Monday, July 25, 2011

Big Brother After Dark Recap July 25, 2011

Rachel Reilly and Jordan Lloyd are trying to rescue a bee. Rachel thinks it’s foot got hurt. They are giving it honey. Should you feed a bee honey? Isn’t that kind of like feeding a chicken chicken? A no no?

They say the bee has a red tongue. They are watching it eat the honey. Dominic Briones wants to put it out of its misery. It has no stinger so will die soon anyway.

Daniele Donato and Kalia Booker are in the bathroom. Kalia, I’ve done everything they’ve asked me too. Daniele, I know but he was saying Kalia is up Jordan’s butt all the time, blah, blah, blah. Obviously, because Jeff’s been making comments about you being in their back pockets.

You know they are bored when a bee is this entertaining.

Jordan Lloyd and Rachel Reilly on the couch. Jordan, just so she feels secure, so if she does win HOH she doesn’t go after Brendon Villegas or Jeff Schroeder. Rachel, I was thinking about that but the thing is that if Dominic goes she is going to be so upset with us. I was thinking about telling her after the veto any ways and we’re doing this because we feel like you guys are coming after us. Jordan, just say if I put up Jeff and Jordan it's too early and I feel like you're forming an appliance with other people. Rachel, I told her that. Jordan, and then you guys are coming after me and Brendon. Rachel, and she’s like no, you’re stupid. Jordan, well she’s already proved she’s been lying. She doesn’t feel about anybody else’s feelings she just cares about winning and she doesn’t care who gets in her way. She’s gonna get whoever’s in her way out. Rachel, exactly.

Jordan, I don’t think Shelly would make that up. I’m not here to watch a wedding or two people just to have fun for the summer. Like really?

Brendon Villlegas comes outside and tells Rachel and Jordan that Daniele Donato wants to play Big Booty. Brendon, so Adam Poch was out here when you guys went upstairs and she came out. Kalia came outside to talk to her and she was waving her arms around and all that so Adam had to have heard something. So we need to ask him straight up. Jeff, I ask him was a weird inside and he was like rolled his eyes. I said they don’t know we talked right? He shook his head. So he better spill something. Brendon, that’s what I’m saying I want some information ‘cause he really hasn’t told me anything.

Jordan, I was asking Rachel, do you think we should just talk to her after the veto and ask her where she is getting this information that we are against you? Brendon, she made it up. She just hatched this plan in her head. Brendon, she has a lot of anger she’s holding onto. Jeff, she seems adult but at time she’s very childish. Brendon, yeah because we can joke and be fun but then make fun of her and see what happens. Jeff, well yeah she gets mad and she’s always the victim. I don’t know where this came from though. Jordan, do you think Dominic got in her head? Rachel, I don’t think it was Dominic, I think it was her thinking we’re not talking game to her and we are not including her in stuff. Jeff, Brendon and Jordan at the same time, what? Brendon, you’re still letting her be the victim I told you what I thought was going through her head. I can read her like a book.

She got PO’d before the veto when we told her we did not want Dominic to win it. Brendon, no no I suspected this before that. Rachel, Daniele got really jealous when Dominic washed Cassi’s hair. Brendon, she does like Dominic. Jordan, I think she does. Brendon, she’s going to be furious when he goes home because she likes him.

Lawon Exum came out and looked at the bee for a little bit. After he left Rachel said he is the one I really don’t like. Jeff, why? Rachel, he lies about everything. Jeff, for sure.

Rachel, him and Daniele are definitely trying to work together. Jeff, I’m still confused. She didn’t think that we would talk? Rachel, she’s just planting seeds of doubt in our heads that you guys are coming after us. I thought she was doing the same thing to you. Jordan, I swear we’re not coming after you. Rachel, all you need in this game is a seed. Jeff, you also can’t believe everything you hear. Rachel, it was a good plan if it would’ve worked. But I don’t know why she would do that to us when we were totally 100% with her. Jeff, I know. Jordan, maybe she thought she could get rid of one couple then work with the other one.

Rachel, if she can get Jeff and Brendon gone then she’s in a great spot. She knows she cannot beat Jeff and Brendon. She has Dominique on her side. Jordan, she would go right through this house. He said a long time ago she’s in a great position. Jeff, I wasn’t buying that oh I can’t play not for a month. I’ll take that key. I wasn’t buying that from the beginning. She tries too hard to fast. Rachel, I was telling Brendon to be careful because she will give you a run for your money. Brendon was like have confidence in me and I have it in you guys. In this next HOH be careful because she is a fierce competitor. Porsche comes outside.

Kalia Booker has Rachel in the storage room. Rachel is telling her they have the votes and they know she is on their side. Jordan said earlier something about not knowing if they will use the POV. I don’t know who she was talking about, but it sounds like Rachel is going to put up Kalia and Lawon if the POV is used.

Shelly Moore is on the couch with Jordan Lloyd. She said I’m not here to help somebody get a dream wedding or somebody else to have an all expense paid summer vacation. Shelly, I said OK what are you thinking? And she was like what are you thinking? And I just tried to play it off you know. She kept going and then she said you realize everything they’re telling you they're telling everybody. She said I’m just telling you that to let you know as a friend. I knew what she wanted me to say so I said I know you don’t want Lawon and Kalia up. She goes nope. I say you want Jeff. She said yes. Jordan, why does she want Jeff out? Shelly, here’s what she wants. If all four of you go to jury house, that’s four votes against one. So if she breaks you two up then you will vote the way you want. She’s more concerned about who is in the jury house and who will vote for her. That seems like a legitimate concern. Jordan, how does she even know she’s going to make it to the final two? She just thinks if it gets to that point. And she says Jeff and Jordan don’t even talk to her anymore. Jordan, we’ve been I just don’t even know what to say. She’s always been closer to Brendon and Rachel. I don’t know what she’s talking about. Shelly, it’s obvious she’s close to the Brendon and Rachel. Jordan, it’s because they go to all those reality functions together. So of course they would be closer.

Shelly, I told her I don’t like talking in circles let’s just shoot straight. I was like what are you thinking? Do you think we should pair up and take them out? So then I see her running upstairs with Rachel. So I thought she was pulling Rachel in on one of her shenanigans, but you said Rachel told you everything she said. Jordan, yeah. Shelly, that’s good because I was like what is that the deal? And I said who of this week do we want out and she said I’m voting out Adam. Jordan, who? Shelly, Daniele. So this week it looks like it’s four to four.

Shelly, Project Lawon was solved today. Jordan, what? He is a T. V. attorneys assistant. He said it’s a major network and I will be shocked when I find out. He said they wouldn’t sign. He doesn’t want anyone to know. He started as a file clerk and worked his way up. I told him dude you have got to shoot me straight, what do you do. He said I told you I am a file clerk. I went OK whatever I don’t believe you, but that’s OK you can stick to that story. And like three minutes later he said OK I’ll tell you and then he said he’s a TV attorneys assistant. It still doesn’t change anything I still think 90% of what comes out of his mouth is a lie. Jordan, me too.

Shelly Moore, are they using the veto? Jordan, I don’t know if they’re going to use it are not. Shelly, and Kalia dragged her in the storage room and I was walking by so I stood there and listened to the discussion. Jordan, you did? Shelly, Kalia was like I just need to know am I going home and Rachel was like everybody’s voting for Lawon.

Shelly, I don’t understand what Danni is doing. Jordan, if Jeff goes home next week I will be so upset. I will feel better tomorrow then we will know for sure. Shelly, Brendon told me again today there’s no way, you guys are not going home. Jordan, she basically told Rachel if she wins HOH she’s putting Jeff and Brendon up. And if one of them wins the POV show probably put me up.

Shelly, well she can’t win. Jordan, she said something about I don’t know what I’m doing, I don’t even know what’s going on. Shelly, she grilled me forever about how close I am to you guys. She was like you would be lying to say you’re not closer to Jeff and Jordan. I’m like why is that a problem? Whatever. Then you have all these people running around freaked out. Why are they all freaked out? I think everybody’s goal is to sit next to one of them at the end. Because they think they can’t beat you guys and they don’t want to beat you. They think anyone against Brendon and Rachel will win.

At some point while Shelly and Jordan are sitting on the couch talking, Lawon has come and sat down on the other couch, he appears to be looking the other way but I think he’s listening to their conversation. I don’t know how long he’s been there.

Shelly, I don’t understand is Rachel just playing a role with her. Jordan, I don’t understand why everyone is being so weird. Shelly, and now everybody is freaking out. Kalia is totally freaking out. Jordan, that’s how it is it makes everybody freaked out. Shelly, Lawon is freaking out. Lawon, What? Shelly, we’re talking about everyone freaking. I’m just playing with you.

Jordan, I think Daniele is just trying to put things in people’s heads to create turmoil. Shelly, but why is she running to Rachel. Does she really believe Rachel is being loyal to her? Jordan, I don’t know. You know how that goes. Shelly, did Rachel come straight out and tell you guys what she said? Jordan, We were up there talking to her because she was kind of having doubts about whether or not we had the votes.

Daniele is running around telling a lot of people a lot of things. Rachel told Daniele she was not going to use the veto. That’s why she told Rachel she was going to put up Jeff and Brendon. I know people are going to try to get Jeff out first because he’s a guy. I told Jeff I would campaign like crazy and tell people I won I won you don’t want me here. So maybe he would stay until the end. Shelly, why is she being like that, it’s unethical. Jordan, I don’t know, it’s too early to start all that. Shelly, I just tell her what she wants to hear and then I tell you guys what I said. If Rachel wants to, why does she question whether I would change my vote? If she continues to do that I’m going to dump her. Jordan, I think because in here you hear stuff and you don’t know who to trust. Shelly, right. Good lord I couldn’t have said it any more times. Does she think I’m going to say that and then go do the opposite and look like a total idiot and liar and cheater?

Jordan, I don’t know that whole Cassi thing she was the one pushing to get Cassi out of here. I think she kind of feels desperate right now. Shelly, like she’s going to get picked off. Jordan, she’s not even a target I don’t know where it came from. Shelly, she’s gonna be. Jordan, unless somebody is filling her head and making her think that. Shelly, well the only people she talks to are Dominic, Lawon, and Kalia. Jordan, I know. Shelly, I don’t trust to tell them anything.

Daniele is in the kitchen telling Porsche Briggs that everybody in the house wants her out and she doesn’t know why. She said I think it’s because it would be an easy out. Obviously I don’t want you out. Porsche, neither does Jeff, Jordan, Brendon or Rachel. So that would be a little difficult.

Kalia and Rachel are in the HOH room trying to figure out why Shelly was listening to their conversation. Evidently there are mirrors in the storage room or the hall so they could see her standing there listening to them earlier.

Shelly was talking about how she was scared of Evel Dick. She said he told her the day before he left that Cassi was trying to get the golden key and get her out of there. She asked Cassi before she left and she told her no.

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  1. I hope dominic or adam wins the veto,and I wish that brendon or rachel or jeff and jordan turn on each other now thats a real good big brother(i mean its okay now)but it would be better if those things would happen

  2. Hi Devin, I agree. But I just finished watching the last After Dark. It's not looking good for Dominic and Adam. It appears they talked Dominic into throwing the veto and then turned on him and didn't use it.

    Jeff got left out of these plans. They ended the last After Dark with the five veterans meeting in HOH. So I haven't heard Jeff's thoughts on being left out of that other than he's mad at Dominic. But it's not Dominic he should be mad at. It should be Rachel and Brendon.

    I want Rachel and Brendon gone so bad I can't stand it.

    On one hand I see them(The Veterans) breaking up on the other hand they know how to play and what it takes to win. So they may stick it out.

    It will be interesting to see who is talking to who tonight.


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