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One Life To Live Recap, Wed Sept 15, 2010

Rex to Kelly, You want to find David Vickers? Why? Kelly, Dorian needs him. Rex, Did she run out of holes in her head. We're not exactly best friends but even I wouldn't wish. Kelly, It would involve a trip to Europe. Rex, okay I'm listening. David is over there somewhere, gallivanting around bragging about his conquests on My Face. Rex, What does Dorian want with David? She's not considering taking him back after he left her at the altar, again. She's not that desperate is she? Kelly, of course not, I hope not, but the last thing Dorian needs from David is romance. What she does need is something way more important, payback.

Kelly, David left her in a letter, so she never got any closure. Rex, so you want me to bring him back here so she can yell at him? Kelly, that's only phase one. If Dorian can take him back then dump him, then she gets her closure. Kelly, you know the history of mental illness in my family, tonight really scared me. Rex, speaking of mental illness have you seen a shrink lately? LOL Kelly, you think I'm crazy cause I want to help my aunt?  Rex, no I think your crazy period. Tells Kelly it could cost her a fortune. Rex agrees to do it so he can help Gigi with school.

Dorian in bed reading My Face. Blair comes in she's talking to Dorian but not looking at her, she said she doesn't want to talk about Eli, but she wants to plan a memorial for Tea and have it at the house. Dorian is covering her head up. Blair turns around. Hey, what is wrong? Dorian tells Blair what happened at The Palace. Blair tells Dorian Kelly should have never forced her to go back to work if she wasn't ready, but what Blair thinks Dorian really has is post traumatic stress. Blair wants to work on memorial service as a distraction wants Dorian to help her.  Dorian says Blair can have the memorial at the house but she isn't attending.

John and Natalie are at The Palace checking Eli's room. Went to get DNA sample. They haven't found anything. Natalie says when they do they will have to make sure the DNA isn't corrupt and take it to Tahiti themselves. John, that's a great idea, but your not going anywhere. John and Natalie argue over her flying to Tahiti. Natalie says women do it all the time what's the worst that could happen? John turns away. Natalie, you know the worse that can happen, I'm sorry. You think that history is going to repeat itself? Natalie apologizes. Johns says he's being over protective, he just doesn't think she needs to be wreckless. John leaves in response to Todds call. Renee comes in to congratulate Natalie about the baby and is going on about it being half Mcbain and half Buchanan, and how proud Asa would be.  Rene talking to Natalie about Ross and Blair busting up the furniture. Said he must have felt bad because he gave me lots of envelopes with tips for the staff. Natalie, sealed envelopes? Do you have any of those? Rene has one of the maids envelopes.

Ross still working on convincing Todd and Dani that Tea wanted her to be with him. Todd tells him to leave. Dani, How do you know the will is not real? Ross, its real your mom had Eli draw it up. Todd, Oh well in that case if Eli drew it up its legit, certainly. Ross, He was a lawyer. Todd, Is that better or worse than being a killer. Todd, Just admit Rayburn this is a scam you and your brother made up. Ross says the only reason he knew about the will is because they sent him a copy because his name was mentioned in it. That's how he knew Tea died. Todd calls Blair.

Ross tells Dani now they are going to be together forever, finally gonna have the life your mother wanted us to have. Todd, how you gonna pull that off? Your wanted by the Seattle police, last I heard the Washington State Penn is not a great place to raise a kid. Dani, He's right if the cops find you they are going to arrest you. Blair arrives sees Ross. Todd explains what Ross is saying to Blair. Blair said she saw Tea sign the will. Ross, did you read it cause if you had, you would have seen you were mentioned as the emergency guardian if something happens to me. Blair and Todd agree this is a scam. Dani is getting upset. Blair says she doesn't care what the will says she promised Tea, she would be a mother to Dani and that's what she is going to do. Call the cops Todd.

Clint talks Bo and Nora into staying for dessert even thought Nora's soak and wet. Nora wants to stay for the Baked Alaska and she says Clint's trying. Inez says she has to leave. Clint blames Bo for scaring off his date. Bo tells Clint, Inez is a grown woman and can make up her own mind, maybe he'd have better luck if he didn't ask her boss to stick around. Bo pushes Nora to leave, Clint says what about the baked alaska? Bo, I don't want. Nora we could stay I'm almost dry. LOL she wants that baked Alaska.

Rex enters restaurant. Asks if they know where Vickers is tells them Kelly hired him. Clint's worried now. They say they don't know where Vickers is. Nora invites Rex to stay for baked alaska, she says its got flames. Rex, yeah, I love flames. No I can't I'm on the clock. Clint, looks like no ones getting baked alaska so I'm gonna go to. Nora looks to Bo, Flamed Cherries. She's got it bad, like a pregnancy craving. ??? What? Clint chases down Rex and asks him doesn't he think everyone would be better off if Vickers stayed gone. Bo tells Nora she has to stop feeling sorry for Clint. Then he finds out Clint stuck him with the dinner bill. 

Eli is telling Greg about the will and how he switched it. Greg, so what's the deal you two get custody of Dani, sell her back to Todd and split the take? Eli, Something like that. Greg, this isn't  an inheritance. Your playing with someone's life. Exploiting a grief stricken, traumatized young girl someone you claim your brother loves, that you love, and you don't even care. This from Greg? Eli, Don't you think its a little late for moral qualms Dr. after what you did to Tea? Greg, Tea isn't.  Eli, Tea isn't what?  Eli, tells Greg this is all making him/Greg uncomfortable he can leave and be done with him, but it would be a lot smarter to fix him up and he will never bother him again. Eli, How do I know your not just trying to stall me. Greg, first sign when that bomb inside you head explodes. Now I've got to get back to Lanview before anybody notices where I've been. I gotta pay my respects to Tea at a memorial service. Eli, I hope your not trying to play me, you know what will happen if you do.

Kelly comes home, Dorian says the only thing that is going to make her feel better is telling David off. Kelly, maybe you can do that. Kelly suggests role play. Kelly has a big pillow in front of her acting like David and Dorian throws a punch that knocks her down on the bed.

Dani can't believe Todd called the police. Blair tries to calm Dani. Dani tells her dad to run before the police get there. Ross, its time to quite running, he will never turn his back on Dani again. John arrives, Well Rayburn I don't know what you did to get away from the folks in Tahiti but I'm pretty sure it won't work in Seattle. Dani is upset.Todd tells her by the time Ross is out of jail she'll be old enough custody won't be an issue. John's on the phone looking puzzled. Todd, whats the matter John? John tells them all the charges were dropped.  Todd says he kidnapped Blair and Dani, arrest him for that. John there's nothing I can do about that.  They take the cuffs off Ross. Ross to Dani, come on I'm going to take you home.

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