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Big Brother 13 Episode 10, July 28, 2011

Duo's are over! Yea!

It looks like everyone is dressed for an endurance competition. I see Brendon Villegas has his knees all bandaged up still.

I would have loved to have seen this fight live with Daniele calling Rachel an idiot.

You go Daniele! I wouldn't take the crap Brendon Villegas or Jeff Schroeder dish out to those girls either. Jeff isn't as bad, but still.

Jeff is going around trying to make everyone admit Daniele is behind back dooring him. He is hollering at newbies and its Daniele and  Rachel.

Does everyone notice how quite Rachel sits while Brendon questions everyone. She's like an abused wife that is not allowed to talk and she is the HOH. He has trained her well over the last year.

First Brendon accuses Kalia of playing both sides and then accuses her of being a floater. How can that be?

LOL Interesting Rachel is telling Kalia about how Daniele is going to stab her in the back, when that's exactly what she did to Daniele Donato and Dominic Briones. Daniele is right, Rachel and Brendon told Dominic he was safe and then didn't tell Jeff and Jordan about the deal with Dominic. I think that is what really got all this going.

I hope Dominic isn't hanging himself with this speech.

The voting begins

Jeff - Dominic
Jordan - Dominic
Kalia - Dominic Kalia I can't believe you did that.
Daniele - Adam
Brendon - Dominic
Shelly - Dominic
Lawon - Dominic
Porsche - Dominic

7-1 Dominic is evicted.

These newbies are giving the game away.  This is just sad. No spines since day one.

So Adam has a golden key. But he doesn't get his free week? That's pretty much a wasted key.

Looks like Dominic needs to put his suspenders on his shoulders to hold his pants up.

LOL Dominic, if you get Brendon or Rachel the other one is going to come after you and come after your dog and your cat... That's why I say break them up get them out now, get it over with. They'll have a much more pleasant summer.

I love Lawon Exum and Jordan Lloyd's message's.

This competition is called Big Brother Slalom.

I'm thinking we aren't going to see the end of this tonight.  I can also see Porsche Briggs or Shelly Moore trying to get the $10,000 and stepping down early.

You know it's going to start snowing on them. I see Jordan went sleeveless. She said less clothes was better because if you get wet, which they pretty much always do in endurance, you don't have all the extra weight. She was going to bring some type of Gortex suit but didn't. I wonder if her clothes are Gortex or waterproof.

They have been complaining of the cold every night. So cold and wet is going to be rough.

I think Kalia and Daniele are out for revenge, they will be hanging on for a while.

That actually looks like it would be a pretty good work out on those ski's. LOL

Big Brother After Dark isn't going to start until 1am tonight. They are really going to make us wait to see who gets HOH.

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