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All My Children Recap, Fri Sept 17, 2010

Ryan walks in on Kendall and Greenlee saying what are we going to do now? Kendall, What are we going to do about the police won't leave you alone? Ryan, I'm not going to hide from the police, I should go to them. Greenlee, You can't do that. You need to stop going to the police your a free man. Let your attorney handle it. Greenlee tries to convince him if he keeps talking to the police they can twist something he says. Ryan, I'll go straight to Jesse he won't do that. The questions the police want answered are the same ones I want answered.  Ryan leaves for police station. Kendall, Maybe we should trust Ryan on this. Greenlee, and maybe we should try and keep him safe. Greenlee, maybe Ryan would stop trying to remember if the vial was found in someone else's pocket.

Kendall thinks Greenlee's out of her mind, wants to know who she would set up. Greenlee says there's Liza. Kendall likes the idea, but says no. Kendall reminds Greenlee of her stupid plan to setup Erica and how bad it went. Ryan comes in says he got nothing new, but Jesse gave him the number to a hypnotherapist. Greenlee is concerned about false retrievals. Greenlee calls a phone, it rings, she takes the phone out of Kendall's purse appears to push something on her own phone and then puts it up on Ryans' counter. ?? Don't know what this about.

Replay of Annie slapping JR. (She has nothing on Robin on GH LOL) JR asks why she did that? Annie, I helped you find AJ, I actually felt for you, you actually made it seem like you wanted to work like a team, then you put out a bogus press release? JR what better way of proving himself, than to take on Chandlers problems over seas. Annie, You just want Scott as far away as possible because you are threatened by him. You expect us to just pack up our stuff and move away because you put out a bogus press release. JR, I don't expect you to go anywhere. JR, if Scott can't handle the competition I'll buy him out. JR says the company is his. Annie there is something you will never have and that's me. JR, I already had you. Annie, I love my husband. JR, Bring it on. You two are amateurs. Annie, you really don't want to make me your enemy. JR, I don't want to be your enemy, I want to give you everything your heart desires. Annie, don't talk to me like that. Continue going round. Annie tells him he made his first mistake under estimating Scott and her.

Caleb and Scott continue talking. Scott is upset because Annie set him up for the meeting. Caleb tells Scott he doesn't have the taste for blood that JR has. He offers to invest in the European part of the company. Scott why would I want to invest with someone whose agenda is to undermine my company? Caleb, I could be in this to screw ya, or I could be your best shot at giving JR a taste of his own medicine. Scott, I think I'll pass.

Miranda and Bianca are walking in the park, and Miranda points out Asher on a bench an says look that's the man that fixed our computers. Asher, tells Miranda that Caleb kicked him out before he was finished. He asks Miranda how she likes the game he left on the computer for her. Hum sounds like spyware. Asher leans over to Bianca and says don't tell her but its educational.  Miranda asks for more games like that, she wants computer lessons from Asher.

Krystal tells Marissa to bite her tongue over JR covering up the incident at school.

Ryan goes to Jesse. Ryan, I will tell you everything I know if you will tell me everything you know. Jesse, I don't know if as Chief of Police I can do that. As your friend, I gotta tell you Liza thinks you killed David. Ryan, What do you think? Jesse, I don't think you went to Davids room with the intent to poison him. You hated the guy, but premeditated murder that's not you. Ryan, so what do you think? Jesse, I think David spiked the drink for you. Ryan, that's not such a crazy theory. Jesse, two glasses one lethal one not, somehow he's confused, distracted drinks from the wrong glass in  few minutes he's dead. Ryan, do you have any evidence or is this just wishful thinking? Jesse, I prefer to call it a theory, its as good as any.

Annie and Scott, Scott is mad Annie set him up with Caleb, says Annie lied to him. Annie tells him if you want to beat JR you've got to start playing dirty. Scott thinks they should wait and watch. Tells Annie he turned Caleb down. Annie wants Scott to reconsider letting Caleb help. Scott is concerned Caleb will find out he stole the Nano tech project. Annie says he covered his tracks well, isn't the risk worth the reward? Please for me?

Caleb tells Krystal she's better off without him when he goes to get pie.

Asher calls JR to tell him he'll be giving Miranda computer lessons if he needs him to do anything. JR can't talk.

Marissa lets JR have it over incident at school.  Tells him AJ is learning fighting and bullying from him. Marissa, Do you know what it was like being David Haywards' daughter listening to all the terrible things. JR, being Adams' son wasn't easy either. Marissa, exactly do you want to put AJ through that? JR, everything I have done is for AJ. AJ is my first priority, and I have been there for him since he lost his real mother. OUCH! JR apologizes. Marissa, I have a meeting with Caleb, I have to go. JR, You've been spending a lot of time with him. Marissa, I have to take the bar tomorrow. JR, do you not get why he is your best study buddy? It's because he is out to get me. Didn't they already have this fight? Marissa just shakes her head and leaves.

Kendall meets Bianca at Yacht Club. Bianca drinking tea, Kendall needs something stronger. Bianca wants to know what happened now? Kendall, You mean besides David is dead, half of our friends are suspects, and I still haven't told Zach everything. Bianca, translation getting arrested? Kendall, Footnote getting arrested for helping Ryan. Bianca, the longer you wait the harder its going to be. Kendall, I can't call him you know how he is. He'll hang up before I can even explain, then he'll hop in his car and stew his entire way down the interstate and then when he shows up that's it. Kaboom. Unless, it is only a few hours drive. Bianca, don't even think about it. Kendall, I'll be back by morning. Bianca, your out on bail, if you get caught it will be even worse. Kendall, I won't get caught. Bianca, I will let the air out of your tires. Kendall, Ok, that was a dumb idea. My guess, Zach already knows what is going on and is already mad.

Dr Frankel arrives at Ryan's. It looks like Greenlee set up her phone so she can ease drop on Ryan and the doctor. She is standing outside the door listening. They are recalling what happened at the party, nothing new so far. Ryan, says he was worried about Greenlee because he loves her.

Asher arrives to give Miranda a computer lesson, Caleb won't let him in the house. Tells him to stay on doorstep. When Caleb goes up to get Miranda, Asher goes in anyway.

Kendall at police station she got pulled over for speeding at the state line. Officer says she was jumping bail. Kendall telling Jesse that she wasn't skipping bail she was trying to get to Zach. Jesse's yelling at her because was being stupid.  Tells her she's going to a jail cell until her arraignment.

Caleb and Marissa at park studying. Marissa gets a call on her cell, tells Caleb he really needs to get a cell phone. It's Scott. Scott tells him he wants to discuss the offer further

Miranda spilled her drink. Missed the keyboard. Bianca takes her upstairs to change. Asher calls JR to see if he wants anything off Caleb's computer. JR tells him he might need him for more than hacking. Is he up for that? Asher says he's in.

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