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All My Children Recap, Thur Sept 16, 2010

Ryan's asleep dreaming about the fight with David. Greenlee is flashing back to finding the vial. She's holding it in her hand in the office, Bianca walks in and almost sees it. Greenlee's been there all night. Bianca gives Greenlee a box says it was just delivered downstairs. Greenlee opens box and says oh my god. Its from a storage unit David kept. Greenlee runs out.

AJ staying at Marissa's. JR tells him he bought him a new video game, I guess he wants to stay at Marissa's. Annie trying to console JR. Annie tells JR she just hopes they can be friends. Scott walks in and says it'll never happen because JR can't stand the fact that he lost you to me. JR leaves. Annie trying to convince Scott JR has changed. Scott gets a phone call, he did what?! Laughing yeah, of course he did. hangs up. So much for the family working together, JR's already coming after me. Annie what? What was that call? Scott, the first shot.

Caleb asked Krystal out. She said she was busy tonight. Tad giving him a hard time about it. Tad tells him he's been gone a long time maybe he should consider handling people a little differently.

Greenlee in park looking through the box, it has pictures of Leo in it. That would be way too cool if Leo came back! and Vanessa could come back to and be the bad guy.  Greenlee asking Leo what he thinks she should do with murder weapon. Kendall walks up, whats that? Greenlee says she needs to go. Kendall wants to know whats in her hand, Greenlee won't show her. Kendall takes it. Its the vial. I told her quit playing with that. Greenlee, happy now? Kendall, Oh my god it was you.

Ryan wants Tad to investigate someone who might have killed David Hayward. Tad, whose your suspect? Ryan, me. Tad, not a chance, I don't think you killed him. Ryan convinces him to investigate anyway. Tad, says your wasting your money, what if it goes somewhere you don't want it too? Tad says poisoning is usually the choice of women. Ryan, Greenlee didn't do this. Tad, what if it connects to you? Ryan, its better than this, not knowing. Tad, wonder if I can send the bill over to Haywards' estate?

Greenlee, this is not your problem. Kendall, I got arrested helping you so don't tell me this isn't my problem. tell me what this means. Greenlee, I don't know.  Kendall, David was blackmailing you, you would have done anything to get out of that marriage, including killing him. Greenlee, I didn't kill him. Kendall, then what are you doing with digitalis? Oh, okay you found it in his old medical bag, and you used it to spike his drink that night. Greenlee, I did not. Kendall, I mean I can understand you wanting David dead, but letting Ryan take the fall for it? Greenlee, I wouldn't do that to him. Kendall, then what are you doing with the murder weapon? Greenlee, you don't understand. Kendall, make me understand. Greenlee, leave this alone. Kendall, I swear to god I'm not leaving until you tell me. Do I have to take this to the cops right now. Greenlee, no you can't, I found it in Ryan's jacket. Kendall, OMG. Greenlee, I think he did it, I think he poisoned David. Greenlee, do you think I'm lying. Kendall doesn't think its Ryan. She wants to talk to Ryan. Greenlee talks her out of it says Ryan will go straight to Jesse.

Caleb tells Marissa at Yacht Club, when he gets his company back its going to start getting ugly with JR. Marissa, are you firing me. Caleb, no I'm giving you a chance to quit. Marissa, because you don't think I can stand up to JR? Caleb, because your going through divorce and you got a kid together. Marissa, we'll work that out. Caleb, It's not going to be easy. Marissa, you think that I don't know that. The hell that I've been through, anything will be easier. You had faith in me. Caleb, all right if your working for me, why don't you find out where that guy is that is supposed to be meeting me.

JR walks up. Caleb says he's busy. JR, big meeting with Chandlers bankers? Canceled. So I guess your not so busy after all. JR, It wasn't so hard, I just threatened to pull all the Chandler business from the bank if they took that meeting from you. You'll find the same response with the rest of the banks. See you can't go against a Chandler in this town, haven't you learned that yet? Caleb, your daddy''s name, that's all you got Junior. JR, my fathers gone, its my name now, and I call it a damn good start to sending your ass back to the woods. At first, I thought you were a nuisance, turns out your a real threat. So I'm not gonna stand around and wait for you to come after me. I'm coming at you with both barrels blazing. Marissa, walks up. What are you doing? My father is dead, our son was missing and you still have time to pick fights? JR, that's not what I'm doing. Marissa, then what would you call it? Caleb, good luck with that one junior. JR, this conversation is between me and my wife. Marissa, I won't be your wife much longer. JR, Can we talk somewhere else? Marissa, why? JR, cause I'd like to have an adult conversation without you going off on me. Marissa, well maybe you should treat people with respect. JR, you mean him? Marissa, no I mean everyone, starting with me. I'm trying to pass the bar right now, and I'd really appreciate it if I could focus on that without having to deal with you too.

JR gets call for AJ's school, AJ was in fight, the other boy been taken to hospital. Principal wants JR and his wife to come to school. JR tells Marissa he has to go to office. JR at school, principal says this isn't the first time, JR says boys fight, next hour their best friends. Principal, the other boy needed eleven stitches. JR, I see, I'll speak to AJ. Principal wants a mother father conference. JR suggests the boys don't have enough to do to stay out of trouble, talks about buying soccer field, handball courts and playground equipment. JR tells principal AJ will be fine to worry about kids that don't have fathers that care so much.

Scott reads a press release supposedly from him that he will be concentrating on the European division immediately. Annie says its Chandlers weakest division. Annie and Scott trying to figure out how to deal. Annie wants to do press release that JR is the head of waste management or that he's been drinking again.

Annie goes to Yacht Club, sees Caleb sitting there, sits down. Caleb, I've got some issues with some of your family members. One in particular. Which one are you married to today? ROFL Annie, are you still ticked off about the way JR acquired Cortlandt electronics. Caleb, Acquired? You mean stolen. Annie, steal, lie, cheat, manipulate that's JR, I'm familiar with his methods. Caleb, You and your husband are on one side and Junior is on the other. Junior took something from me. My fights with him, not with you and your husband. You get where I'm going with this? Annie, I think so. Annie evidently called Scott to meet with Caleb. Annie left. Scott there. Caleb, neither one of us can trust your cousin as far as we can throw him, and I can throw him pretty far. Annie goes back to mansion and slaps JR across the face.

Greenlee back at hotel room staring at police tape, Tad walks up asks her what she thinks happened? Says she doesn't know. Tad leaves. She's sitting on the floor with box talking to Leo again. Tells Leo if you see David tell him I'm sorry.

Kendall goes to see Ryan. Invites him to go out to eat with the boys. Kendal picks up Ryans phone to call and make dinner reservations, she's looking at something and says oh no! Kendall calls Greenlee and says meet me at Ryan's now. Greenlee arrives. Kendall lets say I believe you about Ryan poisoning David. Greenlee, why what did you find out. Kendall, I was looking for something on his phone and a list of his last few searches came up. Greenlee, and? Kendall, one of them was the night of the murder, digitalis poisoning death.What do we do now? Ryan enters, what do we do about what?

Marissa at Krystal's restaurant. Bianca comes in and says Miranda told me what happened at school today. Marissa calls principal. Principal evidently told Marissa about the bribe and that JR told them all calls are to go to him. You know he's going to say that he did it so she can study. 

AJ asks JR if he's going to tell Mommy about the fight? JR tells him to stay there tonight and mommy will never have to know. For all the problems JR had with Adam, he sure is turning into him.

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