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Private Practice Recap November 3, 2011

"If I Hadn't Forgotten"

I don't like this whole Addison Montgomery and the shrink thing and what is up with not showing the shrink and now they just show us his eyeball? What the heck? Anyone recognize that eye? The voice sounds familiar. I may have to investigate that further.

Amelia Sheppard just woke up in bed with someone who I'm guessing she doesn't know. She tells the guy he's gotta get up and get out because she is late for work.

Cooper Freedman is seeing a patient a little boy named Ollie. He's tested the boy for hyperactivity. They are concerned about the boy having ADHD. The parents want to give him medicine because their older son has ADHD.  Cooper doesn't want to jump the gun, he wants them to see Sheldon Wallace first.

Addison Montgomery is showing Sam potential donor files. She has already thrown out 48 files. Sam wants to make sure the donor has testosterone levels because the kid won't have a dad. What if she has a little girl?

Ollie is talking to Sheldon. He tells him he is doing bad in school he got a B. His mother has to help him with his homework because it takes him to long on his own. His mother jumps in and starts saying  how he got in trouble at school because he couldn't sit still. Okay my head is about to explode, if the mother didn't help him with his homework all the time, maybe he would learn it himself and it would be easier for him. So far this seems like a normal little boy to me. Why are people so quick to want to give meds. Don't get me wrong I've lived with a hyperactive kid. Some kids need medicated, but some hyperactivity is normal people, Geez  Sheldon wants to speak to Ollie alone. The mother says he's eight and perfectly well adjusted he doesn't need therapy. Sheldon, well if he's perfectly well adjusted then why are you here? Go Sheldon!

The mother, he's hyperactive. Sheldon, it would help me assess him if I could have a few minutes alone with him. Mother, you're a man we just met we are not going to leave him alone with you. Sheldon says he gets that. He wants to schedule another time to do some diagnostic tests and meet with Ollie's teacher. Mother, we didn't have to do that when Brian was diagnosed. Sheldon, diagnostics have changed over the last decade. Most people think that is a good thing, prescribing any drug for a child is something that should not be taken lightly. Mother, thank you for your time and smug startling condescension.Our other son is headed to Stanford and Ollie is on the honor roll at school and it's not because we are running around getting prescriptions for drugs they don't need. We'll be finding a new doctor.

Violet Turner is meeting with her attorney who says the board is going to revisit her case.

Charlotte King is in her office. Amelia walks in and she gives her a breath analyzer. She says she heard about her friend Michelle. She is sorry. Then tells her it's not an excuse for dropping the ball at work. She's repeatedly late and her charts are a mess. Amelia, it's not your job. Harassing me, babysitting me, checking up on me. It's not your job. It's your damn hobby. What is your problem with me? What is your damage?

Charlotte flashes back to walking in on her first husband in bed with another woman.  She starts fighting with the woman who takes a glass vase and knocks Charlotte out cold.

Cooper is hollering at Sheldon for running off the family that he has treated for a decade before Ollie was born. Sheldon tells him you shouldn't have sent them to me if you were just looking for a rubber stamp. Sheldon thinks the kid's answer was coached. Pete, what? Parents coached a kid so they could score ADHD drugs? Cooper says they are good people. Pete, the diagnosis of ADHD is epidemic in this country. Pete, we should look at diet and exercise before we look at giving him speed. Here here! Pete, Sheldon is right if the kids are coaching the kid to get speed. It's child abuse.

Addison walks in. I need sperm. I need you to help me pick a donor. Can you help me? I need a consult. Cooper, a sperm consult? LOL Addison has all the potential donors hanging on a board. Jake walks in and says what is this fantasy football? Cooper, sperm ball. Jake, really? Cooper likes the historian because he's Greek and Greeks have good genes. They take down the Swede because Addison is pale and they say you'll have to worry about melanoma the kids whole life. The Phd will be too intellectual. There is a pro athlete. Jake, there are no con's to a pro athlete. Pete, that depends on how many times he got hit in the head. Cooper, you think his concussion rate is directly related to his spooge? Addison, can we please not call it spooge? Addison, where are the women in this practice? Pete, votes for the activist. Jake, says what if you accidentally got pregnant would it matter? Look at Cooper with his kid he never knew. Cooper, Erica did kind of hit the jackpot with me. Cooper wants the Greek and Sheldon wants the Phd. Jake tells her she has a lot of love to give and that's what she should be focusing on. Sperm is just sperm. I think just for the story line she should accidentally get pregnant by Sam. In real life this would just be an awful situations. But what a beautiful baby Sam and Addison would make.

Amelia is back home. There is someone on her deck. She tell's him it's private property get the hell off her deck. It's the guy from the morning. He wanted her phone number and he thinks he left his wallet there. His name is Ryan Kerrigan. She kisses him and says nice to meet you. She turns and walks into the house taking off her shirt, unsnapping her bra, turns around and says are you coming. Oh Amelia this is not good. 

Cooper is walking outside of the office building and finds Ollie fighting with his parents. Ollie screams he doesn't want to go to another doctor. Cooper has a hold on Ollie, the father is bleeding, and the mother says any chance you want to give us that prescription now?  Ah no! The kid is fighting because he doesn't want to go see another doctor. Maybe Sheldon was right.

Ryan tells Ameila she is fun. Amelia, I'm not fun, I'm awesome. Then she asks him where they met last night because she has no memory of it. Ryan, pulls out a bag of pills and says you mix these in a few drinks and memory becomes a thing of the past. So did he drug her and/or someone else? Amelia, you had party favors and you held out this long? Amelia starts to get into the pills. Ryan says only if you remembered my name. She does. He asks for a razor blade. He says they are much better if you chop them up. Amelia, razor blade coming up. Oh I have a bad feeling about this. This guy is giving me some serious creepies.

Ollie's mom is giving Cooper reason's he needs drugs. Cooper asks about soda or deserts before bed. Ollie says he doesn't like soda before bed. He doesn't like to eat so much anymore. The medicine makes me feel not hungry. There it is! Cooper, what medicine? They send Ollie out of the room. The mother says they had some of Brian's medication. Cooper, was he like this before you started giving him unprescribed amphetamines? With ADHD kids the drugs calm them so if his brain is functioning normally of course he is amped up you are giving him speed! Dad, we thought it would help him. Cooper, and when you saw that it wasn't? Mother, we need him diagnosed so he can get extra time on his tests. OMG Ollies grades are not what they should be. Cooper, he's in third grade. The mother is going on about how much money they spent on preschool and now he is not going to get into a good college. Cooper, so you amped him up so you could cheat the school system? Mother, you don't want to help us fine, but until you've been there don't judge us.

Addison is in the stirrups. Addison is rambling on and Jake tells her they've got four eggs. He would prefer 8 or ten but they have four. Addison, I thought I was the eggless wonder. Jake wants to get the eggs right now before she ovulates. He knocks her out.

Cooper is talking to Charlotte. She can't understand why these parents want their child labeled with ADHD. Charlotte those drugs are not a toy they are addictive. Call the police. I don't understand how they could have that many pills to give him anyway. Shouldn't Brian have been taking his pills. Cooper doesn't think the foster system is the best thing for Ollie.

A doctor approaches Charlotte about one of Amelia's patients who is having complications and says Amelia went home sick. Cooper, Amelia's sick? Charlotte, Cooper I love you but go away. The doctor says Amelia told him to call her but she is not answering her phone. Charlotte says she will find Dr Sheppard. Charlotte did not know she went home sick. She tells the doctor to book an OR in case they need it.

Charlotte has a memory of getting her head stitched up and lying to the doctor about how it happened. She has a concussion. The doctor tells her she should be fine as long as her husband can keep an eye on her. She says she'll be fine and asks for pain meds.

Amelia is sitting in her bed. Ryan is laying next to her, they are both starring into space totally zoned out. Both of her phones are ringing.

Sam comes in and sits with Addison while she is out cold. Jake tells him they got four eggs. Then he says it's always half way with you two. Sam, what do you mean. Jake, you showed up to hold her hand, but you waited until she is already out. Sam, I was running late. What are you trying to say? Jake, I already said it Sam. It's always halfway. You're staying with her but you don't want to parent with her. It's one of the strangest plans I've ever heard. Sam, I love her. Jake, I get that. Sam, it's bad timing. Jake, I get that too. Sam, I think we could work. It's just. Jake, it's halfway.

Pete, I'm worried about my marriage. Sheldon, I'm worried about Amelia. I'm your friend not your therapist, which means I get to talk about my stuff too. Sheldon has been thinking about Amelia all the time. He says when he gets a text message he wants it to be her. He doesn't know if they are colleagues or friends. He's pretty sure it's not reciprocal. Pete, says he tried what Sheldon suggested but he doesn't trust Violet. He doesn't know why, but everything he says sounds like an accusation. Sheldon, that sucks. Pete, wow that's your incite. Sheldon, yep.

The doctor at the hospital is telling Charlotte the patient is bleeding. She want's to know how that happened and how Amelia missed it. Doctor, it's unpredictable. The patient will lose her vision if something isn't done the doctor says he has watched several and assisted twice. Charlotte tells him to page Dr. Sheppard again, get scrubbed and stand by.

Charlotte has a memory of going back to the doctor trying to get more pain meds. She tells him it still hurts it's post concussion syndrome. He tells her no. It's been to long, to many refills. He offers to write her something lighter. She starts saying do you think I don't know that? Do I look like an addict to you? She tells him she hit her head on the same cabinet in the same spot again. She is having the cabinet removed. Then she is in her car driving in the rain. She is dozing off at the wheel and causes an accident. She starts doing CPR on someone in the other car screaming at them to live.

Violet is going over patient files with her attorney. He tells her he has enough for her reinstatement. A bad attorney could make a case for her and he isn't a bad attorney. He then asks her to dinner. She says she is married.

They are rushing Amelia's patient into surgery. Charlotte tells the doctor to save the patients life first, the sight second. To take a deep breath and pretend he is confident. She gives him a pep talk.

Then she is having a memory of being in the ER after the accident. The doctor who gave her more meds wants to check her out. She tells him she is okay it's not her blood. He tells her it's not your fault she wasn't wearing a seat belt, she was driving recklessly. You did every thing you could. Charlotte just keeps saying it's not my blood.

Cooper is talking to Erica. Cooper, what is it he is doing. Erica, he is pouting. I gave him 15 minutes to pout. Cooper, what is it he is upset about? She hands him a school paper with a B+. Cooper, that's something to get upset about? Erica, he likes to get straight A's. Cooper, I liked to get straight A's too. What happens after 15 minutes. Erica, I force feed him ice cream and tickle him until he laughs. He get's twenty minutes if he's upset about something real. She hollers times up. Mason, did she show you my test? Do you think I'm stupid. Cooper, No. Do you know what I think is stupid. Long division. In all my years as a doctor I never not had a calculator in my pocket when I had to do long division. Erica, wow look at that a smile without even tickling. Cooper puts his hand out and stops Erica. You heard the man no tickling. He reaches down and grabs Mason and starts tickling him. Awww.

Addison is waking up. Sam is still with her. He ask if she chose yet. Addison is crying. She says I did this to myself. I put myself in this position. I'm going to get a total stranger to impregnate me and know I'm a cheater. Sam, tells Addison to tell him what she thinks of him. She tells him he is kind, generous, loyal, funny, calm, centered the list goes on. Sam says thank you. He thinks she right. But he also kissed his exwife when she was away at her mother's funeral. He tells her all the good things about her. He brings up her cheating and tells her they are both imperfect. She should pick the musician because they can all use a little more music in their lives.

Amelia is now awake and having sex again. She tells Ryan she want's more drugs. He says he is out. Amelia, did I mention I am a doctor. She grabs her prescription pad and says there is an all night pharmacy around the corner. Ryan, holy crap. I think I'm in love.

Cooper shows up at Ollies house. Ollie answers the door. The mom sends him to his room. Cooper, it's child abuse not just giving him the drugs, I should have called child protective services for. Mother, you what? Cooper, I said I should of. I didn't because the hell he would suffer in the system is worse than the hell he is suffering here. The father starts to say something, Cooper cuts him off and says it's child abuse the pressure you put on him that he is afraid to bring home a B. You're convinced it's going to keep him out of the Ivy League. Mother, are you a parent? Cooper, I am a parent and I feel, I know you want to right every wrong. I know you love your kid. Ollie is now peaking around the corner. Cooper, but you know what? People that hit their kids say they love them too, and they think that what they are doing is for the kids best interest. You are making him afraid to fail and that's how we learn. All Ollie is learning is that the way he is is not enough to live up to your standards. That's wrong. That's abuse. Here's what is going to happen. You are going to bring Ollie into my office once a month for a blood test. I can't control what you pump into his mind but if I find you pumping any more stuff into his body. I am going to skip child protective services I am just going to call the police. Do we understand each other. Mother, we do. Cooper, I will see you and Ollie in a month. It's pretty sad when a mandated reporter doesn't report because he thinks the system is worse than the crime. Of course if something happens to the kid, Cooper will probably loose his license.

Charlotte is banging on Amelia's door. Amelia, go away Charlotte. Charlotte, you are taking drugs, that's why you are blowing clean. Amelia opens the door and tells her she is harassing her and if she doesn't stop she is going to hit her with a lawsuit and a restraining order. Charlotte tells her about her patient. Ryan arrives back with drugs in his hand. Charlotte tells her she is not stepping one foot in her hospital until she gets help. Amelia, you know what Charlotte save you speech. It's cool I quit. She closes the door in her face and pulls down the blind.

Violet gets home. She tells Pete she might be able to get back to work soon. Violet starts telling Pete she knows he is having trouble trusting her, she thinks part of it is maternal projection. Pete interrupts her and starts screaming no. Violet, says hear me out. Pete is still screaming no, no. He's so tired of hearing her out and being psycho analyzed, being lectured, if he never hears her out again as long as he lives. He screams I hate this I hate this.

Charlotte tells Cooper her day ended on a pretty sad note. Cooper says mine did too.She tells him she is glad she has him to come home to.

Violet and Jake are in the lab with her egg. They are looking through the microscope, they show the little swimmers. He sucks one up in a syringe and injects it into her egg. I've gotta wonder if she used Jake's, Sam's or a donors sperm.

Addison is back at the shrink. She tells him Sam cheated on her. She still thinks he is a good person who made a mistake.

Next week looks good. Poor Amelia, I hate seeing her on drugs. That sucks.

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