Saturday, September 18, 2010

One Life To Live Recap, Fri Sept 17, 2010

Today is Tea's memorial. Tea was an ABBA fan. It looks like the service is over.

Dani introduces Nate to Ross. Dani is trying to leave the memorial to go to school, Ross is stalling her.

Shaun tells Todd if Tea saw the way he was acting she would throw his butt out of here. Slaps him on the arm. LOL Todd looks like it hurt. 

Natalie and John are discussing the service. The DNA is in on Eli at Lanview PD. John's going to Tahiti to get another sample. Natalie tells him not to take any crap, she can get DNA from a burned body. Gives him a picture of the ultrasound to take with him. John gets a call from the Tahitian police that they have lost the body. Natalie so how do we prove that Eli is alive if we can't prove the burned body isn't him. John, This. He hands Natalie Eli's wedding ring. The bodies DNA would have to be on it.

Eli calls Greg and tells him hurry up and get back, he's bored being dead. Shaun walks up on Greg telling Eli he'll get there when he gets there. Greg says its a patient wanting a consult. Shaun, since when don't you want to give advice. So that's why you tore out of Tea's memorial and came here. Greg, you spying on me. Shaun, if I was I would have known you lied to Destiny a lot sooner. Greg, what are you talking about? Shaun, she said you were leaving town that you needed time to deal with Tea's death. Greg, I did, but I decided to come back for the memorial. I thought it would help me out. Shaun, it doesn't look like it. Is there something you want to tell me? Shaun is grilling Eli. Shaun says he hasn't been right since he showed up at the hospice with Todd and Dani. Shaun talks about how Greg made A's in school and became a doctor. Says his business is trouble, he knows how to keep people out of it, knows how to help them once their in it, and he knows how to smell it twenty feet away. Greg, so you think you can smell it? Shaun, all over you. Give it to me. I can help you. Greg, says no. Shaun pulls files out of Greg's bag. Why do you have Tea's file with you? Greg said he's making sure he didn't miss anything. Greg tells Shaun to stay out of it for his own good and Destiny's. Well that pretty much tells him somethings up. Shaun, Someone is threatening our sister that's why you want me to back off? Greg, I didn't say that. Shaun, which is why I'm not doing it. Greg, you don't have a choice, you stay on this your risk putting all three of us in danger. Greg, just look after Destiny and let me look after my business. Shaun, you sure you want to handle this? Greg, I have too and I can. I just need you to trust me. Shaun, you need me I'm there.

James goes by the school to see Ford, to see if he's still teaching, since him and Langston got back together. Ford says he's serious about Langston. James, It's hard to change. Ford, not if your sorry about what you did. Says Langston took a leap of faith.

Eli calls Ross. Eli assures him the document is air tight. Says he is always happy to help his brother, I'm doing this for me as much as I am for you. Ross looked a little puzzled by that comment. Blair walks up and gives him crap about being on the phone.

Todd comes up and tells Ross pick a number for however much it will cost for him to walk away from Dani.  Ross, are you really trying to buy Dani from me? Todd, no I'm asking how much it would cost to buy you. Ross, so you actually think I'd rather have money than my daughter? Todd, Isn't that where your going to tell me that you love her more than I do? Ross, You don't know the first thing about love. Todd, just take the money. Ross, go to hell. Todd, take the money or your a dead man again. Ross, this is your plan B? You threaten me, I give you my daughter.  Todd, No I'm not threatening you. Ross, what are you going to do kill me? Todd pulls a gun, that's exactly what I'm going to do. Ross, you must of figured out the answer to the question, how your going to be a father to Dani from prison. Todd, that's not going to happen, while you were watching pay-per-view at The Palace, on my dime.  I spoke to some people who work for me who will dispose of your body. I have a guy who will have your name on his passport and a bunch of witness that willl see me leave this memorial before you. Ross, its taking you a long time to pulll that trigger, whats it going to be money or a bullet? Ross, your one hell of a negotiator. Todd, does that mean your going to give up Dani? Ross, your going to have to shoot me. Blair walks in. Tells him not to kill someone that Dani loves. Todd, Dani won't know what happened. She'll just think the silver surfer disappeared again. Blair, Don't make her lose someone else, after she lost Tea, and Eli. Tells him Tea is watching him. Todd puts the gun down, Ross leaves. Todd, damn you are you happy now? Blair, no I really wish you had shot him. Todd, then why'd you tell me not to do it? LOL Blair cause I promised Tea, and I always keep my promises.

Dani tells Starr she's going to school to get away from the dueling dad's. Starr, I've been through custody fights, I know how bad it can be, but I didn't have to lose my mom in the middle of it. She tells Dani she wants her to do whatever makes her happy.

Langston asks Blair if their is a little part of her that wishes Eli weren't dead? Blair, What for? Langston, so you can make him pay for what he did?  Blair, sweetheart you have no idea.

Everyone arrives in class. Ford starts teaching, the dean comes in and calls him out of the class. She questions him about Langston, he denies any involvement. She says then how do you explain these photos taken last night? Ford admits the photos are real, she fires him. Tells him to be out by the end of the day. She then goes in and tells the class that Mr. Ford was let go for inappropriate contact with a student. Boy that should keep him from working anywhere. 

Langston, Starr and James in the hallway. Starr can't believe Ford would be with a student after everything that happened. Langston says she needs to go. James tells Starr Bobby was with Langston last night. Langston meets Ford in the park and plays stupid about the photos. Ford can't think of anyone that hates him enough to get him fired. He asks Langston if she can. She says yes, me.

Nate takes Dani to the park instead of school. They discuss everything going on. Dani isn't sure she wants to go with Ross. Dani tells Nate she doesn't want to leave all her new family or him.

John and Natalie got the DNA results back, they know Eli is alive.

Ross talks to Eli again, he tells him its just a couple of hours before the judge validates the will.

Greg back at hospital. Goes in room where Tea is sleeping.

Blair is talking to Tea, tells her she stopped Todd from killing Ross. Tells her if there was ever a time we needed you it is right now.

Todd in another room talking to Tea, says he wants her standing there telling him what a jack ass he is.

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