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Young & Restless Recap, Friday Sept 17, 2010

Chris still trying to talk to Nina. There is really nothing she can say to calm Nina. Nina, Once again the case is more important than Chance. You can't even let us mourn our son in private. Its starting to sink in to everyone else that the DA was corrupt. Owen tells Ronan he's going to regret this, he is going to end up as dead as his brother.

Ronan, asks them to hear him out. (Heather, Chloe, Kevin) I'm not here to upset anybody or to upset Chance's memory. This is what he wanted. Heather, he wanted to make the arrests himself, but that's not possible because you killed him. Ronan, And I can't undo that Heather, all I can do is take the evidence that he got us and use it the way he would have, and I'm going to clear his name. Everyone is going to know that Chance was the hero of this investigation. Chloe, so he was the hero and you were the survivor. There could have been no survivors, if I wouldn't have defended myself, Meeks would have killed him and me. I did the best I could I tried to protect him. Chloe, and you failed. Ronan, and I failed. Ronan's phone rings, he leaves. Heather, at least people will know Chance died fighting the good fight. Chloe, don't do that. Don't glorify it like it was some noble death this was not some sacrifice for the noble good it was just a waste.

Chris still trying to make Nina listen, trying to tell her she will want to hear what she has to say. I can't imagine what she has to say that can't wait unless she's going to tell her Chance is alive. Nina, you think I want to hear about your arrests? Chris, you have to know in your heart how much I love you, and how it hurts me to see you go through this, please let me explain. Nina, my son is dead explain that. Paul tells Chris she needs to leave.  Chris, please get her to listen to me. Paul, why should I? Chris, because you trust me. Paul, before I would have. Chris, there are things she has to hear. It will help her, I swear.

Catherine comes too in the hospital. Murphy and Nikki by her side. Nikki tells Catherine she fainted. Catherine says not to worry she has a lot of living left. Murray outside talking to Dr. tells him Catherine usually has a lot of energy lately she hasn't. Dr leaves. Tucker comes up Murphy wants to know what he was saying to Catherine. Tucker, we were just saying what a sad day it was. Are you thinking this was my fault? Jill and Brock arrive they want to see Catherine. Murphy won't let Tucker go in says he's worried as hell and not taking any chances.

Nikki telling Catherine about pouring the drink yesterday.

Jill at Catherine's bedside making it all about her. Told Catherine she pulls these stunts just to irritate her. Catherine wants Jill to go and take care of Nina and Philip. Sends Nikki for a deck of cards so she can beat Murphy at gin rummy to prove she is okay. Brock asks if she's going to send him on an errand too. She says she just wants to spend some time with the husband.

Brock and Murphy step outside Catherine's door. Tucker is at the nurses station. Brock, should I tell him now is not a good time. Murphy, there's not going to be a good time, he was with her when she collapsed, and I'm not going to have any more of that. Murphy goes back in to Catherine.

Catherine wants to make sure Murphy knows about her living will, that she doesn't want to be kept alive by artificial means. Murphy says that's a tough one because if the situation were reversed he would want them to do everything possible to keep him going. Catherine, even if it means being hooked up to machines, living in a vegetative state? Murphy, things change, a new doctor, a new procedure that could turn it all around. Catherine, I'm talking about a decision where there is no hope. Murphy, there's always hope. Catherine, the idea of being confined to a hospital bed, unable to move or communicate, just seems like a living hell. I want to live until I die, just like I said in my book. If I die, I want to die like I live, with dignity. I need to know if I can't make the decision you will respect my wishes. Prolonging life is one thing, prolonging death, oh please don't subject me to that. Murphy, I've seen someone pull the plug and today it still seems like the wrong decision. I don't know if I could do that. Losing you, it scares the heck out of me. Catherine laughs and tells Murphy she will always be with him one way or another. Everyone comes back in with the Dr. who says she needs a CAT scan. Catherine tells everyone to go home.

Of course Jill tells Nikki, there's no reason for her to stay. Nikki, are you afraid I'll add to her stress? Jill, damn right I am. Nikki, then I assume you'll be the one leaving since your the one that stresses her out the most. Jill, Catherine enjoys sparing with me it adds zest to her life. Nikki, yeah, right. Jill, What really raises her blood pressure is the sheer boredom of listening to your family drama, year in and year out, breaking up with Victor, making up with Victor, at nauseam wondering which of your children or step children is in jail, you have one of those erase boards in your kitchen so you can keep track of which kid is in the orange jump suit this week? Nikki, it wasn't my family who caused this it was your grandson who died. Jill, Well you got me there! Nikki, I'm sorry I didn't mean that. Jill, Chance was the light of our life, my mother died earlier this year would you like to take a shot at her too. Nikki, I'm so sorry I shouldn't have said that. Please tell Catherine I'll be back later.

Tucker and Brock talk. Tucker, I'm concerned and as her son I have as much right as you do to be in there. Brock, not if your going to get her upset. Tucker, I have no intention of doing that.  I know we got off on the wrong foot. Brock, you deceived her, you stripped her of her lifes' work in the most hurtful demeaning way possible. Tucker, we've come a long way since then, you ask her. Brock, If you and mother can heal those wounds I'm happy for you, but the family is not willing to gamble with her life. Tucker, I'm apart of that family. Murphy walks up, tells them Catherine is going for a CAT scan. He tells Tucker you can stick around for the results or I can call you.

Heather visits Owen, confronting Owen about putting the bomb in her car,  killing Chance then saluting him at the funeral. Owen is trying to blame it all on Ronan. Heather, I saw your face when he said he was FBI. You are guilty as sin. Heather, there's never been a bigger hard ass about doing things by the book, and all the while your running a drug ring. Owen, These are false charges. Heather, your on tape ordering Chances murder. Owen, its a scam set up by the FBI to protect one of their own. Heather, when I think of you suspending me firing me for bending the rules. Who's gonna rein me in now. I guess there will be nobody to stop me from pulling strings making sure you serve your time in the middle of the most hard core criminals you have ever convicted. Sounds like a good plan. Owen, good luck with that. Heather, I won't need luck, I'll have Chance looking out for me.

Heather runs into Paul, he tries to comfort her. She feels guilty because she kept Owen informed on what was going on in investigation.

Kevin tells Chloe maybe her instincts about Ronan were right and Chance's were wrong. Kevin walking Chloe through everything trying to show her Ronan might not be a bad guy. Chloe, he killed Chance and every time I look at him that's all I'm going to see.

Ronan tells Chris he's going out to get hammered. Chris, is this as close as you come to admitting emotion?

Paul tells Nina maybe she should talk to Chris.  Nina, she can write me a letter. Phillip there are some things I would like to know. Nina, okay, fine. Chris says she can't talk there now, the reporters are on the way. She has to go someplace to meet her. ??? Suspicious they are all still in the church they can't put a guard a the door to keep the reporters out? A driver takes Philip and Nina out to the middle of no where, the driver gets out of the car with a phone in his hand. Nina says this is ridiculous. She wants to leave. A car pulls up Phillip says its Christine.

Christine and Ronan get out of car. Nina what is he doing here, we didn't agree to this. Phillip why do you keep pushing him into this? Chris, I promise you its all going to make sense. Nina we shouldn't have come here. I've got a house full of family waiting for me. Ronan, you've got family right here. Nina, you may be my son which is very hard to believe, but you will never be family. Car door closes, Chance says mom,  and walks out of car. I knew it. They set it up when they met in the room.

Nikki goes home, pours herself a drink and drinks it.

Doctor tells Catherine she did  not have a stroke or a seizure. It was dehydration and exhaustion. She can go home in a few hours if she promises to rest. Tucker outside the door looking in. I can't tell if he is concerned or plotting revenge.

Heather gets appointed as new DA until next election. She asks Paul if she is crazy for doing this, the entire department is a mess. Paul, your the perfect person to clean it up. Heather, help me? I'm going to need a good investigator. Paul is taking down Pomerantz the first order of business. Heather, you better believe it. Paul, then count me in.

Esther calls Delia is upset, Chloe says she misses Chance. She'll be there as soon as she can.

Chance, Phillip and Nina all hug. Nina, Can you imagine their faces when you come home? Chance, Mom I can't come home. I'm going into witness protection, you four are the only ones that can ever know I'm alive. And that driver I'm suspicious of him. Nina, I don't understand you've made your arrests they are all in jail, whats the problem? Chris, The drug ring here has connections to organized crime all around the world. Ronan, this is just one of their franchises. There are still plenty of people to come gunning for Chance if they figure out his death was a hoax. Nina, how long, how long will you have to be in hiding? Chance this may be the last time we ever see each other mom.

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