Friday, March 25, 2011

Radiation - Radioactive Iodine ??

Think about this.

Too much radiation causes cancer, yet radiation is used to treat cancer.

Iodine is used to treat radiation exposure, yet people in Japan can't drink their water because of radioactive iodine in the water.

Is it me or is this a tad confusing?

The more I hear about this Fukushima Plant the more I think it's worse than people are letting on and there is less and less news on it everyday. But the news has reported the "important stuff" - Apple's Ipad 2 will likely be delayed. OH NO!

AP just put up an article that they believe one of the reactor's core may have been breached, but again no one wants to state this for sure.

I feel so bad for the people of Japan. I hope some of our water companies have stepped up and sent lots of bottled water to them, sounds like they still don't have what they need.

I've never been to Japan, but I must say I am so impressed with the people of Japan. They've had an earthquake, a tsunami, and are dealing with all this radiation and still no signs of fighting or looting. No guns in the street like here during Katrina. They either have awesome self control or they are better than us at looting too, and aren't getting caught.

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