Friday, September 17, 2010

All My Children Recap Wed, Sept 15, 2010

Krystal talking about David. Narration style while showing other people doing stuff. I hate this narration stuff STOP IT!

Angie learning to use cane.

Davids funeral is today.

No one grieving his loss. Okay here's a thought, David poisoned himself. Haha Jesse just had that thought too. Liza's hair is kinda all over today. She's still trying to nail Ryan. Liza tells Jesse to investigate everyone at party. Jesse, where were you doing the party? Liza turns it on him, what were you doing at the party?

Ryan's reading in the newspaper that David was poisoned. Madison isn't showing any signs of guilt. Madison is implying to Ryan that Greenlee might have poisoned David.

Greenlee goes to talk to Kendall, she tells her to leave. Greenlee says its about Ryan. Kendall says he's no longer a suspect. Greenlee, maybe he is. Kendall still mad at Greenlee doesn't want to see her crocodile tears, tell her to leave. Kendall feeling no love or pity for Greens today.

JR talking to Tad tells him its his fault AJ ran away. Of course Tad tells him it wasn't his fault. They start talking about Dixie and David.

Jake, How will we miss David let me count the ways. I got nothing, nothing. LOL Love Jake

Ryan finds the note Greenlee left. Madison thinks its odd Greenlee just lets herself in and out. Suggests Ryan, her and the kids go on vacation. Jake calls Ryan to see if he wants to come down and toast Davids demise. Ryan turns him down. Tells Madison he still has an uneasy feeling about all this, he wishes he could remember. Madison, you didn't poison David. Ryan, yeah, but maybe I saw who did.

Everyone gathering at Krystals restaurant. Jake's throwing a party. Tad says looks like everyones here lets break out the drinks and toast to the man that made our life a living hell.

Greenlee, Marissa and Krystal are having a closed funeral. Greenlee said David is with Leo, Babe, and Leora now the family that he loved. Maybe he will find the happiness there, that he never found here.

Jesse arrives at party, Liza followed him. She's getting annoying. Says to Jesse, lookie here all his enemies in one room, you gonna celebrate or do your job?

Opal, it isn't right to speak ill of the dead, but maybe in Hayward's case we can make an exception. hehe Everyone is remembering the nasty thing David did to them.

Marissa asks Greenlee if she knows who poisoned her father? Krystal, Liza and Jesse won't stop until they find who did it. Tells Marissa, come on you'll feel better if you eat. You know they are going to walk in on that wake. They walk off, leave Greenlee standing there. David's ghost shows up and says but its not over yet is it? Your afraid Ryan went to my room and poured poison down my throat. Did he do it or did he not, that is the question. Is it possible you shining white knight committed cold blooded premeditated murder? GreenLee has the vial in her purse. What is she nuts carrying that around?

Boy Liza is putting a damper on Jake's party. Tad, David took out more people in this town than all the tornado's combined. He wasn't a martyr, Liza he was lethal. Marissa comes in the door. JR, Pine Valley's a lot better off with out him. Frankie, I say we let him rot, he made my families life a living hell. Everyone continues on. Marissa yells stop it. Krystal wants to know whats going on. Marissa just lowered her father in the ground show some respect. Everyone starts apologizing to Marissa. Marissa leaves. Everyone feels like a heal now. Angie wants to say a prayer for David.

Greenlee arrives at Ryan's says she didn't mean to interupt. Madison, yeah, you said that last time. Greenlee well at least this time you have your clothes on. Ryan, What's going on. Greenlee, I'm really sorry but I need to talk to you. Ryan, can you call me later. Greenlee, it's about who poisoned David. Madison, I'm gonna go for a walk. Ryan, whatever she's gotta say she can say it in front of you. Greenlee,  I prefer to say it in private. In walks Emma, Ryan, your supposed to be a play date. Emma I wanted to make sure you were still here. Ryan assures her he will be there it was all just a mistake. Madison takes Emma to get a cookie. Greenlee, tells Ryan it can wait to have a cookie with Emma and Madison. Greenlee leaves pulls the vial out again puts it back in purse. Well Greenlee's been carrying that vial around got her fingerprints all over it now.

I'm still thinking Madison killed David. I couldn't figure out where she could get the digitalis from, but then I remembered, she lived with Frankie for a while, she could have stole it from him or she could have stole it from the hospital when Ryan was sick. As to motive? She probably has less real motive than anyone else in town, but she did bring up David trying to make her sleep with Ryan, that's real torture now isn't it. Maybe she blames David for Ryan's head injury even though that really wasn't Davids fault. I'm thinking the show will use her as a scape goat so they can put Ryan and Greenlee back together again.

There are plenty of other suspects but right now I'm leaning towards Madison.

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