Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Want A Soap Where ....

A couple stays married forever.

Soaps used to do this. You know Joe and Ruth on All My Children, Tom and Alice on Days of Our Lives, I think Edward and Lila on General Hospital. There have been a few couples over the years that have lasted. Didn't you dream as a little girl or boy to grow up and be married to the same person forever? 

The only couple I can think of that is left are Joe and Ruth on All My Children, and except for special occasions they are retired to Florida and aren't on the show anymore. 

I want my soaps to start developing a couple now, to fall in love either at first sight or hate each other first then fall in love, I don't care how they work it out I just want them to fall in love, get married and stay married forever. Gay, straight I don't care I just want a couple that stays married.

I mean the couple can still have bumps in the road, but I want them to work it out. I want that dream. For those of you that say it doesn't happen in the real world, all the more reason to have it in a soap, maybe if people have an example to follow they would work harder to stay together in real life. If people are having a rough real life, they can watch a happy couple and have hope.

Soaps aren't real! I love them, don't get me wrong. I love that there is a new episode every day and very seldom a rerun. BUT, soaps have writers, that get paid to be imaginative. So imagine that there is a couple that can work anything out and make it happen. Have the big family holiday dinners where everyone comes together and has a good day, no matter what else has happened the rest of the week.

Take All My Children for example, where's the anchor family of the show? I mean it's called All My Children. The Chandlers are spread out everywhere. Haley and Mateo are gone. You could bring them back, but I'm guessing Kelly and Mark aren't available, and its hard to imagine someone else playing them. The Cortlandt' s are all gone except Caleb. Every time the Kane women get together for a family meal its pretty much guaranteed a disaster and none of them have stay married, except Bianca whose now separated.

There's a possibility with the Hubbard family. They could have Angie & Jessie grow old together, be the anchor family. They have both been married to other people, but I could forgive that, since they have always remained in love, and their separation was beyond their control. (Well kind of) The family has a long history on the show. They have a family going now that would make for some nice family dinners. They have Frankie and Randi who could also be a couple to stay married forever, have some babies. Need to feel a little more love there, but it could work. Get Natalia married with some babies, got the new baby on the way.  They have laid some good ground work, and you have Jessie and Angie to help them through the rough patches, like when Frankie had his hand surgery and Angie gave Randi guidance. The more I think about it, the more I think the Hubbard's are a good candidate's for the long time couple and anchor family.

I think my other soaps are going to have to start from scratch. So come on my soap writers earn your keep get imaginative!


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