Thursday, September 16, 2010

General Hospital Recap Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Johnny and Sonny still in station trying to work out an agreement. Johnny tells Claire he wants to amend his statement. Johnny leaves, Sonny's free asks Claire to dinner at his house. Clair goes to dinner. Sonny asks her if she's wearing a wire. LOL Claire eats and says she's leaving. Tells Sonny she's no longer in a position to prosecute him anymore, so there's no reason for him to try and seduce her. Oh GEEZ, she said the same thing before then was going to prosecute him for shooting Johnny. She wanted his baby now what she doesn't? She's making my head spin.  Sonny says he can think of one. He kisses her says he wants to see where they can take this. She thanks him and leaves.
Suzanne is calling Jason about Brenda. Who is this Suzanne? Is she more than an assistant? like a relative or something? Jason's going to rescue Brenda. Spinelli is calling Brenda "The Divine One" he wants to go with Jason. Sam's outside Jason's door, hears Spinelli going on about Jason rescuing Brenda and rekindling their love, trying to talk his way into going.  She says she understands Spinelli lives in a fantasy world most of the time.

Brenda is going to be on the cover of Crimson. Carly ain't happy, she thinks Jax putting Brenda on the cover is like running after her. Jax is rethinking the cover. Kate wants Brenda on the cover. Kate thinks Jax should go for it with Brenda.  Carly says Sonny, Jax and Jason all belong to her in different ways, and she will not be sharing. LOL Wouldn't want her on my bad side. 

Kate is visiting Coleman. Patrick came in, and there's Lisa, never far behind. Robin comes in and has fight with Patrick. I think Lisa is buying it. Steve comes in Robin wants his help. Robin wants Steve to play along, Steve doesn't think its a good idea. Lisa thinks Robin is trying to make Patrick jealous and that things are working out for the best.

Brenda's breaking up with Murphy.

Dante comes home brings Lulu flowers. Dante tells Lulu Sonny and Johnny worked out a deal and there will be peace in the kingdom. I doubt that.

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