Friday, November 18, 2011

Private Practice Recap November 17, 2011 The Intervention

"Who We Are; The Breaking Point"
"The Intervention"

Amelia is remembering collecting pennies from her dad's store. She is remembering the day her dad got killed and Derek saved her. That was way better than Addison at the shrink. 

Amelia Sheppard is back at the practice. She is looking better than she did last week. Addison Montgomery sees her and hollers out to her. Amelia, Morning Addy. Let me grab some coffee and I'll be back. I have news. Violet sticks her head out of her office door and looks down the hall after Amelia.

Amelia  goes in the kitchen where Sam Bennett, Charlotte King, Sheldon Wallace, Pete Wilder and Jake Reilly are. She says hey everybody! I need coffee. She's all cheerful and acting like nothing has happened. She's pouring coffee she turns around and everyone is staring at her. Amelia, okay I took the last of the coffee, but I will make a fresh pot. Sheldon goes over and gives her a bear hug. Amelia turns around and says What? Do you guys know already? Was Ryan here or something? I'm engaged!  Hello! Addison Montgomery goes over and slaps her in the face. Whoa! Amelia, What the hell was that? Violet, we called the police. Pete, and every hospital and morgue. Amelia, why? Addison, because we thought you were dead. Amelia, why would you think I was dead? Sheldon, because no on has seen you. Amelia, what are you talking about? I miss a couple of days of work and suddenly I'm. Jake, twelve. Amelia, what? Jake, you missed twelve days of work. Sam, no one has seen you in twelve days. Amelia, twelve?

Charlotte King, Amelia what are you on? Amelia, what are you talking about? Charlotte, are you high right now? Amelia, okay. I was. I was on drugs. I slipped. I went on kind of a bender. It was scary. Really scary. For a minute I thought I was going over the edge. Even Ryan was worried about me. He said there is partying and then there is... What I was doing was scary. Well, that's a lie. Ryan was teaching her new ways to do drugs. So he dragged me to a meeting. Many meetings. A lot of meetings. I am so grateful for that. I didn't realize it was twelve days. I can just imagine what all of you thought. I am so sorry if you thought I was dead. Addy, I am so sorry, but I was going to meetings and getting right with my higher power, and just being sober every day. Addison, you're okay? Amelia, yeah. I mean I am going to have to go to 2 or 3 meetings a day. But I was lucky. Addison hugs her. Addison, I was so worried about you. Amelia, thank you but you didn't need to, Ryan saved me. He helped. Now apparently I have a lot of work to catch up on so I will talk to you guys later.

Addison Montgomery, that's a relief. Sam, I know. I thought that a. Charlotte, she's lying. I think she's lying too. Cooper, she seemed okay to me. Charlotte, that's because you are not an addict. Sam, she didn't seem strung out. Jake, you'd be surprised at how adept an addict can be at hiding their addiction. I toyed with the idea of specializing in addiction before I choose fertility. Charlotte, we have to do something. Violet, if she is lying. Cooper, Charlotte is it possible that because of your history you are blowing this out of proportion. Charlotte, because of my history I know the games, the secrets and the lies and I am telling you that girl is using.

Amelia Sheppard is in her office staring out the window with her coffee taking deep breathes. She has a memory of talking to Ryan in the hotel room. She's telling him she never really knew what love was. I've been loved. I know what love is. I've never been in love. I love you. I'm in love with you, okay. Don't freak out or leave me. He kisses her and asks her to marry him. Amelia, are you serious? That's insane. Ryan, it's not. I'll never leave you. I'm in love with you too. No he's in love with her prescription pad. Amelia, we are getting married. Ryan, you have to yes. Amelia, yes, yes.

Cooper Freedman and Charlotte are going through her office. Charlotte finds a bag of pills in a plant. She tells Cooper come take these from me please. I don't know where Amelia went. She was standing in her office when they went to commercial. Sam comes in and says she is in the parking lot. The elevator opens Amelia is on it. Addison is standing there blocking the door. Can we talk to you for a moment? Amelia is pale again. She says who's we. Addison backs up and everyone is sitting in a circle in the waiting room with a woman named Lenny.

Lenny, Hello Amelia I'm Lenny. Amelia, does she have a brain tumor? A giant carcinoma that she wants me to excise? That had better be what is going on here. Lenny, everybody here cares about you and they would like you to stay and listen to what they have to say to you. Will you do that?

Amelia, an intervention? Amelia now backing up. An intervention? You know what, I have patients to see. Lenny, there are no patients coming today. Today is about you. Amelia, are you fricking kidding me? Lenny, Amelia. Amelia, doctor! Dr. Sheppard and I know how an intervention works. You are not the one who talks you are just the party planner. One of you, one of you is supposed to have the guts to speak up instead of hiding behind this chick. One of you has to have the balls to say something to me. Do you? Any of you? No one says anything. Amelia, okay great intervention. I have been intervened upon. I will see you tomorrow. She gets back on the elevator. Yep, you can tell she's done this before.

Sheldon grabs the elevator door. I'm not letting you leave. Lenny, Addison. Addison, she has a right to be upset. She was ambushed. I'm just saying this is the right way to go. Violet to Addison, do you want to do this? This is the right way to go. Addison walks over to the elevator door and tells Amelia to get off the elevator. Amelia, screw you. Addison, if you don't get off the elevator. I will fire you. Amelia, then I quit. Pete, get off the elevator or I'll call the police. Amelia, and tell them what? Charlotte, tell them you've been writing prescriptions for your own personal drug use. Amelia, you don't know what you are talking about. Charlotte, yes actually I do. Amelia, okay fine. I will stay at the practice. Amelia heads for her office.

Charlotte, Amelia. Amelia, I said I will stay at the practice. I did not say I would hang out with you. Addison, this isn't working. Lenny, this is a united front. Addison, she just walked out. Lenny, so go after her. You have to be in this. You can't just go along for the ride. There are times when you are going to have to steer the ship. Addison, we're using sailing metaphors. Can I ask what are the qualifications for this? Are you even certified? Sheldon, Addison. Charlotte, we all agreed. Addison, fine I'll go.

Addison heads for Amelia's office. Jake goes behind her. Amelia who had went in her office and threw her purse is now going through her drawers. Addison, I know this is, would you just listen to what everyone has to say. Amelia, Addison I got sober young. I spent the bulk of my twenties studying my ass off. College, med school, neuro fellowship. So now I wanted to have some fun. I made a mistake. Now I am fine. I would think you would get that. Addison, I do. I get that. But you are an addict Amelia. Amelia, you down a bottle of wine with every meal. You drink when you are happy and when you are sad and when it's Tuesday. Should we do an intervention about your alcoholism? Yep give everyone else has a problem. Addison, I don't have a problem. That's the difference. I don't have a problem. I haven't had a drink in months. Amelia, yeah because the only thing you are more addicted to is having a baby.  Which is sad because you are fricken barren. You waited to long and your junk dried up and you've ruined any man who would even consider impregnating you. Poor Derek, poor Mark. Addison turns and starts walking out. Amelia, you aborted his kid right? And now you got Sam who is smart enough to not even breed with you. Because let's be honest, not even Rosemary's baby would want to live amongst the tumble weeds in your uterus. Damn, Amelia is pulling out all the stops to try and make it not about her. And she's just being evil. Addicts are so much fun to live with. NOT! 

Addison left the room. Jake is still sitting there. Jake, hum. Amelia. Amelia, dude! seriously I barely know you. What are you even doing here? Jake, you're right. You don't. I'm here because we all agreed we would be here. I'm here because you don't get how lonely most people are. Most people go to work, come home, maybe they have friends. But on any given day they are not sharing as much or caring as much or giving as much as all of you give on an average Wednesday. So yes I don't know you. But I see you have a family here and I see you are destroying it. If you continue down this path Amelia, you won't just take you down. You will take down all the people that love you. Jake leaves.

Amelia starts going through drawers again. Cooper, what do we do now? Just leave? Charlotte, no. Cooper, I'm just saying she's not listening. Violet, I'm not in favor of this. Research shows that group confrontational strategies with alcohol and drug abusers do not work. I've never heard that before. I guess maybe now that they have done this for twenty years there is data on it. You gotta get their attention some how.

Lenny, she is going to go into withdrawal soon. Addison, what? Lenny, she's using. At a certain point she is going to start going into withdrawal. We just have to keep her here until that happens. Jake, but she is not high right now. Lenny, yes she is. Addison, no she's not. Lenny, she is. Her high will be on it's way out. She'll be coming through those doors any minute. And we stand between her getting through those doors and getting more drugs. She'll be a little sweaty, irritable, twitchy, tweaking. My guess is she is an oxy girl? Nothing like a little Oxycodone to turn a nice girl into a bitch on wheels. Lenny, any minute she's coming through those doors. They all sit there in silence. Here she comes.

Amelia comes in and sits down in a chair. Whatever you have to say, spit it out. I don't have all day. Wow that was just the first fifteen minutes.

Amelia is remembering her fathers shooting again. The robber is holding the gun to his head and demanding the watch Amelia's mom gave her father. Amelia screams. Derek puts his hand over her mouth.

Lenny, Okay. Everyone is going to take turns talking now. They are all here because they want to help you. So try to keep that in mind. This is not about anyone judging you. Amelia laughing, you have clearly never met these people. Addison, Amelia. Amelia, fine. Who's talking first? They all look at each other. Violet raises her hand. Amelia, fine shrink talk. My favorite. Violet, we are not close so I don't have anything personal. I was just going to ask you if you are feeling okay? You are sweating and your foot is shaking. Amelia, You are aging and your husband hates you. So things could be worse for me. Pete, Amelia. Violet, it's okay Pete. She's scared. She is lashing out. I've had patients who are angrier than you and sicker than you so I can take it. Ut-oh look out.  Amelia, awesome! You looking for applause. As usual. Pete screaming, Amelia! Violet, it's okay Pete. Pete, no it's not okay.

Amelia, honestly all I can think since I saved your pathetic life is was it worth it. Because you are kind of a tool. Maybe saving you was a waste of energy. Maybe it was a waste of my mad surgical skills. Maybe the angel of death should call it a day and swallow some pills yourself. What do you say? Cross on over to the other side. Give your wife some new material for her next book. She'd love that. That's her thing. Raping her personal experiences for attention. Oops did I say rape? Sorry Charlotte. Violet and Pete get up and leave.

Violet and Pete go in the kitchen. They look at each other. Violet looks like she might cry and then they both start laughing. Falling in the floor laughing. Pete, she is like a dog! A cornered dog. Violet, rabid. They stop laughing and get a little serious again. Charlotte comes in and asks it they are all right. Pete, did she shoot anyone yet? Charlotte, not yet. I can't ask everyone because we are in the middle of it. But I think it's time. Pete holds out his hand to help Violet off the floor. Seriously they fell in the floor laughing.  Pete says Violet. Violet, why is it all on me? Pete, you are the shrink. Pete, do it. Charlotte gets in the fridge and gets a bottle of water.

Amelia, is this all there is? Your big intervention? Screwed up people telling me how screwed up I am? Cause last I checked I'm a world class neuro surgeon with a near perfect record. You want to intervene fine. I can go all day. Lenny, can you? go all day? Amelia, we talking in riddles now? Are you the riddler? Are you riddling me stuff right now? Because I might need a pen to write this all down. Lenny, I gotta admit. I'm kinda loving you right now. I am loving you. You are winning better than Charlie Sheen. As long as I over look the fact that you are a giant oxy addict that is killing herself. Everyone here is in agreement. You will no longer be enabled. Amelia, enabled? Is that one of you're special SAT words?

Addison, I'll change the locks. Until you get help I'll change the locks so you can't live at my house anymore. That won't matter. Ryan's rich. Addison, I will change the locks. Then I will call in your mother, your brother, your sisters and the medical board and report you. Because I love you Amelia, but I will not love you to death. I wondered how long it was going to be before the medical board was brought up. Charlotte just came back in the room. She offers her water. Amelia opens the water, starts to drink it then sets it on the counter. She says Bupe a nice little drug. You dissolve it in water and it will make withdrawal symptoms go away immediately. It'll also prevent me from getting high from any drugs for 72 hours. Excellent work big pharma has done us all a favor. Charlotte, it can help. Pete, it can at least give you a chance to hear us without being high, without going through withdrawal. Amelia, I told you I am drug free. I have been for five days. I am not going through withdrawal. I'm clean. Cooper, well then take the Bupe. Sam, we all love you. It will help you fell better. Sheldon, give it a shot then we can talk you through this. Addison, please. Amelia, you want me to stay and listen so I can get sober? Addison, yes. Amelia, says okay fine. She sits down.

Amelia, get me some Oxy. Score me some Oxy. She throws the water to Lenny. Then I will stay as long as you want. I don't know why it always amazes me how hard headed addicts are.

Amelia and Ryan are in the hotel room. I guess this is another memory. She tells him she want's to give him something because they are engaged. Ryan, I didn't give you anything. Amelia, you give me love and you'll give me a ring. At some point when we put on clothes and leave this room. She pulls her dad's watch out of her purse and gives it to Ryan. She tells him her mom saved up for three years to buy it. Ryan, you don't have too. Amelia, you give me love, and you don't judge or try to change me. You make me feel beautiful. Ryan, come back to bed. Amelia, lets get high first. Okay? Ryan, okay.

Back in the office. Amelia is staring at Lenny. In another office everyone is saying if she gets on that elevator we lose her. She can't leave. Cooper, are we seriously considering doing this? We don't know what's in her system already. We could make her worse. Cause an overdose. Jake, we are talking about giving her 40 mg of Oxycondone. Not shooting her up with heroin. We're eight doctors in a medical office, she'll be more than monitored. Sam, no no we are not doing this. We are not supporting her drug habit. Just because she lacks discipline and is acting like a child. Jake, she is an addict. She has a disease. It's a disease. Pete thinks they should vote on it. Jake is the first to raise his hand. He says just me? Charlotte says she shouldn't vote. Addison and Violet raise their hands. Violet says she is there to support Addison she will do what she wants. Pete thinks it's to dangerous. Sam says you people. Jake to Sam and you what kind of doctor are you? You should know better.

Jake goes in the kitchen. Sam says look we have a difference in opinion. It happens around here all the time. Jake, you are about a century behind in your thinking. You think she should be locked up? Institutionalized? Sam, I think Amelia should take responsibility for her actions. Jake, you think Pete should take responsibility for his heart attack? Sam, it's not the same thing. Jake, why not? Sam, because Pete has heart disease. Jake, Amelia has a disease too. Sam, that's your opinion. We both know that is up for debate in the medical community. The whole disease model comes from AA. The first thing they try to do is get people to admit they are powerless against their addiction.  Jake, because drugs function differently in their bodies.  The addiction is a threefold disease.  Sam, it's a disease that doesn't fire up, unless you  take the drugs. Amelia has control over that right?  She made a choice the first time she took those drugs just like she has a choice today.  Jake, you think  people choose their misery?  To lick drugs off of bathroom floors, neglecting their kids, destroying their husbands and killing themselves.  You think anyone not in the throes of the disease would consciously do that to themselves?  Is that what you think?  Violet walks in and asks Jake if he's OK if he wants to talk. Jake leaves the room.  Sam, I guess I hit a nerve.We should probably go back in there.  Violet, do I have to?

Back in the lobby Cooper is reading a letter to Amelia about how she is someone's child and how he works with kids all day.  Amelia starts pacing and saying I want my drugs give me my drugs I want my drugs. Dang listen to yourself girl. What do we want? Drugs! When do we want them? Now. Over and over like a cheerleader.  Cooper continues reading trying to get louder over Amelia. Cooper finishes reading his letter. Amelia is still screaming the cheer and she says thank you ladies and gentleman my next show will be in five minutes. She is screaming like a mad woman.

Addison gets up to go get the drugs. Sheldon tries to stop Addison, telling her we agreed.  Addison, that thing in there used to be a person.  She was sweet and funny I took her to get her ears pierced and get her hair done for prom. I told her about birth control when she didn't know who to ask. We were like sisters and now she is just...that used to be Amelia Sheppard. Someone I love and if it means giving her some oxy so she can shut up and listen, so she doesn't get on that elevator. Then I'll be her drug dealer. I just want her back. Sheldon walks off. Addison, where are you going? Sheldon, to get the keys to the drug dispensary.

Out in the lobby Sam is trying to keep Amelia from getting on the elevator. Sam, life comes with pain. Sometimes that pain is unthinkable. But that is no excuse to throw it away like this. Everybody here has been through hell and back. He lists everybody and says they aren't using. Amelia starts to say something. He yells at her to shut up. This is how you stop being a drug addict. Stop using drugs. Addison and Sheldon have come back in the room. Sam, grow up take some responsibility for yourself. Amelia turns around and Addison is standing there with a pill in her hand. Amelia, that's my girl. Gotta love that woman of yours Sam. Of course we know you don't commit but I do. Amelia takes the pill and heads towards her office. Lenny, oh no. Here! You want to do your drugs you do them here in front of all these people who care about you. Show them who you really are or don't do the drugs at all and show them who you want to be.

Amelia holds the pill up high in the air, then lays it down on the counter. She picks up a stapler crushes the pill and uses a business card to snort the pill in front of them.

Jake is driving with what looks like pastries in his front seat. It's a pink box.

Charlotte is in the office telling Amelia she is going to kill someone. Either in an OR or a car. When you do that you don't come back from it. Even if you get sober. Amelia is just staring into space. Pete, so what is the point of this now? She's so high she can't even listen to us. Amelia, I'm listening. What Charlotte said was very beautiful and real. And I worry about that I do. Sheldon, just give us 30 days. 30 days to start to get clean and start over again. Amelia, that sounds nice, but I don't think I can do it. He tells her they have a facility right near the ocean with a bed waiting. She asks Sheldon to come too. He says he will come everyday. The elevator dings. Ryan gets off. Amelia runs and jumps into his arms and starts kissing him.

Jake is at a grave yard. The tombstone reads Lilly Ann Reilly beloved wife and mother. 1973-2003. Maybe his wife?

Sam tells Ryan he needs to leave. Amelia, Ryan and I are getting married. Don't speak to him like that. Pete, you realize you will never get sober if you stay with him. Lenny, Amelia's addiction is not Ryan's fault. As a matter of fact if you want to get sober Ryan we will help you too. Sam, no. No we won't. Addison, yes we will if that's what it takes. Violet, she will do better if the person she is in love with is also in the program getting better. Sheldon back me up on this. Cooper, I think we need to discuss this. Charlotte, what Violet and Lenny said is right. We can help anyone who wants to get sober. Sam, he didn't say he wants to get sober.

Addison notices the watch on Ryan's arm. Addison, you gave him your fathers watch? Amelia, it's an engagement present. Addison, it's your fathers watch. Amelia, leave me alone. Ryan, just give her a little. Addison, you stay out of this. I'm talking to my sister. Amelia, I'm not your sister. You took this from your mother. Do you know what that is going to do to her? Lenny, let's everyone calm down. Violet, what is the significance of the watch? Amelia, my mom gave it to my dad for his anniversary. Addison, that is not the significance and you know it's not. Addison, two guys came into the store. Amelia screaming and crying, do not tell that story! It is not your story to tell! It's my dad! Ryan is holding her back now. Amelia, you stupid ignorant monster bitch. You do not tell that story. You do not ever tell that story to anyone or I will kill you with my bare hands. Let's go. I want to go. Sheldon, please stay. Amelia as she gets on the elevator, I will never love you back. You get that right? Ryan, it's nice to see you all. I hope to see you again soon when things calm down. I can't figure this guy out. It's almost like he could be a really nice guy but he keeps teaching Amelia new tricks.

Back to the robbery, Amelia is finishing the story. The dad is shot in the head, she drops all her pennies.

At the hotel, Ryan is talking to Amelia about her friends and the fact that no one has ever tried to save him like that. No one has ever cared. He tells her he wants to have lots of anniversaries with her and have kids. If they were sober they could have kids and a life too. Amelia, you want kids? Ryan, we have to be clean. My father was a coke head and I won't let. I can't. We have to be clean. Amelia, okay. Ryan, do you want to get sober with me. Amelia, let's get sober together. Ryan, I can get the names of some rehab centers. We go in together, we come out together. This is a commitment. Can you do this? If you can't, we can always. Amelia, I can. We can do it. Ryan gets out of bed and picks up a bag of pills on the night stand. He says we should probably flush these. Amelia, yeah or one last time? Ryan, I don't know. Amelia, okay flush them. He goes into the bathroom. He comes back with the bag in his hand and says one last time. So how many kids do you want. Amelia is tying up her arm. She says three. Two boys and a girl. I have a bad feeling about this. Ryan, how about four? Two boys and two girls, that way no one gets lonely. Deal? Amelia, deal. He kisses her and shoots her up. She hears his distorted voice saying you are so gorgeous.

Back at the office Lenny is telling them they need to cut her off. They are not to give her money, a place to stay, her job back or a ride. Nothing unless she wants help getting into rehab. The only thing you can respond to is her wanting help to get off drugs. Addison, this was a bad idea. Lenny, this is what works. Sam, it didn't work. Pete, she is out on the street. Violet, doing god knows what. Sheldon, with Ryan. We lost her. Addison, I lost her. Lenny, you don't know that. We started something for her today. Progress was made. You may not see it. Sometimes it takes time. Results aren't immediate. Sometimes an addict has to actually hit bottom. Addison, Amelia snorting Oxycodone off the reception desk doesn't qualify as rock bottom?

Lenny, 15 years, 3 months and 4 days ago I took my five year old son to the park. He was on the swing having fun. I knew he was, I could hear him laughing as I was shooting the tenner of heroin I had on me. I passed out. I came to an hour or two later and my son was gone. They never found him. Honey that is rock bottom.

Jake is talking to the tombstone, it sounds like he is telling his wife about his daughter being in college. Jake, I just want you to know I am taking care of her. I know she is not mine, she has a real dad. So not his daughter. That guy, Lily there is nothing real about him. I miss you. I miss you still everyday. This is the first time since you left I got a job, I like these people, I'm less alone. I hope you aren't alone. I hope you found some peace. Maybe it's his sister that's dead. I remember whenever you were trying to get clean you used to eat crullers. I hope you're clean baby. I brought you some crullers.

Amelia rolls over on the bed and puts her head on Ryan's chest. She jumps up and screams, Ryan! She shakes him. She gets out of the bed and is standing at the end of it screaming Ryan. A maid comes in. The police are there asking her if she is okay? If she knows her name and where she is. She is telling Ryan four kids two boys and two girls. The paramedics come and put him in a body bag. Amelia screams at them not to touch him they are getting married. My dad got shot for his watch. I never told anyone that before. She takes the watch off of his arm. The police officer asks if there is anyone she wants him to call. She tells him to call Addison. Tell her I said I am ready to go to rehab now.

Addison takes her to rehab.

Addison is telling her shrink Amelia's mom is as good as it gets. It's hard to fathom you can do everything right and you still can't control what happens to your kid. Isn't that the truth.  They can still end up in rehab. It's hard to wrap your head around when you think you might be pregnant. The shrink has written distracted, control, fear.

Someone is telling Amelia how treatment will work. She is zoning out. They are searching her things. The girl tells Amelia if she has any other drugs now would be a good time to turn them over. They are going to find them anyway when she hits the detox bed. Amelia pulls a bag of pills out of her bra. She says the man I love died. He died.

Violet and Lucas are eating breakfast. Pete comes down she tells him Lucas said pancake. Violet, you heading to? Pete, yes.

In the kitchen Violet tells Addison her and Pete are good with Lucas. Addison says her and Sam are great as long as they don't talk about anything baby related. Violet let me know as soon as you know if you are pregnant or not.

Cooper is examining a  kid who has stomach pain. The man with him said the pain started after dinner.  A few hours later the night attendant  reported he had a fever.

Cooper and the man go outside the exam room. Cooper asks why he didn't call him. He lives right near the group home he could have just stopped by. Man, I have 43 other kids just like Toby. The man says he wishes he could do better. I'm confused what does him having 43 other kids have to do with not calling Cooper to the group home. Seems like if he has that many kids having Cooper stop by would have been easier. I'm suspicious already.

Toby was diagnosed with lupus four years ago. Cooper needs to do more tests. The boy comes out of the exam room and has a bloody nose, he tells Cooper he doesn't feel good. Cooper tells him to lean forward. He does and blood starts pouring on the floor.

Jake goes into Addison's office. He tells her she is not pregnant. He tells her he knows she is a doctor but he is going to give her the speech anyway because she needs to process it emotionally.  He tells her they can try again.

Amelia and her roommate Hayley are both going through withdrawal. Hayley wants her mom. Hayleys hallucinating. Amelia tells her it is just the drug withdrawal making their skin crawl and makes a deal with her to call the nurse if she sees any bugs.

Amelia is sitting outside. Hayley comes up and asks if she is thinking about Ryan again. Hayley had a boyfriend and a best friend who died. She is 18. Someone comes up and tells Amelia Sheldon is there to see her. Amelia asks her to tell him she is busy. Hayley asks who that is. Amelia, a friend. Hayley, then why won't you let him in? Amelia, I said some things. I hurt some people. Hayley, but they still coming to visit you. No one comes to visit me. You should let your friends in. Amelia, you're my friend. Hayley, I'm 18. Amelia, so.

Cooper is trying to figure out how to use a video cam so he can film Mason's school play in a couple of weeks. The girls are teasing him. Violet, you aren't bringing a tripod or a boom mic? Cooper leaves.

Violet trying to cheer Addison up tells her most women don't get pregnant the first time. Charlotte, there are other ways to make a family. Hell maybe you'll find out Sam knocked someone up ten years ago. She is getting used to the little rug rat. The point is you have choices. Not all of us do. Addison, Sam had this look of relief on his face. Violet, Pete has that look on his face every time I leave home. It doesn't stop me from coming home. Addison, Wow that is dark. Are you aware how dark that is? Violet, I'm comfortable with dark. I'll hold you hand if you want to do it and Sam doesn't want to. I'll hold your hand.

Sam is giving Pete a check up. Pete makes a crack about ten years left. Sam says plenty of patients live 20 or 25 years after by pass. Pete, save it Sam I'm a doctor. I read the literature. Sam, as a cardiologist I am telling you don't go picking out head stones. You have a long life ahead. Live it.

Cooper is in with Toby. He says he is worse, his temperature keeps spiking and he is showing signs of liver failure. His lupus is causing a liver disease that is going to need a round of chemo, stem cell transplant and he is going to be in the hospital a couple of weeks. Cooper has already contacted Medicaid about the insurance, but he tells the man he needs to find Toby a foster home.  The man says he is doing every thing he can. They leave the room to sign forms and Toby opens his eyes. He heard all of that.

Violet and Addison are in the office with their heads together. Sam is standing outside the door. Pete comes up and wants to know what he is doing. Sam, spying on my woman and your wife. Pete, what are they doing? Sam, if I had to guess. I would say Addison is talking about doing another round of IVF. Violet.. Pete, I'm sorry man, you are screwed. Violet doesn't do anything halfway and both of us are looking to fill the void our marriage has become. Sam, my man do you know how dark you sound right now? LOL Pete, my point is filling Addison's uterus is going to become like an extreme sport with Violet. Good luck with that.

Addison goes in and talks to Jake about adding a vitamin therapy to the HGH shots. Jake tells her she will be crazy and she doesn't need to be doing all that. Not yet. She still has two embryos left. Addison want fresh sperm and fresh eggs. She wants the best possible odds. Jake, you want the best possible odds. Relax. Addison, I am relaxed in a hyper voice. She takes a deep breath and exhales.

Day 21 Sam walks in on Violet giving Addison a shot in the stomach. Addison, why does this part never get any easier. Violet, we are at  the end of the second week Sam. You want to help now? Sam, no I know that you and Addison are doing this together right? Violet, because you don't want too. Right? You don't want to see or do anything that has to do with the most important thing in her life right now. Addison, Violet. Sam, why are you mad at me? Violet, because I think when you are in a committed relationship putting your head in the sand is complete and utter. Addison louder, Violet. Sam is just trying to be nice. Violet, you're right I'm projecting my own marriage on to your love life. Sam, so you and Pete. Violet, we suck, we flat out suck. She goes on about not knowing how they let it get this far. Addison asks if they've ever considered going to couples therapy.

Hayley and Amelia are in a group session. Hayley has to leave because her insurance won't cover anymore. Amelia says staying sober there is easy it's like Disneyland. You gotta go out there to see what you learned here. Hayley, for a girl with all the answers you are awfully quiet about your own crap. Amelia, wow you want to be mad be mad. Hayley, I'm not mad. I'm just saying you do an awful lot of preaching and not sharing. Just because you are a doctor doesn't mean you aren't one of us. Amelia, whatever. Counselor, I think Hayley has a point. You haven't opened up much. Another girl, not to us. You always have an opinion about our stuff. Amelia, what is this a group pile on.

Hayley, you didn't kill Ryan. You might have wrote the prescriptions, but he took the drugs himself. Amelia, shut up Hayley. Hayley, the guilt that's what will kill you. That's what killed my friend. Because her mom was so freaked she had a breakdown and her dad left. Amelia, Hayley you don't know what the hell you are talking about. You are a child and you need to shut up. Hayley, you didn't kill him. He took the drug himself. You didn't make him take them. He took them himself. You've got to get that before I leave here because if you don't you aren't going to make it. And I need you to make it. I know you loved him and he loved you. He took the drugs himself. Amelia breaks down crying. Hayley, okay now I can leave.

Violet is home. Pete comes in Lucas is sleeping. Pete starts to say something to Violet but doesn't. He goes to shower.

Cooper is rehearsing lines with Mason. Mason is concerned he will forget his lines. Cooper tells him if he does he just has to look at him because he will be sitting in the front row.

Hayley leaves. Amelia tells her don't use drugs. Hayley tells her to let her friends in.

Addison is telling the shrink she is in and Sam's out. She doesn't know how they get around that fact. The shrink who's face we now see says you took the first step by bringing him here. Sam says he doesn't think this is useful for him. He doesn't want a baby and he has always been honest about that. Shrink, soooo. Sam, so this isn't my problem. I feel like you want a baby so badly you are willing to risk anything for it. Your health, your sanity, my sanity. Addison, if it had been easier, if I had gotten pregnant immediately would that have been better? Sam, no. I love you, I support you. I want us to have a life together. The last thing I want to do is give up because of a problem we don't even have yet. Addison, we are going to have it soon. There is going to be a baby.  And even if I am the one doing all the feeding and waking up in the beginning it doesn't end there it's starting. You know that, you are a parent. You have to want to do it. I do, you don't. I don't know how this could work. Sam, I want you. Addison, as long as I don't have a baby. Sam, I want you Addison that's what I want. He gets up and walks out.

Amelia has let Sheldon in for a visit. Amelia, why don't you hate me. Sheldon, I don't know how to hate you. I couldn't if I tried. Amelia, where do I go from here? Sheldon, what do you mean? Amelia, I built this life here with the practice and I burned it down. I don't know where I go from here. I'm supposed to make amends. I don't know how to do it. I can barely even look at you. Sheldon, there is a sign in back of you. That seems as good an answer as any I could come up with. Amelia turns and looks at the sign. It says One Day At A Time.

Cooper comes in and asks Charlotte to go to the play and save him a seat in the front row. She says she can't do it. Charlotte, Coop I play video games with him, ate pizza with him, hell I even helped him do his long division homework. I draw the line at sitting in the front row of James and the Giant Peach. Cooper, I'll meet you there. Charlotte, why can't Erica save you a seat? That's what I was wondering. Cooper, because she is working back stage with the kids and the costumes. I'm begging you. My son, first play ever. Charlotte, fine, but you owe me big time. Cooper, yes! Violet and Sam are watching all this. Charlotte leaves as Addison is coming in. Charlotte, you look like ten miles of bad road. Violet, Charlotte! Violet, you do look a little peaked. Sam, you okay? Addison, fine I just skipped breakfast. She's going to be pregnant with Sam's baby. I sure hope so anyway. hehe.

Sheldon comes in and says Amelia is making progress. Addison, that's good. Since some people don't respond well to therapy. Sheldon, well I hope all of you do because eventually she is going to need us to join her in group therapy. Addison passes out in the floor. Sam, get Jake!

Cooper arrives at the hospital. Toby is in isolation fighting a nurse trying to put in a central line. He is afraid if she puts him to sleep he'll never wake up. Toby, I don't want to die. I heard you tell Jim. Cooper, I'm sorry you heard me tell him that. Jim was asking about some risks. You are not going to die. Toby, will you stay with me. Cooper, I could. I know Jim wants to stay. Toby, he has a million other kids to take care of. Cooper looks at the clock, maybe we'll both stay.

Sam is at the hospital. Pete comes in and asks what happened? Sam, some kind of side effect with the hormones. Pete, don't you think you should be in there? Sam, there is no room for me in there. She doesn't want me in there. Violet is in there. Pete, is she planing on raising the baby with her too? That would make my life easier. I'll take Lucas. Sam, not funny man. Pete, sorry dark humor is all I got. Sam, no it's not. You got a kid that you love, a wife that you love. Pete, you told me I had another twenty five years and the first thing I thought was I might actually be able to dance at my sons wedding. Then I thought, that means I have another twenty five years with Violet. I don't know if I want that. Sam, sorry man. Pete, I won't leave. I don't have it in me to leave. That's right he hated his first wife when she died he was happy.

Cooper arrives at the school late. The play is over. Mason is mad because Cooper promised to be there. I forgot my lines and I couldn't find your face. Erica, you covered so well no one even noticed. Mason, everyone noticed they all laughed at me. Cooper offers to go get him pizza. Mason tells him to leave him alone.

Addison, so my abdomen filled with fluid secondary to the treatment. Jake, it's rare but it can happen. Addison, you can still implant right? Jake, I need to aspirate the fluid, you need to rest for a couple of days but then if you are ready to go again. Addison, I will be. Violet walks up Sam says he isn't going in because Jake is in there. Jake comes out and tells Sam he can go in. Sam, I'll let her get her rest. She knows I'm here.

Amelia is having a group meeting. She has named everyone at the practice as her family. She says she wants to apologize to all of them. She didn't mean anything she said. She was sick and scared. I wanted to hurt you. I tried to hurt you and I think I succeeded. If I could go back and unsay and undo. Some people say that drugs and alcohol bring out the truth. With me they bring out lies and hate and cruelty and viciousness. And that is not me. The real me is the person you knew before the drugs. The real me is the person sitting here right now. Even if you don't believe me I have to say it anyway because I want to live. The man I loved died and  I think he would be so pissed at me if I died too. So I'm saying I'm sorry. I hope you can forgive me. I hope I can forgive myself. Aw darn it Shonda you made me cry again. I can't take it back, but I am going to try and move forward. I am going to try and never hurt any of you again.

Cooper goes in and offers to help Mason do his homework. Cooper tells him when he is done maybe they can go to the batting cages. Mason, this is going to take a while. Cooper explains sometimes when kids are really sick they need him. Mason, more than me? Cooper explains about Toby not having anyone. Erica is ease dropping outside the door.

Violet is talking to Addison about Pete and that she doesn't see any signs of it getting better. Then she says Oh my god, oh my god. She has a realization about something. Sam comes in the room and announces to them that he doesn't want her to do the embryo transfer. Violet says she's going to go. She needs to talk to Pete. Sam, what happened to you scared me. I was really scared. I love you. Addison, Jake already did it. He transferred two frozen embryos this morning. I was going to tell you tonight. But just so you know, this is it. No more hormones. Either I'm pregnant or I'm not. Sam, Okay.  Oh yeah, with twins.

Violet, I don't want to be Anna. Pete, what? Violet, your first wife you hated her but you stuck. I don't want to hate you. I know you take your word seriously. I know you'll stay no matter what. I don't want that. That's no life for me or Lucas. I know you are more comfortable than the guy who leaves, so I'll leave you. If you can't do it. If that's really what you want. If you don't love me anymore then ask me to leave. I'll do that for you, for us. And we'll figure out how to make it okay for Lucas. I still love you, but I don't want this. Take you time, think about it. I'll let you out. I'll be the one who leaves. Can you nod if it's okay. Pete nods. Violet fighting back tears says okay. She leaves. Pete is all teary eyed.

Amelia is in treatment and she sees Hayley coming back in. She turns around and walks the other way.

Day 50 Erica and Mason knock on Charlotte's office door looking for Cooper. She tells them he is at the hospital. Mason says he is there a lot. Charlotte, he helps a lot of kids there. I was just heading over. I'll bet we can find him together.

Violet, did you think about it? Pete shakes his head, I'm so sorry Violet. Violet, okay. She gets up and leaves.

Cooper goes in and tells Toby his t cell count is getting better. Mason comes down the hall. Cooper introduces them. Mason shows him his Pokemon cards and tell him he will get better soon cause my dad fixed you. Made me cry again.

Violet has packed. She comes downstairs and says Lucas is asleep. She is going to a hotel but she will be back in time for his breakfast in the morning and he can go for his run. They'll set him up with a new nanny. Who's been watching him? Violets been back at work. We'll make it normal for him. As normal as things can be. I think we should still go together to Addison's first thanksgiving tomorrow because that is what we were planning to do. That's what we should do for Lucas. Then we will talk. Figure out how we are going to make it work for him. Violet leaves. Pete looks like he is going to cry. Dang I kept waiting for him to say no don't go.

Hayley tells Amelia good bye as she leaves. Hayley, don't do drugs. Amelia, first time I got sober I was about your age. Just because I slipped it doesn't mean.. I became a doctor. I saved a lot of lives. I am going to save more if I stay clean. And if you stay clean you can do and be anything you want. And I'll help. I am you're family now and I will help.

Everyone is at Addison's for Thanksgiving including Mason and Erica. There is a big feast and table setup out on the deck. Everyone is finding their seats and you hear Amelia say is there room for one more? Charlotte, turns around and very sweetly says, we'll make room. Sheldon seats her next to him. Everyone is sitting down Addison isn't there. She is upstairs waiting on a pregnancy test. From the look on her face, I think it was positive. Of course they didn't show us and are leaving us hanging.

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