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General Hospital Recap Wed, Sept, 15 2010

Patrick and Robin are in the squad room so they can talk. Mack is watching, Maxi gives him what for. Patrick, Lisa has to believe that we're so far apart and your going over the edge, that she has a chance with me. Robin, Well then I'll have to convince her I hate the sight of you.  Patrick wants to talk about them, Robin doesn't want to hear it she wants to concentrate on protecting Emma. Patrick, I think Lisa will incriminate herself if she feels like she has a legitimate chance at getting me back. Robin, because your such a prize? Today is my review for suspension, its the perfect opportunity to push you back into your mistresses arms. Funny Robin was ready to let Patrick come home before she ran over Lisa that seems to have been forgotten. Mack tells Maxie he doesn't want them to work it out. Patrick has shown his true colors. Robin needs to leave that cheater. Maxi, cheaters can love too. I should know. Maxi walks off. Mack realizes he just put his foot in his mouth. Robin tells Mack she didn't know she could hurt this much. Mack, try to remember that when your thinking about forgiving him. Whatever happened to Mack and Alexis. I mean he got shot, did she even show up at the hospital?

Michael at Madison, Schoolmaster - Mr. Buckley is telling Michael they are not in the habit of rehabilitating felons, a lot of the parents are worried. Do they have a reason to be worried? What a jerk! Tells him that his father and stepfather gave a generous endowment, and that's why he's there. If he's willing to apply himself they will give him a chance. First sign of trouble, I'll expel you.

Lucky calls Dante's phone. Lulu answers. Lucky tells her he's on dads trail. Lucky tells Dante where he is and what he's doing. Asking Dante for help with a computer file, said he only got ten hours prep time. Dante giving him undercover advice.Lucky's been a con his whole life why does he need Dante's advice? Dante, if your passing yourself off as a cold blooded killer, listen more than you speak, and the first guy that messes with you, take him down. Why didn't he just say act like Jason?

Carly and Josslyn are at Mikes when Jax comes in. They are talking to each other through Josslyn. Kinda stupid. Fighting over Brenda still.Carly gets ready to leave Brook and Nicholas come in. Carly tells him he's hanging out with a trader. Brook, I hope you don't believe her. Nicholas, that you'd double cross me, sure I do. I'm just not gonna give you a chance. Lulu arrives to get Kate's latte. Brook, you must find your job so rewarding. Lulu, spoken like a woman whose never had a job that didn't require her to be on her back. Nicholas, I haven't seen Lucky, where's Lucky do you know? Lulu, he's in London looking for our dad, and I was worried about him until I seen you hanging out with that, and you are in worse trouble.  Nicholas tells Brook when the job is over its over. She asks him why he's still helping her if he's getting all this grief. Said he needs a date for a dinner party. He asks her why she's doing it, she needs the money. Nicholas, oh by the way your wardrobe is completely inappropriate, we're going to have to get you a new one, have you ever been shopping with a prince before?

Kristina's talking to Taylor. A guy named Bryce shows up. Micheal is there. Kristina introduces Bryce. Bryce, so that's why you couldn't show up for Keifers funeral you were busy with Taylor? Taylor, I needed a lot of help catching up, I'm grateful for Chrissy's taking pity on me. Bryce, Just be careful crossing the street her mom might run you down. Micheal, you need to leave now. Bryce, five minutes in prison and you think your so tough, well, bring it on Corinthos. Michael, I don't want any trouble. Bryce, you'll kill a woman with an axe handle, but your too big of a wuss to take on someone your own size? Kristina, Stop it Bryce. Taylor, everyone chill this is no way to start off the school year. Bryce, you gonna hide behind your sister and this guy or you gonna fight. Micheal, I'm not fighting anyone. Bryce, you couldn't last in prison, good thing your mommy paid to get you out. Micheal, back off. Bryce, or what? your a coward I can prove it. Bryce pushes Micheal up against the wall.

Robin goes to meeting, Steve, Patrick and Lisa there. Lisa says she believes Robin needs psychiatric help and lists off all the things Robin has supposedly done. Robin, I'm not the one that needs therapy you child stealing, home wrecking bitch.  Robin continues attacking Lisa about what she's done, told her she can have Patrick, but stay away from her child and her job.  Robin, can't you guys see she is setting me up. Steve why don't you and I leave so they can screw on the conference room table like they did back in med school. Or better yet take her home and do it on the couch that took so long for us to pick out. Steve tells Robin he thinks counseling is a good idea, Robin refuses says they are all plotting against her. Steve says if she's not willing to get counseling her suspension will continue. Robin tells Lisa she's won and leaves. Steve tells Patrick the hospital is deprived of a great doctor because he wanted to rekindle and old flame.

Lisa, it was bound to happen, you could never really be your self with her, she was never right for you and she knew that, that's why she was spiraling out, doesn't want to get help, doesn't want to see the truth. Patrick, Robins been through worse than this. Lisa she will find her way out. You need to focus on being yourself being a good dad, finding your way back to the man you really are it will get easier and if you need to talk to someone I'm around.

Ronnie to Dante, I tried to access our shared case files, I was denied access. Dante, as far as I'm concerned you suppressed evidence, that pretty much makes you a dirty cop. Ronnie goes off about Sonny. Dante goes back at him. Dante's phone ring's its Micheal's school, asking him to get there right away because there has been an emergency with his brother.

Lucky goes to bar as Rowan, bartender says the usual, Rowan nods his head. Tells the bartender if anyone comes asking for him, he hasn't seen him. Gets up turns around a woman comes in the door running at him. She says you murdering bastard, and slaps him across the face. Siobhan, the bartender says I won't have trouble in my place. Rowan, why don't I buy Siobhan a drink and she can tell me whats bothering her? Siobhan, I'll kick you in the crackers if you try. And you how dare you play host to Donny's killer. Bartender, Donny may he rest in peace knew what he was getting into when he messed with Rowan. You'd do well to take a lesson missy. Siobhan, oh go back to counting your blood money why don't you. I'm not afraid of you heartless son of a bitch. May the devil swallow you sideways. Then she spits on Rowan's shoe and walks out. Well! apparently this chick doesn't like Rowan.  Then a man comes in the door yelling you maggot you got some nerve showing up here. Siobhan stops him, Liam don't not here, not in front of everyone. Liam, I warned this bastard what would happen if he showed his face here. Bartender, your brother took his chances, now he died how he lived, now there's no point in you throwing you life away as well. Rowan, Listen to the man Liam don't make the same mistake your idiot brother did. Liam takes out a knife and comes at Rowan. Siobhan tells Liam Donny wouldn't want him to be dying for revenge. Rowan, Siobhan your spoiling my fun, if Liam wants to meet his maker It'll be my pleasure to help him out. Liam, if I don't get payback for my brother who will? Rowan ask yourself a question, what good is Donny rotting in his grave, ask your self how many years he could have lived to made his woman happy, ask yourself what your brother wouldn't give to trade places you don't have to die, but I promise you if you don't lower this blade your damn well going to. Siobhan, Rowans right nothings worth dying over. He lowers the blade, walks away, then runs back and appears to have stabbed Rowan.  Lucky still fighting, puts knife to Liams throat, lets him up and tells him to get the hell out before he changes his mind. Liam runs out. Siobhan, who the hell are you and what have you done with Rowan O'reilly?

Jax tells Maxie no Brenda on the cover, Carly standing outside the door,  barges in thinks the whole thing is a setup. Maxi, I'm going to tell Kate you won't change your mind and find someone else to put on the cover. Carly I don't care that Brenda's in your magazine I care that she's in your heart.

Dante arrives at the school. Mr Buckley, said Michael went after another student, a senior, an athlete, Michael threw him to the ground and punched him in the ribs. Dante, any broken bones? Mr Buckley, Bryce is beat up pretty, we had a scare, but no one is headed to the hospital.

Kristina is outside two girls and a guy come up and one of the girls says, poor Chrissy its no surprise that Micheal would snap like that but how awful for you. Kristina, what's that supposed to mean? Girl, people go into prison and they never come out the same. Girl, I did a study the recidivism rate for prisoners is like ridiculous.  Dante comes out and asks Kristina what happened. She tells him. He asks the other kids if they seen what happened. They said it was a really cool body slam out of now where Micheal took him down. Bryce comes out of nursing office. Dante questions him. Said he was welcoming Michael back made a joke about prison and Micheal completely lost it. Taylor is at his car getting books. Mr. Buckley thinks he should suspend Michael and notify the courts. Dante, it amazes me how willing you are to belive Michael would fly off the handle like this, every situation in the past he has dealt with calm and maturity, so I have to ask myself whats different about this situation. Kristina, whats different is Bryce attacked Micheal first. Dante turns around and ask the other kids if they seen anything. Taylor comes up and tells Dante the truth then all of a sudden the other kids decided Bryce started it. Dante wants to bring charges against Bryce. Michael says just forget it and walks away.

Kristina going into Mikes. Ethan, hey you. Kristina, your one of the few people I'm glad to see. Told Ethan what happened at school. Ethan, all right Michael.  Ethan gives her a pep talk. Maya comes up, Ethan sweet talks Maya and kisses her in front of Kristina.

Dante and Micheal at home discussing what happened. Michael said he backed me into a corner, one thing I learned at Pentonville is if you let someone trap you.... You know your right I should of walked away. I'll do that next time. Dante, maybe its time we talk about what happened to you in prison.

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