Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Soaps Today, September 13, 2010

Young & Restless

I don't think the way Victoria was thrown into the car was too respectful. Ok, so did they sign the license before the vows ? or is this going to be a loop hole for Victor? Deacon always seems to get lucky when Nicks around. LOL That dress Phyllis is wearing sure is shiny! You go Nikki, tell Victor off good! Still can't believe he'd do that to his own daughter. Nikki kinda looks like she's been drinking, and like she wants too.

Boy Owen sure was quick to turn on Ronan. Nina is breaking my heart. Chance dying, whole different atmosphere on this show compared to when David died on AMC. Oh, Nina talking about Iraq & Chance is making me cry. I sure am glad Murphy is there for Catherine. I like him so much.Give it to Ronan Chloe!

Billy cracks me up, he sure isn't afraid of Victor is he. The look on Nikki's face is cracking me up. Ouch! Victor. I think Victoria needs to do the tough love thing and walk away from Victor.

OMG Cricket! First you make a play on her man, then you get her son killed. WHY would she let you help her?

Heather and Chloe friends? Just like on AMC, I'd like that.

All My Children

I want to know who Asher is already! Ok, so how did Asher know Bianca was sending the "Nerd Army"? I think they deserved a better name than Nerd Army.

I still want to know where Madison was during the party. She disappeared and she's already killed one man.

Why does Kendall lie to Zach? She knows she's going to get caught.

I nailed it! I said either someone spiked the drinks (Maybe Greenlee) or Madison did something. Maybe Madison spiked the drinks, Frankie or Jake both have access to drugs. ????????

Ut oh, AJ missing. If David weren't on a table in the morgue I would suspect him! Who's the new bad guy gonna be?

Boy not much new there today.

One Life To Live

Eli's alive, no surprise there, but I really thought that was him outside Todd's house and he doesn't look like he's that mobile right now, so Ross must be with him.

Maybe Tea got her sight back and she's wondering around.

John McBain is not only sexy, but smart too!  He is so onto Eli. This Natalie questioning is stupid, Natalie is not that naive and she's not pregnant enough to say pregnancy destroyed her brain cells.

Vivian sex talk with Destiny is a riot! Her mother asked Vivian to talk to her. Poor Shaun! LOL

Brody, what a slime you are. You needed to come clean, before you asked her to marry you! I used to like Brody, I'm losing all respect. Grow some boy!

Can't believe Ross just walks in there. Isn't there a warrant out for his arrest?

General Hospital

Claire needs to make up her mind either she wants to have Sonny's baby or she wants to put him in jail. What's it gonna be ? This back and forth is making me nuts. I say reproduce those dimples!

I said I saw a road crew worker in the background. I just thought it was Michael.

Almost feel sorry for this road crew guy.

Yea, right this truce ain't gonna last long at all.

I am still not feeling the love for this Brenda character. Seems to be pretty stupid if you ask me. Why's she keep going out alone if she knows people are trying to kill her.

I'm ready for some Max and Diane, and a girls night. But the girls are kinda a mess right now and Elizabeth is gone. Maybe Alexis and Diane can go hang with the lumberjack guys again. LOL

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