Wednesday, September 15, 2010

One Life To Live Recap, September 14, 2010

Bo and Nora discuss Dorian's absence. Evidently she is supposed to be there at a budget meeting. Bo, does that mean this just turned into date night. Inez, I'm sorry I'm late. Bo is confused. Inez, got a note that said meet Mr.Buchannan at The Palace for dinner. Bo, I didn't leave a note. Clint walks up, it was me. You know he is up to no good, guess he's trying to be Asa. They send Inez off with Clint.

Eli, wants Greg to be his doctor, says he has more work to do in Lanview. Greg is checking out head wound, Eli wants drugs, Greg says no they will mask the symptoms, head wound is the least of his problems. Eli can't pass simple brain tests. Said President is Carter. Greg tells him he has a subdural hematoma. Eli, I'm not going to die from a bruise. Greg, no you'll die from the build up of pressure in your skull which will cause severe brain damage, at that point death would probably be a relief. You can't take a pill and make this go away, at the very least you need monitored you could need brain surgery, a craniotomy.

Ross shows up at Todd's tells Dani, it's okay daddy's here. Ya'll know Todd is thrilled. Todd calls Bo to tell him he has a fugitive for him, doesn't get him. Dani begs him to put down phone. Ross claims to not know what was going on with Eli. Todd, somebody break out a violin, or a Ukulele. Ross, now I'm all alone. Dani, you have me. Todd, okay that's enough please get the hell out of my house. LOL I can't believe he said please. Ross, I'm not going anywhere without my daughter. Todd and Ross go back and forth over whose the real baby daddy.  Ross says laws on his side and Tea put it there. Ross, Your mom wanted you with me. Dani, How can you say that? Todd, yea how can you say what Tea wanted? Ross, I have her will. Ross gives a copy to Todd.  Tells Dani her mom knew what she really needed was to be with the one person who really loved her as much as she did and that's me not Todd.

Eli, if you insist do it now. Greg, first I need to take you blood pressure. Eli, getting out of bed, you don't need to do that cause I can tell you right now its really high from you jerking me around. Greg, your not helping this. You need to calm down get back into bed. You need to stop moving around, you don't understand its a miracle you even made it here. Eli, You don't understand I need to get on a plane tomorrow at the latest. Greg, do you know what will happen inside your skull at 30,000 feet. No.Your not getting on that plane. Whatever you need to take care of back in the states will have to wait. Eli, that's what this is all about you are trying to stop me from going back to Lanview. Eli, wants to know how long it will take to fix him up, he needs to get back to Lanview to collect. His brother is about to come into something very valuable. 

Dorian is still held up in her room. Kelly is giving her a pep talk trying to get her to go to her meeting. Kelly tells Dorian she wants her up in her power suit with spike heels in five minutes or she's the next cover story for the Sun. Shut in Mayor, shuns city complete with pictures of her wandering the house with a trail of stray kittens. Dorian, I don't have a cat. Kelly, we're the Sun do you think we're above doctoring pictures to make a point. Dorian, When did you get so relentless and heartless. Kelly, excuse me? Who turned off the phone and brought you butterscotch ice cream and raspberry vodka for three days? Both sound good, I don't know about together though.

Christian and Layla discuss wedding. Layla wants to have the wedding later. She needs to be in Paris next week, and can't plan a wedding that fast. She wants a full year to be bridezilla. Christian, truth I'd marry you in the parking lot right now. I miss Antonio, he's had a long enough break, time to come back to work. Christian and Layla are going to chat every night and see each other once a month rotating places. They get champagne to celebrate.  Layla tells Gigi she should take Chris' art class.

Gigi taking calculus, thought it would be easy. LOL  Also taking philosophy. Gigi's ready to quit. Gigi says she is a 6 pack of beer and a strip mall girl. The young kids are intimidating her. Rex says she'll regret it in ten years. She decides she'll stay in school.

Dorian has arrived at The Palace. They are discussing the budget and Dorian imagines Bo saying to Nora, can you believe my handsome young son married to that? Dorian jumps up, How dare you! But at least you finally showed your true natures. I heard you. Bo, what? Nora, what just happened here? Dorian imagining again. Bo, well at least the old bat's hearing still works, do you believe I was almost her father in law? Nora, you so dodged the bullet. Dorian that is it! Throws a drink on Nora and Bo. Bo, What the hell got into you! Dorian you don't deserve to have me in your family! Kelly comes and tells Dorian lets go. Dorian, I was just fine until your handsome son and his lying face came at me and lured me back, and he did nothing but stomp on my heart, my very soul. Excuse me what are you all starring at, I hope you enjoyed the show. To the crowd at The Palace.

Inez, that poor woman do you think she is going to be okay. Clint, hard to say it runs in the family all the Kramer women are a little loosely packed if you know what I mean. It was only a matter of time before Dorian became unraveled too.

Inez and Clint go over to Bo and Nora's table. Clint you leaving already? Nora, I'm soaked. Bo, Dorian's lost her mind. Clint, there's breaking news. Nora, I'm still trying to figure out what the hell happened. Bo, we were discussing budget numbers and she just snapped. Inez, she seemed to have a broken heart. Clint, That poor old girl. Bo, Really? Your son really did a number on her. Bo, It takes two. Clint, it only took one to run away. Clint, Bo you gotta face it David Vickers is worthless trash always has been always will be.

Kelly, you've been banned from The Palace. Dorian, oh banned from The Palace, by a former hooker and madam, how do these things happen. LOL  Dorian going back to bed. Kelly, you get butterscotch ice cream or raspberry vodka you choose. Dorian keeps reading about David Vickers online. I think Clint is posting the info. He is standing at The Palace says he's updating his My Face Page.

Kelly goes to Rex and asks him to find David.

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