Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Young & Restless Recap, September 14, 2010

Everyone grieving over Chance.

A man from the military arrived to speak to Nina. Sgt Goldman said he fought with Chance in Iraq. Chance is entitled to a military funeral either there or in Arlington. Sgt Goldman tells Nina & Philip how his leg was blown off by an IED, that Chance carried him 12 miles and saved his life.

Owen shows up with a warrant to search the Chancelors'.  Philip tells Owen my son will be buried with military honors. Owen, nevertheless, we are going to search his room. Guess he'll plant more drugs. Police are destroying Chances room making rude remarks like I knew Chance was too good to be true all while Nina is standing there. Jerks, Owen does actually tell them to go search another room.

Chris shows up at house again, Paul tells her to leave.

Abby calls Jack, shes freaking out says after what he did to Victoria what do you think he'll do to me? Jack, Can you imagine the headlines? Newman sisters in the same cell. LOL

Victors dissolving Abby's trust. Adviser tells him if he does this he'll be losing considerable tax assets. Victor, if my daughter gets a hold of these assets there will be nothing left to protect.  Abby shows up to see Jack and swears someone is following her. Really scared of Victor but says game on!.

Billy bails Victoria out. Victoria going to see Victor. Round and Round same ole stuff, Victor will have charges dropped if she ends her marriage. She'd better tell him to take a hike. Victor questions how well Victoria knows Billy, brings up his gambling, all the women he slept with, says how many other children has he fathered. Victoria, I do not want you near my children and you are not welcome in my home! EXIT You go girl. Hope she stays away this time.

Daniel and Lily talk. General chit chat. Then Daniel almost admits he likes Abby.

Philip tries to convince Cane not to go back to Australia.

Jill apologizes to Billy for her behavior. Said she could tell how much he loved Victoria when he made the fifty yard dash to the car. Billy, good thing the judge could keep up. I saw Victor, he thinks he did the right thing. Victoria can't get through to him, I can't get through to him.  Jill, Really, we'll see about that. Ut oh who knows with Jill.

Daniel and Abby chit chat. Daniel asks if shes scared, wants to know if Vance is giving them a family discount. Abby, Uncle Jack said he will handle my dad. Daniel, you are so screwed. LOL Jack is great but it when it comes to Victor he kind of freaks out. He might be using you there. Abby I'm using him too. Daniel, this isn't a game look what happened to Summer she almost got killed when he went after Jack. This guy doesn't pull any punches not even with family members. Jack can't protect you. Abby, I just want my trust fund. Daniel, are you sure its worth it? Abby, why do you care? Daniel, I don't, no reason. He leaves.

Philip and Chris talk. Chris wishes she could do it all differently. Philip, you can't you can't take the pain away.

Nina, the very day I find the son I lost, I lose the son I love. It's not right, it's not fair.

Catherine has been ordered to stay in bed.

Cane lies to Lily and tells her its safe to go to Australia. He just doesn't want to leave her and the kids right now.

Jill goes to see Victor. Jill tells Victor she doesn't want to see the kids, married anymore than he does, but given yesterday with Chance, I can't justify standing in their way. Victor, given the circumstances I understand how you feel. Jill, I lost my grandson I don't want to lose my son. Victoria married Billy and their pregnant, so what its not the end of the world, if I can deal with that so can you. Victor, that marriage is going to end up being a disaster, they don't belong together. Jill, but they don't feel that way and its their lives. Victor, I'm doing this for Victoria's sake. She doesn't know that now but in time she'll understand. Jill, what kind of father has his pregnant daughter arrested. Victor, I think its time for you to go. Jill, I would give anything to have Chance back and I don't know if my relationship with Philip will ever heal. Your risking the love of your daughter and grandchild. Victor, thank you for coming by Jill, again my condolences.

Victor has flashback of Victoria telling him he's not welcome in her home, looks at newspaper picture of Victoria in police car. He picks up phone calls Agent Craig and tells someone to tell Agent Craig that Victor Newman is willing to make a deal, it was I who bribed the Japanese official not my daughter.

Victoria and Billy are getting their rings tattooed on the tattoo guy turns all red in the face and starts choking. Billy, No! No! your not doing this again. Tattoo guy, Gotcha! Billy takes Victoria home carries her over threshhold.

Heather tells Nina she has been reinstated and has asked to prosecute Ronan. Nina, I hope he goes to jail for the rest of his life.

Victor finds out Vance has gotten an injunction so Victor can't touch the trust. I wondered why he didn't do that in the beginning since they were claiming mismanagement of funds. Vance calls and tells Jack, Victor can't do anything. Then Abby walks up and says she changed her mind, she wants out of the lawsuit.

Humphrey, hears something outside, Lily goes to window doesn't see anything. Someones out there, they must of followed Phillip. 

Esther, they took Chances computer. Nina, is that really necessary? Owen, everything will be returned to you once Ronan is prosecuted. Heather I'm glad your here, we may have found evidence linking Ronan and Chance to the drug ring. Heather, no not Chance. Nina, Outrageous I will never believe it. Paul, Chance is not a drug dealer. Owen,  Chance and Ronan were dealing to the inmates, and I'm going to find a way to prove it. Nina, Chance is dead why are you doing this? Owen, your other son is very much alive, and its my job to prosecute criminals. I'm very sorry for your loss. Nina, Heather isn't there something you can do about this?

Chris goes to see Ronan. Ronan, tells Chris he was cornered he had no choice.

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