Greenlee wishing she never got on the bike, should have stayed and worked things out with Ryan. Greenlee, he's protecting himself. Jake, you can either get up and walk away or you can fight. What's it going to be?

Frankie goes to Fusion to talk to Madison who tells Frankie it's not a good idea because Randi over heard them before. Frankie asked what Madison told Randi, she said the truth well most of it, that I was drunk and you looked out for me. She wasn't happy, kind of like Natalia the other day. Your sister thinks there is something going on between us. Madison says Natalia was wrong I was drunk and you did help me but there's more than that and we both know it.

Natalia comes homes, Angie and Brot are cooking. Angie, says this guy right here knows how to cut right through it. He knew just what to say and when to say it. Brot tells them they are like family. Natalia and Brot have a food fight with carrots. When Brot goes to answer the door. Angie tells Natalia Brot likes her, you can hear it in his voice. Randi arrives. Angie asks where is Frankie? Randi, I don't know I thought he would be here.
Greenlee calls Jesse and tells him she needs to see him about Davids murder.

Kendall and Ryan arrive at Ryans apartment with her bags.  They discuss the differences between Madison and Greenlee.

Greenlee at hotel room with Jesse. She tells him she killed David.

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