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Jake Jolibois - Deadliest Catch Deckhand

For those of you who visit the blog often I'm sure you've figured out Captain Andy Hillstrand is my favorite Captain. Well I thought I would introduce you to my favorite deckhand Jake Jolibois. Jake has worked off and on as a deckhand on the Kodiak. He most recently took the Cornelia Marie from Ketchikan to Kodiak and did some work on her. He doesn't get a lot of airtime on Deadliest Catch but I found him on Twitter and what a load of fun!

If you don't follow Jake Jolibois on Twitter and Facebook, you really should. We have such a blast on Twitter. He is one of the few who takes the time to really talk to his fans. One night he even invited me to his house to watch the show with him. How cool is that? If I wasn't on the opposite side of the map from him, you know I would have been there. Yes he actually has fans of Deadliest Catch get together to watch the show with him.

Jake Jolibois is 29 years old. His bio says he started fishing when he was twelve. But I think maybe it was younger. Maybe that's when he started getting paid to fish. He has crabbed, fished salmon and cod, and also done gill netting. These are just the ones I know about. He has been a crabber since 2001.

If you are a soap fan you'll know what I mean when I say Jake Jolibois has dimples like Sonny Corinthos and sometimes you'll see the cutest little blond curls sticking out the back of his hat. He is quite a cutie pie and always so polite. In fact while looking for more information on Jake to do this post. I saw a comment in a forum by Gail K, some of you hard core fans may recognize her name from the forums or from the great photos Gail has taken. Anyway someone had asked her a question about Jake and this was part of her response.

"Jake is a very good guy, well mannered, polite and well-spoken. I finally had to order him to stop popping out of chairs like a jack-in-the-box every time I'd walk in....but even when I managed to get him to stay seated it was visibly bothering him to sit while I was standing."

Yes he really is that polite. You did a great job Dr. Mom.

If you go to Jake's Facebook page he has tons of photos. From when he was a baby, a young lad, a diver in high school to the present.

If you follow Jake Jolibois on Twitter not only does he talk to you, but he has gotten his hands on a new Viddy program he seems to enjoy and he loads lots of videos up to share with us.

We watch these guys go for hours on end without sleeping on the show. I'm not sure they sleep when they get home either. Jake always seems to be doing something or going somewhere. Jake and several of the others participated in the Deadliest Open Golf Tournament which raised money for the Seattle Fisherman's Memorial, and Jake and Troy Huls auctioned a day with one of them to benefit people with intellectual & developmental disabilities at another benefit. Then there was the Commercial Fisherman's Festival. It's no wonder there are photos of Jake sleeping in the strangest places. He is always going and doing.

On December 3rd & 4th Jake Jolibois and Scotty Hillstrand will be at the Three Rivers Mall in Kelso, WA for The Festival of Giving a Charity Gala. I don't know who else may be attending. But Jake and Scotty have committed to being there. So if you are lucky enough to be in the area. You should stop in and see them. Check Jake's Facebook page or Twitter account for more details I'm sure he'll post the information again come closer to time for the event.

Now, I have never been a person that buys memorabilia or those types of things, but I discovered Jake was selling signed Kodiak Crew T-shirts and I bought myself one. It is so cool! He even sent some extra goodies with it.

Look he said Hi under the E
He even pointed out Dutch for me! LOL

If you would like to get a T-shirt autographed by Jake Jolibois there are a few left. So get yours quick before they are gone. If I remember correctly there were only 100 autographed ones to start with. Shirts are $20.00 + $3.00 shipping and handling.

Here are the links again to follow Jake.

Jake Jolibois on Facebook
Twitter @JakeJolibois

I tried to get Troy Huls on twitter. He is another of my favorite deckhands but he told me "Chiefy's don't tweet" LOL  I'll keep working on him. In the mean time if you want to follow Troy you can find him on Facebook too. Also a great guy!

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