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Young & Restless Recap, Friday Sept 24, 2010

Skye goes to Billy and wants him to put her on the cover. LOL Skye thinks she's a female Warren Buffet. She wants to be on the cover alone. Billy, will it piss Adam off. Skye, might. Billy, bonus for me.  Victoria comes in. Billy tells her about Skye. Victoria says now that we are married I thought you were going to cut the crap. Why don't you just rename the magazine Newman Style and not report on anything else. You do know that now that we are married you are attacking your own relatives. She is exploiting our name for her own gain. You are giving them free publicity, what will my dad think? Billy, I don't care what Victor thinks, I can't think about that, he's going to think what he thinks. Victoria, you should care. You know how he feels about Adam and if he thinks your helping him he's going to come down that much harder on us. Billy, wow! you sound like the old Victoria, daddy, daddy, daddy. What's daddy going to think? I thought you were going to take control of your life. Victoria, you are so right. The same knee jerk reaction. Victoria, I just have one question though. Did you just say that Skye was beautiful? Billy, no. Victoria, I think you did.

Adam runs into Victoria at the coffee shop and congratulates her.  Then says welcome to the wonderful world of being screwed over by daddy. Now we have something in common. Victoria informs him they have nothing in common her husband loves her and Skye is just using him for his name.

Nikki goes in living room pulls a glass out of her purse. What??? Meggie is sitting in a chair Nikki doesn't see her until she gets up. She has a flashback of telling Meggie rule no. 1, Victor is off limits. Then she tells Meggie she was thinking about getting Victor some new bar crystal as a wedding gift. Do yo think you could help me with that? Victor comes in Nikki says she really needs to talk to him. She starts talking to him about how stressed she is.

Abby comes in. Victor says he has something for her he thinks will make her very happy. Victor tells Nikki this won't take long, why don't we have lunch after wards. Victor, tells Abby he's happy that she has been behaving, no naked shenanigans. Abby, that you know of, kidding. Victor, I hope so. Victor gives her part of her trust fund. There is a document enclosed, she has to sign before she can deposit the check.  Abby, if I cash this check I can't ask for any more money until I'm 30 which is like a million years away, plus I'm going to be placed into slavery at Newman. Victor, that's your company your talking about, one day you and Nicholas and Victoria will run it. Is that slavery? Abby, do I have to paint you a picture. Victor I'm even willing to fore go the usually requirement that you start at the bottom, you can open an entertainment division like you talked about. Abby I thought that by giving me this money it meant you were finally coming around, you don't trust me at all. Victor, this is very generous if I were you I would take it.  Abby, I know the problem is your doing all the explaining and your not listening. How many times have I told you I have my own plans. I don't want to be at Newman. If you were really sincere about rewarding me you would just give me my inheritance. Victor, do you know what kind of money we are talking about? You are no where near ready to handle that kind of money. Abby then I'm not ready to sign this paper, you can have your check back. Victor, Okay just know next time your father will not be as generous. Do you understand that? OH, Someone slap him please!

Heather addresses her team, tells them to remember to delegate. All of them leave except one guy who asks who they should delegate too? Heather, the assistant DA's can handle more than you think. The guy then tells her there are only two left. The FBI have suspended all the others. Heather calls Christine and yells at her for suspending her people without speaking to her.

Tucker tells Jack he's been waiting on Beauty of Nature. Jack said I told you this would take time. Tucker fires him. Jack, you can't fire me, we have a contract. I can get Beauty of Nature. Tucker, in this lifetime. Jack are you just doing this to light a fire under my butt. Tucker, I don't operate that way. I believe in plain English. Jack, you can't rush this right now. I'm working on Abby and getting her shares. Tucker, Abby dropped her lawsuit that's dead in the water, what's you next move? Abby got cold feet its that simple, I'm going to do everything I can to change her mind. Tucker, you have till the end of the day, if Abby's lawsuit isn't reinstated by then, the deal is off.

Christine comes to Heathers office. Christine tells Heather the suspended employees were involved in cases Owen might have thrown, until the bureau can finish the investigation, she's going to have to work without them. Heather, and your cleanup man couldn't warn me in advance. Please set up the agent in charge and I will make sure they know what I am up against. Who is it by the way? Is it somebody from the DC office? Christine, I thought you knew. It's Ronan.

Ew. Adam, well it is nothing you didn't display to the whole rest of the world. Skye, comes up. Hello Abby how are you? Abby, ready to barf  thanks to him. Skye, Then maybe this will perk you up. I'll be on the next cover of Restless Style. Abby, good luck with that. Abby calls Jack, she wants to meet, and says after the day I've had please order me a drink. 

Heather, so Ronan murders a fellow officer and as a reward gets to throw my office into complete chaos. Victor arrives. Christine leaves. Heather says she has reviewed Adams case file and doesn't see where the case was tainted by Owens drug related activities. So unless new evidence comes to light. Victor, I know it is out there and I might have the perfect source. Skye Lockhart, so if you can find something on her we can use it as leverage.

Christine comes back. Heather tells her now that she knows its Ronan she really wants nothing to do with him. Every time she looks at him she just thinks of Chance. Ronan knocks and enters. Heather, haven't you caused enough pain? Ronan, if it were up to me I would be long gone. Christine, Ronan knows more about this drug ring than anyone. Therefore. Ronan, therefore I'm stuck until further notice. Heather, so you figured since your already here, why not see how much of a pain in my backside you can be. Ronan that's it, that's right how did you know I'm here to make you miserable. Christine, That's it you have an office to run and Ronan isn't going anywhere so your going to have to figure out how to work together. Ronan, I've apologized for that. I've done all I can do. For every cop we can put behind bars it is a step towards honoring Chance's sacrifice. Okay, you know what I don't care if you like me or not , but I hope you will work with me towards that goal.  Ronan agrees not to make staff changes without consulting her first.

Abby tells Jack what happened. Abby, its like nothing I've done this year even penetrated his skull, all he cares about is what he wants all the time. Jack, your father can be a pretty self absorbed human being. Abby, you think?  Jack, he still controls your life as long as he holds the purse strings. I know why you decided  not to follow through with the suit, and what he did to Victoria was just plain mean. But honey if he still continues to treat you like an infant even after you meet him halfway. Abby I know maybe I should call Vance and tell him I'm suing my father after all. Jack, I'm proud of you for taking a stand, not many people stand up to Victor these days. Abby, and live. Jack that's a myth he wants everyone to believe. Your fine. I have every faith. Abby, I just want to be clear I will only reinstate this lawsuit if you promise I can win. Jack, I can't no one can. Abby, I need something stronger, I do not want to end up like Adam just some loser that dad can not stand. I will not sick Vance on him unless you find something that makes this fool proof. Jack, I will do my damnedest. Abby leaves as Tucker enters. Jack tells Tucker he's getting close. Tucker, that doesn't change what I said before, if it doesn't happen by the end of the day, your out of a job.

Victor is at Gloworm. Skye and Adam walk up. Skye is going on about the cover and how great it is being a Newman, if she'd realized how great it was being his daughter in law she would have married Adam years ago. Victor, I can imagine. The two of you deserve each other.

Nikki and Meggie at Gloworm. Meggie asks about the crystal. Nikki snaps at her. Victor comes over and says something came up he can't have lunch now. Meggie offers to keep her company. Nikki says she has some errands to run, she will be fine. Meggie leaves. Nikki goes to bar and orders a ginger ale.

Victor shows up at Restless Style looking for Billy. Tells Victoria did you know he is openly promoting this scam that Adam is involved with. Victoria, did you ever think maybe, just maybe he is trying to expose them. Why do you always assume the worst about Billy. My husband would never hurt me. Victor, really? Issue after issue lambasting the Newman name? And he's not going to hurt you? Victoria, He doesn't tell you how to run your business. Why should he listen to you? Victor how dare you use that tone with me? Victoria, How dare I? Victor, yes. Victoria, That's almost funny after the way you treated me, and now your coming in here after my husbands business. Do you remember I'm carrying your grandchild. (Miscarriage time) There is nothing more that you can do to me that I can't take. Victor, the way I've treated you? I've never done anything to you, I've only done things for you. I've given you. Victoria, you've given me a lot, an incredible life and I'm an ungrateful spoiled child I've heard this before I heard this speech I have it memorized. Victor, how is it that both of my daughters have a sense of entitlement. Victoria, the only thing I am entitled to is a little respect which you have never given me. Victor, I didn't grow up with a trust fund. I didn't have a father to smooth things over. If you don't watch it very carefully you and I will no longer have a relationship. Victoria, I don't feel entitled at all how could I when you are constantly reminding me of what I owe you if anyone is entitled in this situation its you. Victor, what the hell are you talking about? Victoria, I have lived my life for years according to your standards and it has never been good enough and because of that I've lost my husband, my career, my son. Victor, are you serious? Victoria, yes dad but that's okay that was a different era of my life, I have never felt such peace since I walked away from Newman and since I walked away from you. And you know why its because of Billy that's why. Victor, you think you'll get a sense of peace with him is that it, that's a myth. He's going to ruin your life he's an alcoholic, a gambler, a womanizer. Victoria, oh okay. Victor, when everything turns south for you you will regret having burned bridges with me. Come with me now. Come back to your family before your heart will be broken again. Victoria turns away. Victor, alright I guess that's your answer. He walks out. Victoria starts to run after him, gets a sharp pain and doubles over.

Adam, If you think you can trust that guy forget it. Billy will take what ever you tell him and twist it into the most sensational thing possible. Skye its already sensational. How could it not be? Adam your uber ego might just get us in trouble. Skye you could be happy for me you know. Adam, Heather is just waiting to reopen that investigation. This is two dangerous. Billy pops out from around the corner.  I love danger gets the juices flowing. Skye so whats the word. Billy we can do the photo shoot in your suite his afternoon if your available.  Skye, I will make myself available. Adam, or Billy what we could do is a possibly a little feature between the two of us, maybe a he said she said of Genoa Citys' power couple. What do you say? Billy, well that's an idea. Adam, two Newmans for the price of one. Billy, more like one and a quarter and frankly she is much more interesting and a lot better looking. Sorry. Skye, win some lose some. Adam worth a shot. Adam, this might be the dumbest move I've ever seen you make. Skye, No one asked for you opinion Adam, be a good boy and play along or you might find yourself out in the street.

Nikki goes to an AA meeting that opens up with Deacon saying hello my name is Deacon and I'm an alcoholic.

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