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General Hospital Recap Thur, Sept 16, 2010

Dante tries to get Michael to tell him what happened in prison.  Dante tells Michael Carter was working for Franco, so whatever Carter did... Michael, why can't you just leave this alone. Don't act like you know what prison is like when you don't. I thought Michael was raped the day Carter attacked him, I think Jason thought it that's why he pulled the warden aside and asked that Michael be checked out. Why hasn't anyone else figured this out yet? Dante, your my brother I care about you. Michael says Jason was there he helped me get through it. Dante, then maybe you should talk to Jason. Michael, Okay. If you want to help don't ever talk to me about prison again.

Jason arrives at Brenda's. Suzanne open's the door looks at Jason up & down and says your Brenda's ex-husband. LOL Jason getting info from Suzanne about what happened, security measures taken that kind of thing. Suzanne tells him she isn't telling him anything until he tells her why Brenda would put him down as the person to contact in case of emergency. Jason, I don't understand how Brenda thinks. Suzanne, well she never talks about you. Jason, Good. Suzanne, so I'm gonna need some details about your relationship. Jason, what do you need to know. Suzanne, how did you end up getting married. Jason, I was the only option available. Suzanne, meaning? Jason, She had no other options. LOL Jason is like John McBain 25 words baby! Suzanne, so I take it it didn't last very long. So how, why did you break up? No better question why did you get together in the first place. Jason, thought she was sick blah, blah, blah, the two other men in her life were married, I got stuck with Brenda.  Suzanne, so your telling me your not in love with her? Jason, Lets just say Brenda and I don't get along. Suzanne, have you heard of a crime figure named the Balkan? Jason, Is that whose threatening her? Suzanne, Interpol thinks so. Suzanne tells Jason about the attacks. Suzanne, I suppose your questioning our security. Jason, Brenda ignores security, she's almost impossible to protect. Suzanne, you and I have a lot in common. I think this could be the start of a very productive friendship. Jason, It doesn't matter if I like Brenda or not if she's in danger I'm not going to let anything happen to her. Suzanne, that's a generous attitude, or do you have a savior complex? Jason, Brenda means a lot to people who are close to me. Suzanne, I assume you mean people in Port Charles. Brenda has a gift for making people care about her. Jason, I don't need to care about her. I just need to make sure she's safe so I can go home. Suzanne, well then you are the exception to the rule.

Brenda arrives at modeling assignment, it is to model wedding dresses. She tells the guy she can't wear a wedding dress. Photographer asks her if she's ever been married. She says kinda, flashes back to her and Jason's wedding. Photographer asks what was the best part of the wedding. Brenda, the divorce. The photographer asks Brenda what her fantasy wedding is, she has flash back of Jax and Sonny weddings. All this while taking photo's in a black and gray dress.

Claire arrives at Sonny's mad. Evidently Sonny sent Max over with something to give her and she ain't happy! Claire, it was bad enough when your no neck body guard showed up at my office, my secretary dove under her desk and the new paralegal called 911. Sonny, I told him to be discreet. Max, Boss I was. Claire, Look I recused myself from your case, I've asked for reassignment so when a guy like this shows up being ridiculously polite it was terrifying. Sonny, but you don't want reassigned. Claire, I can't have your body guard showing up at my office bearing gifts. Sonny to Max, what were you thinking going to her office? Whats the matter with you? Max, well you told me to go... to go to her apartment and drop off the earrings. (Max covering Sonny's butt) But she works all the time so I went to her office. Claire, you can't send gifts to my home or my office. Sonny, you don't like the earrings I can get you something else. Claire, their gorgeous, but its completely inappropriate. Sonny, why don't you put them on and you'll see how beautiful you look then you won't be mad at me anymore. Claire says there is no longer a conflict so there is no reason to compromise her anymore. Sonny, then I'm just going to have to settle for being with you.  On a side note: Max is H-O-T hot! in that blue today, absolutely gorgeous. Sonny tells Claire he wants her to stay. She says she doesn't know what the rules are between them she still thinks Sonny's using her. He invites her to dinner.

Rowan and Siobhan at bar. Siobhan going on wants to know why he let Liam live when he was so quick to murder her Donny. Rowan, Maybe I didn't want to see you sad or heart broken all over again. Rowan, so you feel bad now doubting my motives when all I was trying to do was protect you? Siobhan, by shooting Donny dead in the street? Rowan he would have done the same to me if I had crossed him. They drink to Donny. I can't believe no one can tell that this isn't the same Rowan. I think Siobhan may be an undercover agent. 

Rowan and Siobhan go back to room. Rowan asks her if she wanted to get him out of the club before Liam showed back up? Siobhan, you want the truth I'm going to kill you myself, she pulls out gun. Rowan takes the gun away from her. Tells her never stand close enough so someone can take the gun away. Then gives it back to her, tells her to try again. Tells her to pull the trigger, she's wasting his time. She tells him she doesn't think he's Rowan O'reilly so who is he. Ok, so maybe she isn't an undercover agent.

Carly and Jax discussing breaking up and getting back together. Get on with all ready. I'm tired of all this back and forth. Dante comes in tells them about fight at school. Of course Carly is mad because she wasn't called. Dante says he handled the situation, he just wanted to make sure they were aware. Carly's steaming again.

Sonny getting ready for Claire to come to dinner. Max can't figure out why Claire didn't like the earrings, says Diane loves jewelry, in fact she insists on it. Sonny, Diane is a wise woman. Did the secretary really go under the desk, Max, she spilled her coffee, I thought she was cleaning it up, then Ms. Walsh came in and started yelling at me. Sonny's going to let Claire think the next move is hers. He has flashback about Brenda. Dante shows up tells Sonny about Micheal tells him he would be proud.

Carly goes to Jason's finds out he's in Rome. Carly, Jason drops everything and flies to Rome, what about Michael? Jason wasn't put on this earth to take care of Brenda Barrett? She's got plenty of guys to take care of her. What about Murphy? Sam, I don't know, I think he feels obligated because they were married. Carly, Jason's first obligation is to me and my kids, and I can tell you right now I'm not sharing with Brenda. Well that pretty self centered. Is she sharing with Sam? Sam asks Carly if Jason has feelings for Brenda. Carly, oh not in the way your thinking, he can see through that high maintenance drama queen. Brenda has to be the center of every mans attention and Jason doesn't play that game so he's a challenge for her. Sam, that's good he does say that she annoys him.

Knock on the door, the both say come in. Boy Carly just acts like that's her house. Its Micheal looking for Jason. Carly asks Sam to give them a minute. Pretty rude since Sam is on a crutch and lives there.  Sam leaves. Carly wants to know why school didn't call her. Micheal, Mom you probably would have yelled at the principal and got me kicked out for sure. Carly, Isn't that what you want? Micheal, in a way. I don't like Madison, it is always fun to watch you tear into someone. Carly, it is a gift. Michael, so where's Jason? Carly he's in Rome helping Brenda. Micheal, Is she in trouble? Carly, yeah I guess. Micheal, then why are you upset. Carly, because nothing good can come out of contact with Brenda Barrett. Nothing good ever has.

Brenda comes home. She's mad at Suzanne because she didn't tell her it was a wedding shoot. Tells her to call Cartoolo and tell them I'm going on another trip, she hates modeling. Going off. Your the one who keeps telling me I need to be more famous because if I'm famous I can help the kids. Suzanne, yes that's the way it works, but at some point putting yourself in the spotlight becomes to dangerous. Brenda, Make up your mind, because our security stinks, those men walked right into my room with knives. If someone really wants to kill me there's nothing we can do about it. Jason, standing outside the door listening, looking like he's dreading going in. Suzanne, If we decide its safe enough for you to take another trip. Brenda not if, I'm going. Suzanne we're going to have to make major changes in security, its going to be intense and your going to hate it. Brenda, how about this, I promise to stop hating it if you can find someone who actually knows what he is doing. Knock on door. Brenda, oh look its someone here to kill me lets see who it is. Suzanne, don't open it. Of course she does, it's Jason standing there. She starts laughing, then tries to close the door on him and tells Suzanne to call security. Suzanne leaves.

Jason I just tested your security, I got up here in ten minutes with out being seen. Brenda, your tests don't count because your a professional killer. Jason, so are the people who are after you do you really want to die? Brenda, So you came all the way from Port Charles to test my security. Jason, asks about the Balkin Brenda's going on about how some big buff guy from New York doesn't need to come tell her security guards how to protect her. Jason brings up the attacks. Brenda thinks Sonny sent Jason to protect her. Jason tells her Sonny doesn't even know he's there.

Jax tells Claire he got a call from Washington, tells her don't be one more fool for Sonny.

Sonny tells Dante Claire is a diversion to get over another woman.

Wow busy day.

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