Thursday, September 16, 2010

Young & Restless Recap, Wed Sept 15, 2010

Victoria getting ready for Chance's funeral, gets a call from Vance telling her charges are dropped.

Nikki talks to Victor. He tells her he had the charges dropped. Nikki, Why did you put the blame on Victoria? Victor, Cause I wanted her to learn never to trust a man like Billy Abbott. Nikki, the only lesson she learned was not to never trust her father again.

Jack trying to convince Abby to continue with suit. Jack tells Abby he doesn't want to see her jumping through hoops like Victors other children. Abby, I won't go up against him, he's ruthless. Jack, your going to regret this when he has control of your life again. Abby, you know what, maybe now that he is on the out's with Victoria, kissing up to him will work. I can't do it your way.

Tucker, Sofia, & Neil at Gloworm  Sofia wrote a proposal about ethanol, Neil picks it apart. Malcolm walks up. Tucker says Sofia thinks out of the box, she is a risk taker and Neil has one of the finest business minds he's ever encountered. He needs the two of them to work together, has a project coming up in Miami and he wants them both on it. Tells them to play nice and leaves. Prediction Neil is going to fall in love with Sofia and steal his brothers girl, this is going to be good. Malcolm and Neil start going around, same ole stuff. Sofia pulls Malcolm over to the bar and says this is my fight, let me handle it my way.  Sofia and Neil back at table, Sofia says she won't take his criticisms personally, and in return I'd like a heads up before you eviscerate my work. Neil, I won't pull any punches. Sofia, I don't expect you to, but if you give me a chance maybe we can come up with a solution before I present to Tucker, that we both agree on. Neil who knows maybe we'll end up being friends. Sofia, yeah, I'm not going to hold my breath on that one.

Chloe at Kevin's. He's unplugged the TV said she's watched it for two days. He's going to fix her a healthy breakfast & ordered her to the shower.

Jill tells Nina the DA is crazy if he thinks Chance did anything illegal, you raised an extraordinary son, I wish I had been half the mother you were when my boys were young. Wow another moment of kindness out of Jill, she's on a roll.

Meggie brings Nikki an iced tea. Victor found out the trust fund is frozen and he can't touch it. Nikki, asks if he has heard from Victoria. Victor, not yet I'm sure I will when she hears the news. Nikki, I'm not so sure about that. Victor and Nikki leave, Megge comes in the room and picks up the class of tea that Nikki had a sip of and says what a waste, pulls a mini bottle out of her pocket and says, oh well, baby steps.  I want to know why she's doing this, I think there's more to it than she wants Victor.

People arriving at Chancellors. Vicky and Billy arrive, Billy's holding Dehlia who is fussing. Kevin and  Chloe arrive, Chloe takes Dehlia away from Billy, she waves her finger at the two of them and says this was a horrible idea. Chloe takes the baby upstairs, comes back down. Billy wants to know whats the problem here? Chloe, Victoria can't replace Chance. It's too confusing for Dehlia for her to step in and start playing step mommy. Billy, Victoria is her step mom and she's just trying to be sweet. Victoria, I understand. Kevin pulls Chloe away, she says I'm not apologizing. Kevin, I know you just need a time out. Your a little overwhelmed, you don't handle change that well, just give it a little time and it will be okay. Chloe, I hate when people always say that crap. Its never going to be okay again. It's not going to be okay.

People are telling Chance stories. Murphy says he will be buried at Arlington. Catherine thinks he should be buried in family cemetery.

Victor and Nikki arrive at Catherine's. Victor asks Vicky if she has heard what he has done for her. Vicky, yep I heard. Victor, You don't seem very grateful. Vicky, It doesn't erase what you did at my wedding, it was my wedding day, I'm not going to forgive you for that. Victoria walks away, Nikki walks up. Victor, I'm afraid my daughter isn't in a very forgiving mood. In walks Abby. Victor, I'm surprised to see you here. Abby, I came to show my respect to your friend Catherine. There's something you should know, I'm dropping the lawsuit.

Tucker arrives. Catherine tells him she's glad he's there. Esther comes in with wine for everyone. Nikki eyeballing it like she wants to attack it. Abby tells Victor she wants to work things out without the lawyers. Victor says you becoming the girl I wanted you to be. Jack in background making faces.

Jack tells Tucker, it appears we lost Abby. Tucker, yeah I picked up on that. You know Jack your co CEO of Jabot for one reason, Beauty of Nature, you promised you would deliver to me. Jack, and I will. Tucker, You talk a good game Jack. Excuse me.

Tucker goes to Victor tells him I heard you turned yourself into the feds rather than take my offer. Now your gonna pay that big fat fine. Victor, wheels always turning ole boy. I'm still in control ole boy don't forget it.

Nikki talks to Catherine about the stuff going on. Catherine asks her if she's thinking about drinking, she says of course not. Meanwhile back at the ranch. Meggie is unloading mini bottles.

Victor tells Catherine to be careful of Tucker to watch him carefully.

Tucker making friends with Abby. Tucker tells her don't give up on the Naked Heiress.

Billy is worried about Chloe latching onto somebody that is bad for her.

Esther asks Chloe to move back, Chloe yells at her. I don't want to live here, I don't want your damn appetizers, why don't you just get the hell off my back and walks out.

Jill tells Jack she used to work with Tucker, she wouldn't get to invested in Jabot if she was him.

Victor, tells Jack Abby dropped her lawsuit, in other words your attempt to get at me has failed again. Jack, after what you did to Colleen, I would never use Abby to get to you. Although I'm sure your paranoia would never allow you to believe that. Victor, maybe next time you'll listen when I tell you to watch your step. Don't ever interfere with my family they will always come back to me. Jack, After what you put Victoria through, I don't see that happening anytime soon. Nikki comes up, says her headache is getting worse, she wants to go home.

Tucker congratulates Vicky and Billy, says he's sorry she had to spend her wedding night in the pokey. Victoria, yeah, no thanks to you. Tucker, just doing business, have you thought about whats next for you? Offers her a job at Jabot.

Jill makes a really nice toast to Chance. Catherine gets dizzy almost falls in the floor.

Kevin and Chloe get back to apartment. Chloe, I just wish my mom would quit picking at me. Kevin, you should just admit whats bothering you. Chance is gone, forever, you need to grieve. Chloe, will you please just get out of my face. Kevin, wow look how mad you are. Chloe, I'm not angry. Kevin, why not you should be furious at Chance for cheating on you and Heather for seducing him, and yourself for sleeping with Ronan. Chloe, back off. Kevin, and you never even had a chance for closure because Chance was gone, and you seen his body all bloody that's gotta be haunting. Chloe, shut up, shut up, shut up. Kevin that's it Chloe cry, scream, punch a pillow, do something, punch me cause if you don't your going to exploded. Chloe, Are you happy now, are you happy. Thank you Dr. Freud. Now go to hell. Exits room.

Nikki tells Victor Abby is playing him. Victor I don't want to discuss that now. He leaves room. Nikki, no of course you don't. Nikki eyeballing the bottle of booze, pours a drink and then pours it back into bottle. Meggie in back ground watching. Meggie comes in offers to get her something. Nikki asks for iced tea.

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