Friday, November 11, 2011

Homeland Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

"The Good Soldier"

Carrie Mathison is back at work. I guess she didn't quit. She is watching the video of Afzal Hamid and Nicholas Brody on her laptop. She leaves the office she is in and goes into a meeting with Saul Berenson, David Estes and one of the guys I still don't know his name. They are discussing how Afzal got the razor blade. They are still going with he snuck it in his shoe. Carrie says there is the possibility that someone on our side could have given it to him.

David doesn't want to believe that. Carrie says they should polygraph everyone that came into contact with Hamid. It's only eleven people including the seal people that brought him here. Saul says she's right. Carrie then brings up what if the same person warned Faisel? David, you want to connect him to this? Saul, he disappeared just as we moved in. Coincidence or did he know we were coming? Carrie, what's the big deal if nothing else we cover our asses. It's eleven tests. I'll go first. The unnamed man agrees and then leaves the room.

David Estes jumps up and starts screaming don't you ever do that again. You disagree with me fine but make it a sidebar. Still screaming, you heard what the man said set up the polygraphs and get me Faisel!

Saul and Carrie leave David's office. Saul, I expected to find your resignation on my desk this morning. Carrie, don't you think this is a better idea? Saul, I should forget the things you said? Carrie, yes please. Saul, he's right you know you embarrassed him in there. Carrie, we are going to get Brody. He is never going to pass the polygraph test. Saul, we'll see. Carrie, I'll bet you everything I've got.

Brody is at home in uniform sitting on his bed writing on a note pad about Tom Walker. His wife is outside setting up for a party there are several other marines in uniform in the yard.

Chris and Dana Brody are fighting over the bathroom.

Jessica comes in the bedroom and says she's  not looking forward to meeting Helen Walker. She kind of got on her high horse when she remarried. Brody, why? Jessica, I was waiting for you to come home. I guess I figured she could do the same. I had no right. Do you know what you are going to say at the service? Brody, no. They must be having a memorial for Tom Walker. 

Carrie is taking the polygraph. She is being asked basic questions. Then the guy asks if she has ever leaked any classified information. She says no. Then he asks her if she has taken any illegal drugs. She says yes. So he asks her if she has taken any since joining the CIA. She says no. It looks like a lie to me on the polygraph. Then he asks about the razor blade. I figured these CIA guys would know how to beat a polygraph.

David takes his polygraph. He is asked two basic questions and then about the razor blade. Funny they didn't ask him about illegal drugs or leaking information.

Saul is outside of Faisel's house. There are people going through the house. They haven't found anything yet. Saul asks about the neighbors. There is a lady coming out of her house that hasn't been questioned yet. He goes over and tells her they will be out of her hair shortly. She says it isn't often you get a murderer in your neighborhood. Saul, murderer? Woman, another neighbor told her he raped and murdered some poor girl over in Fairfax County. She says he was quiet and polite. They kept to themselves.

Raqim Faisel and his wife are driving down the road. He is all upset because the CIA found the house. She tells him we are fine and apologizes for dragging him into it. He says he dragged himself into it.

Carrie is at Tom's memorial. Brody gets up to speak and has a memory of beating Tom. He starts doing a roll call. All of the guys in the unit stand up. He calls out Corporal Thomas Walker's name three times. That'll make you cry.

Carrie approaches Brody and tells him he needs to come take a polygraph, but won't tell him why. He says the reception is at his house. So she tells him he can do it tomorrow.

Saul goes and reports to David that Faisel has a Caucasian woman with him. Saul then tells him when this is all over he would like to go back in the field. Mira has been offered a job heading up the Red Cross in India. David says he'll take it up to the seventh floor.

In the room where they analyze and track stuff they have spotted Faisel and his wife on a toll booth camera headed to Ohio. Saul tells them to try and match her face with that fancy new face recognition software.

Raqim Faisel and his wife have arrived at a house where someone told them they would be safe. The wife gets out of the car and looks at some tire tracks in the dirt driveway. Raqim, they said they would meet us here? Wife, they said sit tight and they would contact us. They get ready to go in the house. Raqim is going to go in the front door. The wife looks in a side window and see a string attached to the door. She hollers at him to wait. They get back in the car and leave. Someone is watching them from another car.

Raqim, oh f, oh f, oh f repeatedly. Are you sure it was a bomb. Wife, I could see the trigger, very simple, very effective. Raqim, how do you know this shit? Wife, they trained me. Raqim, you never told me that! Wife, does it matter? Raqim, yes we are supposed to be in a relationship. We are supposed to be honest with each other. We should turn ourselves in. Wife, and be tortured in some offshore torture chamber? Raqim, we haven't actually broken any laws. Wife, tell that to the guys at Guantanamo. Wife, we got to get rid of this car.

At the reception the marines are doing some sort of rap. Jessica apologizes to Tom's wife Ellen for being a bitch. Ellen says she understands she was just holding on to Brody and look here he is. They toast to Tom Walker. The guys ask Nicholas what happened over there.

Brody says they were taking fire. They dug in and ate dirt and prayed. One of the guys says they were waiting on you. Somebody screwed up. Brody, somebody always screws up.

Lauder, you are so full of shit Brody. Someone tells him to shut up. Brody, says no no it's important to state for the record. In case anybody's wondering which they are not. The record, is the record. Lauder, Brody is full of shit. Right up to his eyeballs. Brody, it's always good sharing a beer with you Lauder. Lauder, exactly when did wild man Brody become a dick sucking war hero? Trotted out by the brass so everyone would have something to feel good about. When did you who once told me you just wanted to come back in one piece become a poster boy for recruitment. Suckering another couple thousand guys into getting their legs blown off. Lauder is on crutches. Lauder, what happened to you? Here's my question. How come Walker died and you came back alive? What's that about? Brody, luck Lauder. Good luck and bad luck.

Lauder, Mike you got anything to say about that? Mike, you are such an A hole. Lauder, can I be honest? While you were away, there wasn't a man here who didn't want to bend your wife over the sink and f her up the a$$. Only one of us did. Mike gets up and slugs Lauder. Brody gets in on the fight. He starts punching Mike saying you were my friend. He punches him a couple more times in the face and leaves. Jessica hollers after him. His son Chris is watching all this.

Back at the office Carrie is telling the rest of the people. Raqim's wife's name is Eileen Margaret Morgan. Saul tells everyone to dig into her history to find out how she went from Connecticut school girl to terrorists girlfriend. Hum, they assume Raqim is the leader. A guy comes in and tells Saul it's time for his polygraph. He says he doesn't have time for this. Carrie tells him this is how we are going to get Brody. Saul goes to take his test. I'm still suspicious of Saul. We don't know what he was saying to Faisel in Arabic when he questioned him.

Carrie is looking at info on Eileen. She says Rakor is Vice President did he ever work in the middle east? He worked in Saudi Arabia from 91-96. One of the analysts says it looks like he was pretty big in the oil business. Carrie, so we have a rich American girl living in Saudi Arabia from the ages of 8-13. When did Faisel leave to study in the US? Analyst, 1995. Carrie, so they over lap by four years. What happened Eileen? What did you see?

Saul is taking his polygraph. The man tells him to calm down he has done this before. He is asked two test questions, then asked if he is planning on telling the truth. Saul, says yes. Then he is asked if he passed Faisel a razor blade? He says no but there is a spike in the graph. The guy tells Saul you have to relax or we will be here all night. Saul jumps up and starts ripping wires off saying he doesn't have time for this. There is an emergency. He tells the guy we will finish this tomorrow and leaves.

Saul goes back to the room where everyone is. Carrie tells him Raqim and Eileen met in Saudi Arabia. They were childhood friends. Then she says that was fast. Saul, I've got to go back and finish tomorrow. I figured you might need me out here. I'm still suspicious. Carrie is running scenarios that Raqim and Eileen fall in love but can't figure out why Eileen hasn't cracked and gone back home. Then she says maybe we have it backwards. Saul, you think she's the terrorist? Ding Ding!

Brody calls Carrie from a bar. He is sitting there with an ice pack on his hand. He tells her he can't do the polygraph tomorrow. He has had the worst day. He could tell them his name and it would sound like a lie.

Carrie walks into the bar. Brody, you didn't have to come. Carrie asks about his hand. He says he decked his best friend. They chit chat. He asks her why she didn't say anything about them meeting the other day. She tells him she didn't think anyone needed to know. She talks about playing chicken on the train tracks as a child. No one could beat her, not even the boys. She is a Redskin fan. They are both stumbling in the parking lot drunk. Then she asks Brody do you want to know what it's about? She tells him Faisel is dead. Somebody slipped him a razor blade. They start kissing, climb in the car and have sex.

Eileen and Raqim are in a hotel. Raqim is screaming at her. He wants to know if there are any more secrets he needs to know. She suggests Mexico. He says they should turn themselves in. Eileen, I'd rather die. Raqim well you are going to.

Eileen goes to the bathroom. Raqim hears a car drive up. There is automatic gun fire. Raqim is hit and appears dead. Eileen climbs out the bathroom window.

Saul goes home. He tells Mira he has good news. He put in for the New Delhi station. He thinks he has Estes support. He can go with her. Mira, I don't want you to come with me. I saw that coming a mile away. Mira says she needs to go alone. He asks how long? A week? She keeps telling him she doesn't know. Saul, the new job is just a ploy to let me down easy? Mira, we are like good friends sharing a house. You do dishes, I water the garden, you watch football, I watch cooking shows. You play golf, I do yoga. Saul, sounds perfect.

Brody gets home the next morning and Jessica is taking the kids to school. He tells them to have a good day. Jessica doesn't say anything, just tells the kids to come on.

Saul is taking his polygraph. This time when he is asked about the razor blade they don't show the graph. Carrie is standing outside the room watching. Saul goes to the outer room and tells Carrie trouble at home it will blow over. He had trouble answering yes or no to is he married. Carrie, Brody is next. Well I guess since he got laid he should be good and relaxed. He passes the test. They ask him three times about the razor blade he says no three times and there is no change in the graph. Carrie tells the guy to ask him if he has ever been unfaithful to his wife. Brody says no. There is no change in the graph. Maybe he doesn't consider it being unfaithful, just getting even.

Saul says it's over the man is clean. Now it's over. Now we know Sgt. Brody has never been unfaithful to his wife. Why do we care? What was that about? Carrie doesn't tell him. She leaves the room.

She goes out to the parking lot. Brody drives up and tells her to get in. They drive off.

Finally a little excitement in this show.  I saw people earlier this week on Facebook I think talking about how this is the greatest show ever. They must not be watching very good TV.  24 had way more story and action on a weekly basis than this show. I don't even think they've blown anything up in 6 episodes. They almost did in this episode, but didn't. They did shoot up the hotel room this week. I like to see stuff blown up and lots of shooting. Come on! Okay so maybe they are trying to keep it more realistic. LOL I don't like people getting shot in real life but on TV, bring it on!

This show has potential but they need to get things going. They have a great cast of actors but this story needs to get moving. If this is a twelve episode season the season is half over and it is just now starting to move. In no way would I say this is the best show ever. Even limiting my view to just shows of this type. 

Heck I still don't even know half the characters names. Do they have to pay them more if the character has a name? What's up with that? Use your words people. I want to know names.

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  1. This show may not be for you if you think this was the best installment yet. It was possibly the weakest. This show needs to avoid action. It is a psychological thriller. It's about mind games, subtle exchanges, bits of tension. That's why people are loving it so much, because it's taking its time to develope this character and their world. If this turned into 24 (which was a solid show in its own right) it'd be a real shame. This has potential to be more than that.

  2. I love psychological thrillers. This one is missing the thrillers so far, and not doing great in the psychological part in my opinion.

    You have Carrie with her schizophrenia or whatever she has. I don't believe they have actually named her disorder. As I've said previously if this show turns out to be just her delusion I'm going to be pissed.

    You have Brody with the tension between him, Jessica and Mike. That's finally all out in the open.

    In this episode we had everyone getting polygraphed and the suspense of how that would turn out, Brody's fellow Marines confronting him as to why he lived and Tom didn't, Brody finally finding out about Mike. Carrie and Brody lying on their polygraphs. Saul's wife saying she didn't want him to go to India with her. We got some background on Eileen and Raqim. (Which I think this episode should have been named instead of the last one.)A little bit of teasing with the bomb at the house. The mystery of who is following Raqim and Eileen and trying to kill them, and then killing Raqim and Homeland lying to the neighbors. I'm sure I didn't list everything.

    This episode had more stuff happening and more information than all of the previous episodes.

    I get they may not want this to be a remake of 24, that they may be trying to keep it more real and that stuff isn't going to get blown up in the every day world or every episode. I actually liked that Eileen saw the bomb before it went off. :)

    If you want to talk mind games and subtle exchanges. Dexter is loaded with them, every episode.

    I think you said it all in your last sentence and you are right. This show has potential which is why I'm still watching it.

  3. Hmm, Dexter has been incredibly weak for about two seasons.

    There are thrills in this show. They're thankfully more grounded thrills than what is typical for television. This show (so far) is more in the vein of dramas Mad Men, The Sopranos and The Wire than out and out thrillers/actions shows like 24, Breaking Bad or Dexter. No approach is than the other, but this show is aiming for something more quietly subversive. I look at this show as a personal drama with some thriller tensions at the edge. It would be incredibly disappointing to see it go into overdrive and became merely a soap opera with action scenes. I like the subtlety and quiet intensity.

  4. I must say I agree Dexter has been weaker lately. But I love the subtleties in that show.

    I still think the thrills were far and few on this show until this episode. Hopefully they will keep it up. I guess we will have to agree to disagree on that. LOL

    I hope to get Sundays episode watched today. :)


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