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Private Practice Recap November 10, 2011

"Don't stop until you get enough"

Addison  Montgomery is at the shrinks telling him Pete is keeping watch over her egg.

Addison is awake and dressed, Sam's still in bed. She is getting ready to go to the office but can't find her cell. Sam Bennett tells her she had it on Amelia's deck. Addison tells Sam she can't have sex two days before she is implanted. I'm thinking she's going to tell him she can't after she is implanted too. Poor Sam.

Addison Montgomery goes out on Amelia's deck. Ryan is standing out there without his shirt on having coffee. Addison introduces herself. Ryan says he could get used to that view, he is Amelia's friend. Amelia comes out in her bra and panties with what looks like Ryan's shirt on. Addison, no surgeries this morning? Ryan, surgeries. I thought we were going back to bed. Amelia, I'll be there in a minute. Ryan leaves. Amelia tells Addison she is taking the day off. Addison, really? If I took the day off every time I met a hot guy... Amelia cutting her off, I'll call you later okay? She goes back in the house.

In the office. Cooper Freedman has cupcakes that spell out Welcome Back Violet. Sheldon has eaten the V. LOL He said there wasn't a sign. Cooper, the sign is on the cupcakes. Addison comes in, Sam has rounds where is everyone else? Charlotte King, Pete is covering a shift in the ER. Sheldon, what about Amelia? I called her, haven't heard back. Addison, she is at home shacked up with this very handsome guy. Sheldon, so she is playing hookie with this Ryan guy and you are just letting her. Addison, I'm sure she'll be back tomorrow. Charlotte, I'm not so sure. Sheldon, what do you mean? Charlotte, we had a disagreement about her punctuality and her lack of it and she quit.

Violet walks in and they all yell surprise. She looks at the cupcakes and sees Welcome back olet. LOL Sheldon ate the I now. Sheldon, what? We already yelled surprise.

Addison goes to the hospital. Pete is working on a patient named Shannon Iverson. She was in a car accident. Jake Reilly is there also. She is 16 weeks pregnant and brain dead. Sam Bennett comes in and says is this her? Jake asks if he knows her? Sam, she is an organ donor and my patient needs her heart.

In the hallway. Jake Reilly, I worked with Shannon and her husband for four years. This baby is a miracle. Sam, a 16 week old miracle who is not going to viable. Jake, so you do a risky transplant on your patient and if she's lucky you get ten years? They all go round and round. Addison, says it's a long shot for the baby, but it could make it.  The mother probably won't live long enough to bring the baby to term and the baby could be compromised. Jake wants to find the husband to see what he wants to do, they split up during the IVF process. Shannon did sign a donor card.

Erica shows up at the office. Mason forgot to tell her school was closed for a teachers day, so he will spend the day with Cooper. Eric makes sure it will just be Cooper hanging out with him and not Charlotte. Cooper asks Mason if he's ever made a fort with tongue depressors.

Violet brings Sheldon another cupcake and asks him to be her monitor so she can get her license back. Violet, it's just a matter of dotting the I's and crossing the T's. Sheldon, actually it's a little more than that. It can be a valuable tool provided both parties take it seriously.  Violet, sure.

Amelia and Ryan are out at a taco/burrito stand. Cooper and Mason run into them. Cooper introduces Mason. Ryan tries to high five him and Mason tells him. We just washed our hands. LOL Cooper, you doing okay? Amelia, why wouldn't I be. Cooper, well I just heard you quit your job and are hanging out with some guy. Amelia, his name is Ryan and he is great. Cooper and did Ryan quit his job too? Amelia, don't start getting all judgmental. You knocked up some chick in a bar parking lot. Cooper, hey! Really Amelia?
 Amelia, sorry. Enjoy your tacos. Amelia and Ryan walk off. Mason, she really didn't seem like a doctor. Cooper, ya I know.

Jake walks into a room where a woman is in the bed with her son playing cards with her, her husband is in a chair. Jake, you paged me? Sam, yes, I just wanted you to meet the Schaffer's. She is the woman in need of the heart transplant. Sam introduces everyone and tells Jake about them. Jake, great meeting you. I need to have a word outside with Dr. Bennett.

Outside the room. Jake, what the hell was that? Sam, I just thought you should meet them. Jake, or maybe you thought you could guilt me into changing my mind.  Once again breaking rules. Sam says she just has a day or two left. Jake, I am not a first year intern Sam. I'm your colleague and your friend and that was not cool. He walks off.

Cooper and Mason walk into the kitchen at the office. Cooper introduces his son to Pete and Sheldon. Mason, pleased to meet you. Pete, clearly he has his mothers manners. Sheldon and Pete are standing there grinning. Mason, why are you staring at me? Pete, he just looks like a mini Cooper. LOL He does. Addison comes in and says hello. New hire? Mason introduces himself.  He offers Addison a taco.

Cooper says we bumped into Amelia and Ryan. Sheldon, what's he like. Mason, handsome but shiftless. Cooper, Mason. Mason, I don't even know what it means. You said it in the car. Cooper, well I shouldn't have. Sheldon, so Amelia is cutting work and hanging out with this guy, but she's eating tacos again? Addison, eating tacos? Sheldon, you know. she has a history... with "tacos", she doesn't digest them well. Addison, right right. Addison, I don't know but I suspect she is drinking "soda" again. Pete, soda or margaritas? Pete whispers loudly enough everyone can hear, because I think we can say margaritas. Everyone laughs. Addison, okay fine. She's drinking margaritas. Sheldon, are you sure? Have you seen her? Addison, well she looked pretty hungover this morning. Pete, but you didn't see any "taco" usage? Sheldon, margaritas are bad enough but if it's "tacos", she could be in big trouble. Mason, I think tacos are good, but that doctor kind of looked like a druggie to me. LMAO So much for code words. The adults just look around at each other.

Jake Reilly goes into Addison's office and tells her her boyfriend just blind sided him. He fills her in. Addison says maybe he misunderstood. He says he doubts it. Addison gets on the elevator apologizing, she has something to do.

Violet is in with a patient. Sheldon is sitting there also. Violet starts to tell the patient I had that happen to myself once. Sheldon starts clicking his pen. Everytime Violet starts to relate something to herself Sheldon clicks his pen or makes a noise. It's annoying her.

Amelia is out on her deck with Ryan again. He is pouring booze on her stomach and licking/drinking it off. Addison walks up. Ryan says hey your back. Want to join? Addison says no. Ryan, your loss. Addison, we need to talk now. Ryan goes inside for more limes. Amelia, you don't want to talk. You want to lecture and honestly I'm not in the mood. It's a beautiful day, most of which I've had mind blowing sex with a guy who looks like he just walked off a Calvin Klein billboard. Addison, I think you're in trouble. Amelia, if this is trouble you should try it. Addison, I love you and we are family and family looks out for each other. Amelia, we stopped being friends when started sleeping with my brothers best friend while you were still married. Addison, I'm not the enemy, I'm just trying to help you. Amelia, well consider yourself off the hook. She picks up the bottle and walks into the house telling Ryan we are leaving.

Shannon the pregnant woman, is crashing at the hospital. Jake has found her husband, he is flying in from London. Jake wants to keep her alive until her husband gets there. Sam, this is insane. Jake, what's insane is you ambushing me. Sam, I just wanted you to see what the other side looks like. Jake, what about Shannon's husbands side? What about his? Sam inserts a chest tube. She stabilizes. Sam, my patient is at the top of the UNOS list and this is just going to cost my patient her life. Her husband doesn't have that right and neither do you. And this is why donors should be anonymous.

Amelia and Ryan have gotten a hotel room. They are laying on top of the bed. Ryan, so what kind of surgeon are you? Amelia, I'm a neurosurgeon. Ryan, seriously? Amelia, I could cut into your brain right now for kicks. Ryan, wow! Ameila, what about you? What's your story? Ryan, over privileged, over funded, under motivated, kind of the opposite of a doctor. Amelia, so you are saying you are unemployed but you got bank? Ryan, I'm saying I'm the family disappointment, but you could look at it that way too. Amelia I was the family disappointment at one time. Actually this week I probably am again. Ryan, I like you Amelia. I don't want to drag you down. Amelia, what happened to your over privileged misery? Ryan, I'm a pill head. It's kind of all I do. I know I am going to have to do something soon. But the truth is I haven't got that much left to loose. You're a doctor. You worked really hard for that and you are smart and beautiful and I like you enough to tell you you should probably go to work or something. Cause if you loose your job, who is going to write us refills. Amelia smacks him with a pillow. They start kissing.

Violet comes into Sheldon's office with a fist full of papers. Four pages of notes on one session? Really? Sheldon, feed back is an important part of reimmersion back into your practice. Maybe you aren't taking it seriously enough. Violet, what does that mean? Sheldon, personal antidotes, talking about your own life. Patients can do that with their friends. You are a therapist. Violet, it is effective. It establishes rapport, trust. Sheldon, self disclosure should only be used as a last resort. Violet, I can't believe you are judging my methodology. That's what I get for asking you to monitor me. Sheldon, that's what you get for thinking I'd be an easy "A". There is a process to reinstatement Violet, I'm following it. Violet, a little too aggressively. Sheldon, you came to me. I'm not going to sugar coat it. Violet, fine I'm not going to sugar coat mine. She walks out the door. Sheldon hollers because we are friends I am going to leave that out of my report.

Cooper is at home playing tennis on the Wii with Mason. Charlotte comes home early. Mason tells her she is prettier in person. Charlotte tells him he has his daddy's gift for smooth talk. Mason asks her to play cause Cooper kind of sucks. They start playing and Erica comes to the door. Mason tells her it's been such a cool day. Erica's mad, she sends Cooper outside. Erica, the one thing I asked you to do. Charlotte, it wasn't his fault, I came home early. Erica, I wasn't talking to you. Charlotte, you are in my house now. Cooper, lets not do this. Erica, thanks for making me the bad guy. She and Mason leave. Charlotte, is she ever going to let me off the hook? Cooper, give her some time to get to know you. Charlotte, does she seem like a woman who wants to know me?

Amelia is going through her things. Ryan comes out of the shower with a towel wrapped around him. She is looking for another bottle. They are out. Ryan, concierge can make another drug store run. Amelia, I forgot to pack my prescriptions. Ryan, parties over. Amelia, parties not over till I say it's over. Hold that thought. I'll be right back. She runs out the door. Ryan screams your the woman of my dreams Dr. Sheppard.

Sam goes home and tells Addison her fertility doctor is out of his mind. Addison is looking at a baby names book. Addison, you both are just being the best doctors you can. Sam just want's to go to bed. Addison says she is going to sleep downstairs tonight. Sam, are you mad at me? Addison doesn't trust herself. Sam says there are other things we can do and still follow doctors orders. He whispers in her ear. She giggles.

Amelia is in the office going through a desk drawer in the dark. Security comes in shines a flashlight on her and tells her hands in the air now! Amelia, I'm a doctor I work here.

Pete, when you coming to bed? Violet, when I finish writing patient notes. Pete, since when do you do that? Violet, since Sheldon is reviewing me. He's driving me insane. He is using this patient monitoring to pick apart everything I do. Pete, I'm sure that's not what he means. Violet, oh sure take his side. Pete, can't you just tell him to back off. Violet, I would love too. I just want to be there for my patients. I just want my life back.

Charlotte has been called in by security. She confirms Amelia is who she says. She didn't have any ID on her. Security leaves.Charlotte, what did you steal? Amelia, I left the other day, I forgot my purse I didn't have my wallet. Well she should have had her ID then, bad lie. Charlotte, grabs at Amelia's pocket. Amelia, what do you think you are doing? Charlotte, cut the crap and give me your prescription pad. I know that's what you came here for. Amelia just stares at her. Charlotte is standing there with her hand out. Amelia hands her a pad and says it's mine. I didn't do anything wrong. Charlotte, so how many prescriptions were you going to write tonight? Amelia, screw you Charlotte. Amelia starts to walk off. Charlotte grabs her arm. Amelia, what's your plan Charlotte? You going to call the cops cause I'm pretty sure they were just here and you told them you'd handle it. Amelia tries to get on the elevator and Charlotte blocks it. She tells Amelia she doesn't see what's happening. Please let me help you. Amelia pushes her way by Charlotte telling her to leave her alone and stay out of her life. As the elevator doors close she holds up another prescription pad showing Charlotte she has it. I'm not sure if that was a nanny nanny boo boo or a cry for help.

Charlotte has everyone in the practice in the conference room. She says if she gets arrested they are going to take her license. Sheldon, she could end up dead, you should have called me. Pete, you could have called someone. Cooper, she made a mistake. The question is what do we do now? They throw out different ideas. Sheldon is going to call some of his cop friends to find her off the record. Charlotte says the problem is she doesn't want to be found.

Pete goes into Sheldon's office. Pete tells Sheldon she was up all night working on her charting which you know isn't her thing. Sheldon, even though it should be. I agree with Sheldon. What if Violet would have died there would have been no information in her charts and they wouldn't have been able to call her and ask her about the patients like they had to when she was suspended. Pete, she is doing everything she can to please you. Sheldon, Amelia has dropped off the face of the earth Pete. Violet staying up a little late to fulfill what is after all her professional obligation doesn't seem all that important in comparison. Pete, it's important to me. Sheldon, I'm surprised to hear you say that. Pete, she's my wife Sheldon and we have gone through a lot. I'm allowed to be critical of her and she of me. It's a fair fight. It might be a stupid one, but it's a fair one. But you, you are just using this position of authority to push her around and Violet deserves better than that. Sheldon, did Violet ask you to come here? Pete, no. Sheldon, that's a big step for you.

Cooper at Erica's door. Erica, I spit on a kid once. Cooper, I'm sorry what? Erica, this kid at the playground spit on Mason once, he was only 3. But she was a real bully, I spit right back at her. One of the worse things I've ever done. I don't regret it. I was protecting my son. I think maybe that's what your wife was thinking when she handed me that check and asked me to leave town. He told you she was like a momma bear. It's messed up, but she doesn't seem like a monster. Cooper goes in to say hi to Mason.

Shannon's husband finally gets there. Sam is standing there waiting, he tells the husband all of the bad stuff and tells him there is a donor match. Jake walks up and interrupts. Jake tells the husband to go in and talk to the neonatologist. Addison is in the room. Husband goes in the room. Jake, where does it end? He starts yelling at Sam. Sam says he is just advocating for his patient. The only difference between your patient and mine is yours is already dead and mine doesn't have to be. Addison comes out of the room and says you know we can hear you in there. They scream some more. Addison says they aren't going to manipulate her either. This is about what Doug wants and that's all that matters.

Amelia wakes up naked in the bed, covered by a sheet. At the foot of the bed on the sofa are Ryan and three other guys. She says what are you doing here? One of the guys says we are here to thank the lady with the scripts. Amelia, what are you doing inviting total strangers in here? Ryan, they aren't strangers. They are my friends. Amelia, well I don't want them here. Ryan, you heard her. The parties over. Guy, the party just started man. Ryan, the parties over. Get out. The guys leave. There are about a dozen bottles on the table. Amelia gags. Ryan, you're coming down. Ryan picks up something rolled and asks Amelia if she's ever smoked it she says no. He puts the joint in her mouth and says trust me. This will make you happier than you ever imagined. He has some foil in his hand too. I'm not sure what she's smoking.

Shannon's husband decides to pull the plug. Sam's patient gets the heart.

Violet takes her finished files in to Sheldon. He is upset because he still can't find Amelia. He apologizes to Violet for telling her he may have been a little upset over how she micro managed him when he was seeing her patients. Violet, you came to this on your own? Sheldon sent in his report and said she was an excellent therapist.

Addison is on the exam table. She starts listing where Shannon's body parts went to Jake. He tells her it won't help. Jake, at the end of the day Doug had all of the information. It was his call to make. Sam fought, I fought. It won't carry over. Don't worry. There is good juju flowing.

Violet goes home and tells Pete Sheldon apologized. He doesn't usually do that, or it least it takes him longer. Thank you. Pete is sitting on the couch staring at the TV. She goes over and puts her hand on his arm and says thank you. She walks back across the room. Pete, hey American Bake Off is on. Violet, you don't like American Bake off. Pete, no but you do. Violet goes over and sits down on the other end of the couch. Still very awkward between the two of them.

Mason knocks on Coopers door. Erica, I packed jersey sheets that's all he'll sleep on and don't give him chocolate, he's allergic. Mason says tennis anyone? Cooper, thank you. Erica, take care of him. Cooper, are you kidding me? Erica, have fun with your dad... and Charlotte. She leaves. Charlotte, I got winner. Which means Coop you'll be ordering pizza.

Addison has her egg implanted.

Now Addison is back a the shrink. Mason, Charlotte and Cooper are playing in a tent they made with a flashlight. Sam is doing his transplant. Amelia's new friend Ryan is now injecting something in her vein.

Next weeks show looks pretty good. It's the intervention. Two hour special. I wonder if Derek Sheppard will come down.

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