Tuesday, September 14, 2010

All My Children Recap September 14, 2010

JR's still looking for AJ. AJ went upstairs to his room and disappeared. JR and Annie looking for him, calling his friends. JR goes to Caleb's to see if Marissa is there, tells Krystal AJ is missing and Marissa won't answer his calls. Annie finds Marissa at Krystal's restaurant. Marissa wants to know if Annie was with JR when AJ went missing. LOL She wasn't.

Krystal invites Caleb to dinner with promise of no interruptions, but not tonight she has to got to board meeting.

Angie is getting ready for the board meeting. Natalia, Jessie, Frankie, and Randi there. They all say prayer before going to meeting.

Greenlee finds out from Coroner that David was poisoned with Digitalis, lethal dose. Hum, Greenlee access to Davids medical bag, Still have Frankie and Jake with access to drugs, and Angie if she was faking being blind for the day, I still think Madison did something. Greenlee goes to jail to tell Ryan he didn't kill David. Ryan says to Greenlee, wait who poisoned him? Ryan, looks like we are both going to be okay. Greenlee tells Ryan, Bianca and Kendall hate her after she told them what she did. Tad comes in tells Greenlee he needs her. Greenlee tells Tad David was poisoned, he started laughing, then apologizes. Tad tells Greenlee there's damage control that needs doing. Greenlee says let me help. Tad, you'll speak on Angie's behalf? Greenlee, David's. I owe him. I want this hospital to be his legacy, David was a brilliant surgeon that saved my life, and I want the entire world to remember that. 

Board member, According to Dr. Haywards letter you've been practicing medicine without disclosing your condition, which could expose this hospital to untold lawsuits and financial loss, from which we could never recover. This hearing has been called to address these allegations and determine if the charges are serious enough to warrant your dismissal. Is there anything you would like to say?

Angie, There was a time when people thought being handicapped was if you were a woman or African American. I've been facing preconcieved notions all my life, but I have never ever let them hold me back. Board Member, according to Dr. Hayward you knowingly put patients at risk. Angie, Well, someone always had my back I never attended patients alone. Board member, Are you saying other Drs. helped to cover this up? Angie explains in the beginning it was only brief episodes.  Board member, but you continued to treat patients? Angie, You know with all due respect, I will never let a handicap prevent me from being the best Dr I can be, now I was infected at this hospital trying to save a young boys life, and I would do it all over again. As drs we willing accept risk to save lives, and that is what I did. Board member, When you could see? Angie, right now I'm legally blind, but I'm learning to cope with this challenge so I can still be a Dr, to be Chief of this hospital, and I would not be fighting to keep my job here if I didn't believe that with every fiber of my being, that I am still as fine a Dr as I ever was. I'm a healer, and you can take away my sight but you can never take away that.

Jake, presents letters from patients, patients family's and staff and gives his two cents. Amanda presents petition signed by hundreds of people who want Angie to stay.  Madison says she might have ended up homeless without Angies' help. Opal had problems with heart Angie saved her. Angie sees with her heart. Brot says he had a bad attitude but she didn't let that get in way. Bianca, tells how she saved Miranda. Randi says an abused hooker gets the same kind of treatment as everyone else. Natalia, talks about her mothers cancer. Frankie talks about hand surgery and how Angie encouraged him to be a Dr.

Board member, says Dr Hayward sent a letter to the board that caused concern. They ask Jake to read it. (I've put Jake's commentary while reading the letter in purple) Angie says she can't believe all the petitions and letters, she has never felt so loved. Tells them they can all leave board could take a while. They say they will camp out here if they have too. Board comes back in.The decision was unanimous pending review for condition and performance Dr. Hubbard  will remain as chief of staff  Jake, I'll tell you right now whatever is in this letter, Board cuts him off. Jake, It has come to my attention that Dr Angela Hubbards' behavior has not only been unprofessional but a potential and serious threat to this facility. She has endangered patients put the hospital at risk for multiple lawsuits and failed to honor the Hippocratic oath. That's ridiculous. Board, just read the letter. Dr Hubbard has lied about her own medical condition, a condition which puts patients in a very real jeopardy. That's just not good English.  Her lies with repeated failure to cooperate with the board, I think he means cooperate with him. threatens the very survival of this hospital.  The only threat here is was David himself. David was pathologically jealous of Angie, she had a great family, he didn't, people love Angie, deeply love Angie, he was universally hated, Angie practices medicine with respect & genius. David's license was stripped away from him I'm just saying this is trash. As part owner of this hospital I feel it is my duty to bring Angela Hubbards' irresponsibility to light and make sure punitive action is taken. Yours truly, David Hayward. blah blah blah Board says they will deliberate. I guess that's one more promise to Greenlee broken. David promised to leave Angie and Jake alone when they bought the hospital.

Greenlee arrives before board leaves and says as owner of the hospital I would like to address the board before they make a final decision. Greenlee, I understand David's concern, but Angie would never ever put a patient at risk. I know that because I was her patient, she saved my life. Whatever infractions Angie might be guilty of, there is no one that can provide the hospital with the leadership it needs, during these difficult times. It's true she and my husband were constantly at war over this place but even David would agree the most important mission here is to save lives, and Dr Hubbard has saved hundreds. Thank you.

Angie says she can't believe all the petitions and letters, she has never felt so loved. Tells them they can all leave board could take a while. They say they will camp out here if they have too. Board comes back in. The decision was unanimous pending review for condition and performance Dr. Hubbard  will remain as Chief of Staff.

Krystal & Caleb, Annie & JR look for AJ Annie sees AJ's toy truck. finds him hiding in bushes. Annie asked him what happened, AJ whispers something in her ear. Marissa and JR arrive. JR asks Annie if AJ said anything about why he took off. Annie, he said he heard you two fighting about him. JR and Annie back home. JR says Marissa says its all his fault asks Annie is he like Adam? AJ asks Marissa if he can stay with her tonight. Annie tells JR he is not his father. They look at each other longingly. Jr says he has to leave, stops at door and looks back. OH GROSS! Don't like these two together.

Madison is at Ryan's getting him clothes. Ryan walks in the door and announces he didn't do it he's free.
Ryan tells Madison about Davids poisoning says after all the people David's poisoned, its like instant karma. Madison, I'm just glad your free. Now I can prove how incredible I am. Madison and Ryan making out, Madison stops him and says they have to go get Emma.

Greenlee lets herself into Ryans apartment. No one there, she leaves a letter on the coffee table. Calls Ryans attorney to see if Ryan is with him he tells her he called Madison. There is a black jacket on  a chair. Greenlee picks it up and an empty vial of digitalis falls out. UM HUM Madison

Boy they sure made up today for the lack of nothing yesterday.

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