Thursday, July 28, 2011

Big Brother 13 Episode 9, July 27, 2011

What the heck Rachel? So early in the game and you are already going back on your deals?

Oh great we don’t see enough of Brenchel now we have to watch them in the tub. Yuck!

I still don’t understand how these people can believe throwing competitions is a good idea. I mean really Dominic Briones if you win the veto there’s no doubt you are off the block. Why trust Rachel and Brendon? They’ve put you on the block twice now.

I also don’t understand Rachel, Brendon, Jeff and Jordan being mad at Daniele Donato for talking to everyone in the house. They encouraged her to go socialize to help them get votes. Now they are mad that she did.

ROFL I love this hairy legged person in the pool. Poor Jeff, Tectronics will never be lived down.

Adam has the right idea about winning the veto.

America’s Vote:

Black Licorice and blue cheese
Parsnips and prunes
Seaweed and sardines

That is some nasty there. I know Jeff Schroeder likes black licorice. He liked those black jelly beans. Since all the choices are pretty gross I think I’ll go with Seaweed and Sardines.

Okay so maybe I won’t vote the CBS site doesn’t appear to be working.

People please get Rachel out first. I don’t think I can take her in the house without Brendon Villegas again.

Shelly Moore keeps saying how honest she is and how she isn’t lying to anyone, to set an example for her daughter. She sure is doing some master manipulating. She is telling everyone’s business. It’s going to catch up with her.

The only real alliance I see in the house right now is the Jeff, Jordan, Rachel and Brendon. I don’t know what Shelly is thinking. Does she just want to get to final five? Rachel and Brendon need to go. That alliance needs broken up to make the game fairer.Otherwise they are just going to mow everyone else down one by one.

Rachel makes me want to snap her chicken neck when she swings it like she was doing talking about Daniele. Why does she bring out the ugly in me like that? I don’t usually say those kinds of things. She is just so annoying. Please let her be gone next week.

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