Sunday, September 26, 2010

All My Children Recap, Fri Sept 24, 2010

Angie is heading to an OB appointment. Frankie and Jesse there. Frankie wishes there is more that he could do for Angie. Jesse says try to lift a hand to help her, you just might pull back a nub. Angie, I heard that.

Natalia asks Randi if she's going to have a niece or nephew before long. Randi tells her no. Natalia tells Randi she thinks Madison and Frankie spend too much time together. Randi, Madison is crazy about Ryan, and I love my husband. Randi leaves. Brot, I can't believe you just did that. Why don't you just pin a target on Frankie's ass and give Randi your weapon. hehe

Ryan tells Madison as soon as the case is officially closed we are all free. Madison, including Greenlee? Ryan tells Madison other than a little blonde girl this high referring to Emma you are the only woman in my life. Ryan, from now on you and the kids are my priority. Madison, does Greenlee know that. Ryan, she will.

Greenlee tells Tad David wrote those letters not me. Tad, its hard to imagine a man like that sitting down and writing not one but three letters. Tad, when I watched you talking to Marissa the guilt was all over your face. Tad says I want to help you but you have to be honest with me. You wrote the letters didn't you? Greenlee nods. Greenlee and Tad discuss that the letters seem to close the investigation, that if it stayed open there is a 90 percent chance someone they know would go to prison. That the letters enable people to move on. Tad is concerned about obstruction of justice. Greenlee, says Jesse has his own reasons for wanting this to go away. David harassed Frankie and Angie at the hospital. Angie has her problems. Greenlee tells Tad I didn't kill David if that's what your afraid of. Tad, but do you know who did? How careful were you when you planted those letters. Greenlee, I wore gloves no witnesses. Tad I won't lie for you. It's your mess. Greenlee, but you won't expose me? Tad, no. Greenlee thanks him. He leaves.

David appears behind her. How could you do this to me? Fake letters, suicide, thank you for making me look like a coward. Greenlee, No you don't. You look like a man who loved deeply and couldn't handle it when that love wasn't returned. David, oh please. They argue back and forth. David tells Greenlee the only thing she is trying to do is save Ryan. David makes Greenlee admit she still loves Ryan. He asks her if she thinks they can live happily ever after knowing what she knows?

Angie goes to OB appointment, Jesse describes the sonogram for her. Jesse says he saw those famous dimples on the baby.

Frankie goes to Fusion to surprise Randi. Randi isn't there. Madison's mouse is froze. She says she's going to loose the reservation if the mouse doesn't work. Frankie, aren't you afraid you'll be on a beach somewhere and Greenlee will show up. They start talking about different places to go, Argentina comes up. Frankie puts a rose in his mouth and starts doing the Tango by himself. Madison is laughing at him. Randi comes up and hears them. Randi, comes in and says I didn't know you could Tango. She sends Madison to do work. Frankie explains what's going on.

Jesse finds out the letters have no fingerprints on them not even Davids, so he had the signature analyzed. It's fake. Jesse tells Tad about the letters. Tad tries to convince Jesse, that just because someone wrote a couple of suicide notes doesn't mean they killed David, maybe they just wanted all this over. Jesse all these suicide notes have done is blown this case wide open. Tad, even if it means putting a friends of ours in prison.

Ryan shows up at park and tells Greenlee he is moving on with his life. Ryan said he put everything on hold to help her. Now that everything is over he has to get back to his life. Ryan tells Greenlee he is going on a trip with Madison. Greenlee asks if he loves Madison. He says he doesn't know he needs to figure that out. Greenlee thanks him for being there for her. Ryan gets up to leave. Greenlee jumps up and says I need to tell you something. When you were with the hypnotherapist. Ryan what about the dr? Jesse walks up and says we need to talk. Jesse tells her the letters are forgeries. Since Greenlee found the letters I need her to come down to the station and answer some questions. Brot, walks up. They have searched her car and found the vial. I said she needed to quit playing with that. I don't know why she didn't destroy it and get rid of it. Now its too late.

Tad takes Angie to lunch, but stops off at his house. Tads asking Angie about cravings and morning sickness. He wants to know if they need to get a table near the crapper. LOL Angie says she's tired of everyone tip toeing around her and pretending thinks are okay. Tad says it will take people time to be as okay with it as she is. Then he tells her, I'll tell you flat out, the reason I wanted to take you to lunch is so I could park in the handicap zone. Angie, thats why I love you. Tad, you love me so much show me that sonogram. Tad says poor little guy. He looks just like Jesse.

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