Sunday, September 26, 2010

One Life To Live Recap, Fri Sept 24, 2010

Darren is at drivers ed class. I think the drivers ed teacher is either a robot or seriously stoned on something. Weird guy. He even talks like a robot. Destiny finally arrives, takes the car for a ride with Darren and the teacher. Come back to car speeding around the corner, brakes squealing and slides into parking lot perfectly. Destiny, did I drive the hell out of that course or what? The teacher looks like he wet his pants, Darren opens the door and throws up. ROFL Destiny is a future Nascar driver.  Destiny says it wasn't my fault. Those cones were way to close together. Teacher, if one of those cones were a person crossing the street. Destiny, but it wasn't so I didn't hit anyone. Teacher, not at that point but a few minutes later it was a different story. Destiny, what was that lady doing out on the course anyway. Darren, minding her own business. Destiny, whose side are you on? Teacher, its clear you are going to need some supplementary instruction, before and after school. Destiny rolls her eyes. Teacher, I'll see if there is another instructor. Destiny, geez I wasn't that bad was I? Darren, your an awesome driver, just a little distracted maybe. Destiny, I couldn't stop thinking about Greg, he's hiding something. Darren, what? Destiny, I don't know but I'm pretty sure its in a clinic over in Cherrydale.

Bobby and James are having breakfast. James tells Bobby he needs to find out who did this to him. Inez comes in. Inez asks James what if he has another chance at the grant. She tells him the grant fell through for the other student and Clint put in a good word for him. Bobby, how did you manage that, did it involve sleeping with him?  James tells Bobby he's a jackass. Some people do things without expecting sex in return. Inez, you look out for your brother that's good. Bobby tells Inez he wants James to go to college as much as she does, but not with strings attached. Inez, no strings. Bobby I don't expect you to treat me like a mother, but I'm not going to stop being one. Bobby, I hope this works out, it would be cool if James could go to school again. Inez, that's all I want. Bobby, and I'm--what I said about you and Buchannan I was out of line. James comes back said they interviewed him over the phone and he's getting the grant, they told him watch the mail for papers to sign.

Clint is still laughing at the picture of David.

Rex calls Kelly and tells her he will have answers for her today. Rex busts into Clints office and asks him what the hell he thinks he's doing. Clint about what? Rex, the grant Gigi got from LU your the one who made it disappear. Clint says LU did it not him. Clint, someone powerful enough to get the grant taken away could also get it restored under the right circumstances. Rex, I need to be really clear on this.You say you can fix things for Gigi. Clint, I can do anything I set my mind too. Even having you busted for breaking and entering. Rex, I think if you were going to do that you would have done it by now. Clint going on about prisons and Shane missing him. Do you remember a time when you found my pa in a hole and you said for a price your would get him out? Pa respected you for that, he wanted you to come to work for him. Rex, yeah I turned him down. Clint, that was a bad, bad move. Are you about to make another bad move? Clint calls the dean and tells her he has a girl who needs a financial boost, her name is Gigi Morasco.

Greg is with Tea, he walks out of Tea's room into Destiny. Destiny followed him, says she needs to talk to him about Tea, she knows what he did.  Greg, what is it you think I did to Tea? Destiny, not to Tea to Dani and her dad. Greg explains his version.  Destiny tells him there are no do overs when someone dies. In Tea's room her hand is moving. Greg sends Destiny back to school.  He opens the door to Tea's room alarms are going off. He says Tea? Tea had a spike in her blood pressure, its back to normal now.  Tea's moaning, Greg is talking to her asking her if she remembers what happened, if she can hear him? She asks for Dani and Todd

Gigi tells Christian she lost her grant and has to leave school. Christian, who offers a grant and then takes it away without an explanation? Gigi, something about a technical problem, the grant was meant for someone else, but spit out my name by mistake. Christian, then they should try and do something else for you. Christian, that doesn't sound right to me. Gigi, yeah I know, if I didn't know any better I would think someone just doesn't want me there. Christian just found out he has a budget, that he can hire an assistant and the school recommended he hire Gigi.

Rex goes back to Rodi's and finds out Gigi has a job. Tells her he needs to go tell Kelly he closed the case. Ok so the first check Rex gets from Kelly with all the zeros he gives to Gigi. This isn't enough money for school, now she looses her grant, has to quit school, but a teachers assistant job pays enough for her to go back? This story line stinks.
Todd tells Nate that Ross is trying to take Dani away from them. That if Ross shows up he should call Todd, and not to leave her alone with him.

Todd and Kelly at the office. Kelly is trying to make Todd feel better. He says save it there are only two things that will make me feel better. One of them hate's me and the other is dead.

Dani is late for drivers ed class, Nate is going to teach her to drive. They get back to parking lot and Todd comes up and says come on we gotta go, now. Ok, so either Todd has decided to run away with Dani or the verdict is in, Ross got custody and Todd has decided to run away with Dani. I'm thinking they will leave now that Tea is awake.

Rex tells Kelly he tracked David down, he's gone because he wants to be gone. He wants to be as far away from Dorian as he can. Kelly, I'll talk to him myself. Rex, he's long gone by now, you won't be able to find him again.

Langston is at school, runs into a guy when he turns around its Marco.

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