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Big Brother After Dark Recap July 30, 2011

The houseguests are still on lockdown. Everyone is just lying around being lazy. They are sore from the competition.

Rachel Reilly and Porsche Briggs in the bathroom. Porsche, I was thinking about it what other girl can be with her, only me and I’m still forth. I was thinking about it and if you had to pick or something. As long as Jeff would take care of us, me and you are 1,2 the strongest girls, and Jeff is the strongest guy. First off I don’t think of Porsche as the strongest girl and secondly, I’m guessing she is not winning brownie points with Rachel saying Jeff is the strongest guy. Me, you and Jordan 123 strongest girls. The next thing is a girlie thing. I think next time I think they did the we won’t put you up next time thing too. Rachel, what do you mean Daniele? Porsche, yeah I think they’ll do the same thing. I think that’s what we all said we were doing right? That's not me that's what she said. I'm not sure what she was trying to say.  Rachel, Oh yeah, yeah. Rachel understood the foreign language.

Daniele wouldn’t she thinks she can come after me again. Porsche, undoubtedly she will keep coming after you because you're her only competition. Rachel, I also understand that she thinks she is so self righteous and egotistical that she thinks she can beat me. Which can be used to my advantage. I don’t necessarily think Daniele can beat me, but I also don’t think she can’t. Porsche, but there is enough people that want her gone. I don’t know if Brendon would turn his back on Shelly Moore. I feel like she needs to go soon. Rachel, yeah I know and that's not the only one. Porsche, I know I’m going to have an uphill battle with all three of them.

Rachel, Obviously Daniele Donato knows we’re friends, that’s why she put your key in last next to mine. Jordan comes in. Rachel, do you think Jeff would cook for me too. Jordan, We can’t even say anything because tomorrow when one of you two pull yourself off, one of us is going up. Jordan, one of us for sure are going up. So it sounds like maybe Rachel and Brendon were nominated. Rachel, you guys are gonna stay over us though, which is fine we’re not going to campaign against you. Jordan, you don’t know that Rachel. Rachel, I do. Regardless and we aren't going to campaign against you guys. Jordan, no do what you have to do to stay here. Rachel, Jordan, you and Jeff are never going to get to see each other. Rachel, it sucks the whole situation sucks. You brought it on yourself you should have kept the deal with Dominic. Rachel, and who’s to say she will put you up next to Brendon. Jordan, oh I know. Rachel, to make sure he goes home you know what I mean.

Porsche and Rachel are whispering something about Shelly and Rachel says I don’t know why Brendon trusts her so much. Porsche because she’s a mother figure and guys are drawn to that.

Rachel gets to eat at midnight. It sure doesn’t seem like she’s been on slop for two weeks.

Daniel Donato and is going to bed early.

Lawon Exum is still wearing the HOH robe.

Adam Poch is in an elf suit that has bells on it. You can hear him coming. He has a red hat, elf ears, red shirt with a green jagged collar, black shorts with red jagged edging and silver shoes curled up at the toe. It’s really very cute. He is having a blast in the suit. LOL

There is beer and wine. Kalia Booker is pouring wine for her and Daniele. Adam says save her a glass. Kalia says to Rachel I thought you had your own bottle of wine. Rachel, no. Kalia, Oh I’m sorry, my bad. Rachel, I’ve been on slop for two weeks. Kalia, I thought you had the bottle you got in HOH that you were allowed to drink. She did. Kalia pours two glasses of wine and says to Porsche she was leaving the rest for Rachel at midnight. Rachel, no she’s splitting it between her and Daniele. No big deal. Kalia, no I’m not. We are taking the smallest glass. She said she wanted to split the rest with you.

Rachel goes over to Brendon. The second Porsche said she was saving it for me. Porsche didn't say she was saving it Kalia did.  She poured more. Seriously I'm not trying to be mean but there's no need for that. I haven’t been able to drink for two weeks I’ve been on slop. Not true. Brendon that’s all right she’ll get hers. Someone asked what happened? Rachel the minute Porsche said she was saving some for me she started pouring more. There’s no need to be such a b-itch. Someone said something and Rachel said I know but she was doing it on purpose. So what Rachel thinks she is entitled to more wine than anyone else just because she was on slop for two weeks? She did get a bottle with her HOH basket so she hasn’t gone two weeks without. As soon as she said something Kalia divided it to leave her an equal share. OMG. Rachel, And she gave me a look when I said it. That’s because she thought you had your own bottle. Brendon, just beat her in the competition so she can’t win anything else. Rachel, It’s mean, I haven’t been able to drink for two weeks. And she’s like didn’t you have your own bottle? I’m like no I’ve been on slop for two weeks. Rachel they were all standing there to see and hear what happened.
Jeff was going to have wine but decided to have beer after all Rachel’s whining.

Kalia is upstairs telling Daniele what happened. Kalia hasn’t even mentioned how many times Rachel came up to her and offered her food when she was on slop, knowing she couldn’t eat it. I can't count the times. Kalia didn’t even have jelly beans and jerky when she was on slop. Rachel has had jelly beans, Jerky and her HOH basket.So I'm not real inclined to feel sorry for her.

Lawon has been in the bedroom. He has the afro on and is trying different ties on and different clothes.

Adam is putting on an elf on ice show to cheer Rachel up.

Rachel pulls Brendon Villegas  into the purple room. Rachel all whiny and pouty faced, I think they’re already trying to get her votes to stay over us. That’s fine. Brendon, Jeff and Jordan? Really why do you say that? Rachel, because everyone is in there talking to them. It’s fine whatever, but what am I gonna do? Who will I roll with? I have Porsche that is it. Brendon, well it doesn’t matter. Jeff and Jordan are going to take out. Rachel, are you sure Jeff is on our side. Brendon, I’m going to talk to Jeff beforehand. If he is going to turn his back on us, the reason I am going is because we stood up for them. If he is gonna turn on us and I’m gonna go psycho. The girl who thinks she is the smartest in the game just made the stupidest move in Big Brother history. I don’t know what to tell you. We will know before I leave. Gee Rachel maybe you should consider talking nice to people instead of starting fights with them. Brendon tells Rachel to go get Shelly Moore.

Shelly Moore comes into the purple room Rachel is not there. Brendon, if I do end up going this week I have a sneaky suspicion it’s going to happen. Shelly, it’s not going to be you. Brendon, I’m not letting Rachel go. Shelly, why don’t you want to stay. Explain to me that logic because you’re so strong. Don’t you want to win the money? Brendon, I do want to win the money. Shelly, are you doing this solely for her? Because if she leaves now there’s nothing out there for her? Brendon, it’s like two fold for me. If I leave I can go back to my research. Jeff comes in the room. Brendon, I was just telling Shelly if I go you guys got to send home Daniele no matter what. Jeff, dude we are all in it you know that. Brendon, I just don’t want to go home for nothing. I just don’t want people to fall for her smooth talking.

Jeff Schroeder, let’s talk after the veto because you know it’s gonna change. So there’s nothing you can do until after the veto. After the veto we'll decide what’s right. Brendon, I just don’t want her talking to anybody downstairs.  Jeff, we know what’s right. Shelly, your bummed I can tell. Duh. Jeff, but what can we do? You can either fight like cats and dogs or accept what happened and move on. Shelly, if he goes does he go to jury? Brendon, no I go home. I thought the last ten went to jury they are down to ten right? Shelly, so one more person has to go before jury starts? Brendon, Daniele wants to split up Rachel and I, that’s her thing. Last I heard I thought Daniels target was Jeff. Brendon, she’s better she’s just bitter about Dominic going home. Oh yeah that could of changed things. That’s her way of getting us back. Jeff, if they win the veto then I go up. We knew it was one of us three for the target we knew that.

Shelly Moore, I just don’t know if you’re thinking everything through right though. Brendon, I don’t know what’s gonna happen tomorrow. Shelly, so if you win POV are you taking her off? Brendon, I'll probably take her off yes. Shelly, Brendon you’re thinking with your heart and not your head. Brendon, this one time is with my head. It makes more sense for us. Shelly, from the work perspective and getting back to your research and stuff. Brendon, yeah yeah. Shelly, which of the two of you have a better chance of making $500,000.00? Brendon, I don’t know if I stay in this game I'm still a heavy target. So I don’t know. Jeff, I think it’s all equal. Like this that I don’t wanna talk about it until after tomorrow. If you guys win we have to talk. If things stay the same we still have to talk.

Brendon Villegas, I just feel like nominations were personal. There was no strategy. You don’t know that. Jeff, how do you feel about big Jeff getting back doored? Brendon, that’s why we went to bat for you. I just wanna make sure that nobody falls for her stuff. That if I leave that she is gone next week. There is no reason for her to stay in this game. She is gonna back stabbed whoever she is with. Shelly, absolutely. Brendon, just seeing her down here. I know everyone is being cordial. It just irritates me. Jeff, maybe you live to stick around and lead the charge. Jeff, we’ll cross that bridge after tomorrow. Shelly, he is missing his journals. His medical journals.

Brendan, it’s a little bit of everything. Logically for us it makes the best sense. Shelly, I understand that from a personal perspective. It’s just for me I think you’re dynamite. Brendon, I would love to stick around and just run through these people. Kalia kick her a$$ out the door. Shelly, right. Brendon, trust me I want nothing more than that. It just makes more sense for me to go. Brendon, what I wanted to ask you is if I go please please have Rachel’s back. Shelly, I will take care of her. Brendon started whispering. I think he said he doesn’t trust them, Jeff and Jordan, because he said they’re the reason we’re in this spot. I should of just brushed them under the rug and kept Dominic and never told them what was up. You didn’t tell them what was up that was what caused all this. I feel like we went to bat for people and I don’t know if they’re going to bat for us. Shelly, I wish you would reconsider. I know without a doubt you won’t but I really wish you would. It’s a crappy situation, I feel bad for both couples getting separated.

Brendan, she makes this whole thing that it’s not personal and then makes that nomination speech. She’s just trying to get another dig. Shelly, you guys held it together good though. Brendon, we still have the POV tomorrow. I just have this feeling in the pit of my stomach. I don’t like people being around her because I don’t trust her. I just wanna make sure she goes. Jeff, we’re not idiots. We know what happened, we know what the numbers are. That’s all I have to say. We know what we went through and we know what the numbers are. They’re bozo buckets.

Shelly Moore, what do you think tomorrow will be? I know they are building something out there. They’re debating what type of competition they think it will be. Brendon, I just wanna destroy Daniele. Brendon, I wish she would just put Kalia up. Jeff, that’s why I said you just need to sit around and be cordial. Brendon, I know. I haven’t said anything to her. Jeff, believe me I know I wanted to snap her neck when she wanted to backdoor me. Shelly is laughing. Jeff, I know how he feels I was pissed. Brendon, I just can’t help but feel it was personal. Jeff, I’ve just accepted it one of the three of us is going home. What can I do drag around here and feel sorry for myself? Or have fun the last couple of days. What are you gonna do choke her? Brendon, there’s an idea.

Brendan, what makes me so mad is we’ve fought hard for three weeks and she comes off this golden key and wins a competition that is designed for someone small. There it is I knew we would hear the excuse. She wins it and now we’re up on the block. And she’s mad because I told you that you were getting back doored. And she still can even take the blame for it. That explains the switch. I thought Jeff was the original target. Jeff, she will get hers. People who act like that usually do. And we have control of giving it in so it’s even sweeter. You have to think about things even after the veto. We have to talk. Shelly, we have great chances of getting picked for veto the numbers are on our side.

They want Daniele Donato to pick Kalia Booker for the veto competition because they can beat her. Shelly, she’s sitting on her perch because she thinks she’s safe this week. Her mouth grates on my last nerve. Brendon, she talks when nobody else is around. Did you ever notice that? Shelley, I think ignoring her is better because then she doesn’t know she’s getting to anybody. Jeff, I would personally like to just pass out until tomorrow. I was ready at 9:00 o’clock.

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  1. I'm not being ugly but the first time I saw Shelly, I thought she was transgender. I'm still not 100% convinced that she's not. I don't have an issue with that and I actually know two really great transgender people. What I can't stand is how she seems to revel in her two-faced activities. I hope her daughter does not get to see this when she is older because I think Shelly will have a hard time selling the "it's all a game" story to anyone over the age of five. She's got a real malicious streak.

  2. Anonymous 08/12/11 9:28 pm

    LOL I don't think she's transgendered.

    I believe her dgt is 8 so she probably understands a lot of what is going on. I think in Shelly's mind she is not lying, which she really hasn't but she does run from side to side telling what's going on.

    It sounds like she got in fights with Kalia and Porsche today. Her running back and forth is catching up to her.

    I can't make up my mind with her if it's really bad or really good game, but I'm pretty sure it's going to catch up with her and have a bad end for her.


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