Sunday, September 26, 2010

General Hospital Recap, Thur Sept 23, 2010

Diane and Max. Max thinks Diane should keep quite about something. Diane thinks if Sonny breaks Claire's heart she will go after him. Sonny comes in. Diane tells Sonny Claire Walsh is the least of his worries and hands him an envelope. Sonny opens it and starts laughing. Diane, your since of humor mystifies me. Sonny, look at Jason's face. He looks like he's being tortured, and then Brenda of course is loving every minute of it. Brenda is a target right now. Jason probably went to protect her. Diane, now would be a good time to remind you of the age old tradition of falling in love with ones bodyguard. Sonny, Brenda is not falling in love with Jason. What concerns me is that she called Jason as a last resort, so something is probably not good. Diane, if you are tempted to join the rescue party Claire will think you just slept just slept with her to get the charges dropped, and that hell has no fury etc. etc. She tanked her career for you. What better way to revive it than sending you to prison. Sonny, Claire and I have an understanding, we've made no promises. Diane, fine ignore my advice yet again, when Claire comes after you even I won't be able to save you.

Murphy still going on he thinks Brenda is still crazy about Jason. LOL Brenda walks in screaming please do not discuss me behind my back. Brenda is now trying to convince Murphy Jason is only a bodyguard. Murphy so if not him then who did you leave me for? Murphy still won't believe its not Jason. Suzanne arrives, she's upset because now people think Brenda is dating a hit man. I had no idea that Jason had been tried for murder, twice. Or that he had just been released from prison. Suzanne goes on about how it doesn't look good.  Brenda, This is a man who would kill someone who would hurt a child. He is staying. Suzanne, says he's going. Brenda thanks him for the work he has done. Jason doesn't think the Balkan is trying to kill her, he thinks he wants to take her for some reason. Brenda wants Jason to tell Sonny she's doing great. Jason leaves. Brenda is having a flashback of Sonny and the door knob starts rattling.

Lulu and Dante arrive at Ronan's He's not home. Lulu picks the lock like a professional. Dante's impressed. They are looking around the room. Dante says lets go to the pub and maybe Lucky will show up there. Lulu says hang on, turns a chair upside down, and pulls off an envelope taped to the bottom of the chair. Dante, how did you know to do that. Lulu, I grew up pretending to be on the run and Lucky taught me all kinds of tricks just in case. There is a passport in the envelope. Lulu says wow if this is the real Ronan Lucky and he are identical. Dante, except Ronan's dead. I'm trying to keep Lucky from joining him. Dante is impressed with Lulu's skills.

Lucky is still tied to a chair. Guy comes in says he's glad he's still breathing. Lucky so the Balkan wants me alive, wait until he finds out how you treated his best weapon. Lucky aggrevates the guy some more until the guy punches him and knocks him and the chair over. Now Lucky can reach the key. I don't know where the key came from but its now on the floor next to Lucky. Lucky gets free.

Jax tells Carly if Jason was willing to go to a red carpet event something must really be wrong. Carly this is all about Brenda. Jax, I don't want to talk about this.

Lisa, I hope your okay with my canceling the NASCAR weekend. Lisa says she still thinks we should give it some time. Starts laughing. Patrick doesn't understand. Lisa, you never really want me until I'm about to slip away. Lisa walks away says she is late for rounds. She tells Patrick she loved him, she still does. Patrick says he is sorry if he made her feel bad, he's just been busy dealing with work, Robin and Emma. Lisa says that's why they needed a break. Patrick, I was really looking forward to spending time with you. I'll be watching NASCAR at home, there's a cold beer waiting if you change your mind.

Carly comes to see Sonny and tells him Brenda got Jason on the red carpet so you would think it was something serious and come save her, so go, go save her.

Michael comes to see Jason. Sam tells him he's with Brenda, but Sam needs help. Says Jason's been acting different since he got back from Pentonville. Michael, I can't help you. Sam I just need to know if I should press the issue or should I just pretend everything is fine. Okay, is this a round about way of  Sam asking Michael whether she should press the issue with him(Michael)? Michael, nobody wants to talk about Pentonville, if Jason doesn't want to talk about what happened, you gotta respect that. Sonny comes over. Sam leaves. Sonny asks Michael if he remembers Brenda. Said the good times were great, the bad times nearly got us killed.

Robin's getting Emma ready to go to Maxi's house. Seems to be having trouble remembering things. Patrick arrives at house, Robin is gone. Robin is driving and yawning, then falls asleep.

Lulu goes into pub, looking for Ronan. Bartender says he never heard of him. Dante's at a table. Siobhan is lurking in the other room. Siobhan goes up and tries to get Lulu to leave with her. Lulu, not a chance in hell. Ronan comes in, well, well, well. There's an interesting group if I ever saw one.

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