Saturday, September 18, 2010

One Life To Live Thur Sept 16, 2010

Langston talking to Kelly about Ford. Kelly tells her start at the top. Langston is concerned because Kelly works at the Sun. Kelly agrees to stay quite. Langston tells her about Ford, Jessica and Brody and then realizes that Kelly already knew. Kelly is worried about Jessica now that the cat is out of the bag. Langston admits part of her still has feelings for him. Kelly advises Langston not to get mad to get even.

James and Ford are out to dinner at Rodi's. Cole and Starr are on a date night also at Rodi's. Rex tells Gigi he can help with school he just picked up another case. Geez it sounded like the last check from Kelly would cover years of school why are they still going on about the cost? Gigi, with who? Rex, Kelly. Gigi, really how many dead mothers does she have? Rex tells her about Kelly's plan to bring David back so Dorian can break up with him. Starr tells Cole Ford could be the father of Jessica's baby. Cole tells Starr he decided to trust in their love, when she tells him she is still in class with James. Guess he's not going to tell her about the visit to see James, telling him to stay away from Starr. Langston calls Ford and tells him she has to see him. Ford goes home.

Ford opens door, Langston kisses him. Ford wants to know what that was about. Langston tells Ford she believes him, that it was all months ago. She wants to know if he meant it when he said he wanted to start over. Ford said yes. Langston, good because I want that too. They discuss that he is teaching the class again, decide to keep it secret. Langston says she has to go. She seems to be playing him. Like she's going to sleep with him and then get him fired. But I think she's going to fall for him again. Ford kisses her goodbye in the apartment doorway. When he closes the door she retrieves the video camera she had hidden in a plant outside, where she has recorded them kissing.

Jessica and Brody in the hallway. Brody ordered Chinese food, pickles and ice cream. Says he always wanted to try it. Natalie comes up. Jessica says don't worry, Brody told me everything that happened between the two of you, and its fine. Natalie, It is? Brody, I told Jessica you helped me decide what to do about the baby. Jessica, and he proposed again and I said yes. Jessica goes into apartment, and Brody tells Natalie he will keep her secret.

Ross, trying to leave Todd's with Dani. Todd pushes Ross. John tells him if he spends the night in jail, he can't help Dani. Dani asks Ross if he is ok. Ross says he is, he could press assault charges but he won't. Todd, Your in my house uninvited, if I wanted to I could shoot you. You gotta love Todd. John, what did I just say? Ross says he's just trying to respect Tea's wishes as stated in the will. John looks at will says we got a little problem here. This wills gotta be probated before anyone can act on it. John tells Ross he can't take Dani tonight. John leaves. Dani tells Ross she can't go with him, says she has to go to memorial, has friends here. Blair invites Ross to the memorial Todd agrees, all playing nice. Very funny. Dani asks Ross where he's staying he tells her a cheap hotel. Todd, oh no I wouldn't hear of it. Stay at The Palace on me. Dani, says she's going to bed, but she's sitting on the stairs to hear Todd tell Blair he going to do whatever he has to, he's not going to lose his daughter.

Kelly's wrapped in a towel, goes out in hall to go get bath. Rex walks up and scares her, she drops the towel. Well I guess a few more times and they'll be even. Rex tells Kelly he thinks Clint has something to do with David being gone. He tells Kelly he can pursue this Clint angle, but do you really want me going after your sons great grandfather. Rex wants to know if Kelly can get him into BE after hours, to access Clint's records.

John fills Natalie in on what happened at Todd's. John, Tea's the only one that really knows what she really wanted. She made quite a mess when she lied to her daughter about who her father was. Natalie tells John about the envelope she got.

James is sitting at table alone to give Ford and Langston time. Starr goes to bathroom, Cole goes over to James to see why he didn't leave with his brother. James said trust me this isn't about Starr, I got the message loud and clear when you told me to back off Starr. Of course Starr walks up and hears. James, made it sound like Cole was really nice when he came over. Starr tells Cole he's forgiven, he will always be her football star and poet.

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