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Big Brother After Dark Recap July 31, 2011

Kalia Booker is upstairs in the HOH room talking to Lawon Exum about the wine incident last night. She said the thing that made her the maddest was that nobody said anything in her defense. Because in this house if you say something to defend somebody and then they say oh you’re on their side. You see how the smallest thing to make everyone think aligned with someone.

Kalia, I was talking to Shelly Moore last night. I keep talking to her trying to figure out if I can trust her. Where I come you don’t call a woman a bitch. You just don’t. It’s like the other day when we were all fighting and Jeff Schroeder told Jordan Lloyd just don’t say anything, shut up and eat. You can’t say anything for a couple of reasons. One you can’t interfere in somebody else’s relationship and two. Lawon, if that would’ve been me on the street. Kalia, if that would’ve been me, my boys would have rolled. You just don’t talk to a woman like that.

Kalia Booker, Shelly said you understand in this house you can’t. Kalia said I understand that but there’s some things just like you say you’re gonna go around and be the supporter and the motivator. It’s frustrating when we’re out there on these darn skis and people don’t even care enough that they. They don’t even care once the only people out there are me and Danni they just go inside. No when cheered for us. And then people went inside like they didn’t even care who won. That’s rude. At the end of the day it’s still just a game. When you do stuff like that people don’t forget that kind of stuff.

Daniele Donato is way better than me at this stuff. Perhaps once we’re out of the house and all this is over and you see who people really are, maybe it will be better. For me there are some people in this house I genuinely have no use for. They’ve just brought nothing useful but hurt.

Lawon Exum, for me with Brendon and Rachel its personal now. They tried to make it seem like I was against you and you were against me. Where we come from you don’t do that. Kalia, there is something about the way they play that is just petty and dirty.

Kalia, I realize this is the social game and you have to go out and be social with people and hope they reciprocate.

Kalia, is now discussing with Lawon how she feels like she is being targeted a little bit because she is a strong black woman. He said even when she came in from the competition after being on the skis for two hours nobody inside good job. Today after the veto competition I said to all of them good job even to Brendon after he won. I overheard Rachel saying to Daniele, you did a really good job overall you’re just such a good competitor. I respect that about you. Lawon, I heard that. Kalia, I was just like OK. I’m sorry you told me basically during the first three HOH’s what to do so that you guys would end up winning. And dumb me I listened, that’s on me. I was thinking if I go home next week would I be satisfied with the game I have played? And there is a very large part of me that would not be, because I spent the last three weeks playing under the thumb of someone to be safe. Lawon, Let me ask you this, even though we threw things to stay safe did you do it because they told you to? Kalia, yes and no.

That first HOH I didn’t want to win it. I could have sat on that banana forever. In looking back that’s what I should’ve done because if I would’ve won it would be a very different house even now. Because it that would’ve happened and everyone would have stuck to what we were going to do, one of them would already be gone. With the golf game we were in that order on purpose so it didn’t matter if I won or not. And the questions we thought it was gonna be majority rules, and they told me to just say A. no matter what I thought the answer was. That’s what got me out because I just kept thinking AAA even though it wasn’t majority rules. If it was majority rules the five of us would always have the majority. There were ways that they told me to do things so that we were always in power. Lawon, what would have happened if I would have won that competition? Kalia, you would have done what you would have done. I don’t know what you would’ve done. They have asked me that. And I really had no clue.

Kalia, while that way of playing the game is a lot easier, it’s a lot easier walking into HOH not feeling like your life is on the line like it did last Thursday. Or veto being nervous when I’m not even playing, I was literally shaking. Lawon, to be honest with you I never would have put any of the veterans up. Kalia, That’s another reason why I didn’t want to win HOH. I was in a place where I was with them but still trying to make it look like I was playing with the newbies.

Kalia, that’s why when Rachel said I don’t like floaters I was like I really don’t give a damn. There are many different ways to play this game. To you, you think it is going out and winning every single HOH, POV, every single everything and putting a giant target on your back and then getting mad when people come after you, and playing woe is me. That is your game game that’s fine but it’s not the way I’m playing the game. I play the game the way I wanna play the game and I’ve been called a lot worse so.

Lawon, that’s why I say it’s personal. They always told me they have my back. Kalia, but in their point of view we told them we had their back and so they feel like we tried to back door one of our own. So we’re in the same boat as Daniele. That’s why every time I have talked to Jeff and Jordan I have told them they have every right to be angry with me and I will never take that away from them. But that is also a part of the game. At the time it was presented to us we were told Rachel and Brendon were on board. And I said to her do you think they’ll tell, and she said know if they think about it it’s really good game play for them. That was the mistake of Daniele, she trusted Brendon and Rachel and was helping them play their game more than she was playing her own. When they looked at it they decided if they did that they would be the big target in the house, not realizing they already had a big target on their back. They look at it as we turned on them.

I’m still not sure which four are on slop. I know Brendon and Jordan are. I’m trying to see who is eating in the kitchen. Shelly is eating, Rachel got off slop yesterday.

I haven’t seen Porsche Briggs or Daniele Donato yet tonight.

Daniele Donato finally appeared. Porsche is out in the kitchen now too. They are all sitting around the table in the kitchen discussing different drinks. Is there a drink Rachel hasn’t tried? She always seems to know about every type of alcohol.

I think by process of elimination Lawon and Porsche are also on slop. Adam and Jeff are drinking beer, Kalia made a salad. Shelly was eating some kind of sandwich. Nope, Porsche is eating almond M&M’s so I’m still confused as to who is on slop. Maybe it’s not four people anymore. I still think Lawon is. He was eating the slop casserole or whatever it was Jeff made.

Shelly Moore is chasing ants.

There is still a lot of tension in the house.

The house guests have been on lock down since Tuesday. Now they can’t go out because there is some kind of music playing outside. They have to wait for it to stop before they are allowed out.

Daniele asks Rachel if she is sad that she didn’t get any questions from Julie the last two weeks? Rachel, if I go home this week. Yeah. Daniele, apologizes and says sorry I didn’t mean it like that. Rachel gets up and leaves.

Daniele is in the have not room with Rachel. Daniele apologizes to Rachel and tells her whatever happens it’s not personal. It’s just a game. Rachel says she was stupid to think she could have friends in this game. Daniele, I don’t agree with that at all.

Jeff and Jordan in the purple room. Jeff, We’re screwed. Jordan, when I asked you to talk to her did she say anything? Jeff, no. Jordan, I hope Kalia didn’t go up and tell her what I said. I didn’t say anything bad. If she leaves both of them in here she’s stupid.  Jeff, you shouldn’t talk to Kalia too much, cause it’s like telephone game she runs upstairs with a different story. Jordan, we didn’t say anything, we just asked. She just told me don’t worry. She asked who I thought should go up. I said Porsche.

I would go up if I knew I wouldn’t go home. If Brendon and Rachel asked me I would tell them. I didn’t say anything bad. Jeff, you’re right. Jordan, We should have talked to her earlier. You want to keep waiting. Jeff, what are you talking about? Jordan, you didn’t want to talk to her because she was painting her toe nails. One of us is going home probably. Jeff, Why are you getting all negative all of a sudden? Jordan, because she’s going to pick them over us. She’s going to give her some sob fricking story, and she’s closer to them and her plan anyway was to back door you. She’s going to cut a deal. Jeff, If they get Shelly, then Kalia is going to F me. I didn’t win the veto. I deserve to go home. If she wants to F me twice then she does it twice. I can talk until I’m blue in the face if she is going to do it, she’s going to do it.

Daniele is still in the have not room trying to convince Rachel she wants to be her friend outside of this game. Rachel, Blah, blah, blah. Same ole story. Rachel, It doesn’t matter I’m going home. You are making a great game move. I completely understand. I want to stay here and have Kalia as my number one. I’m sure you have your plans. We tried to work with you. We’ve all made mistakes but you don’t want to look past it. Daniele,  I really didn’t mean it that way. If I did I wouldn’t be here apologizing, because I wouldn’t care. I’m not here to hurt anyone on a personal level. It’s not Daniele’s fault Rachel’s boyfriend is in the game.

Kalia is in the purple room with Jordan telling her if we get me, Lawon, and if you are up on the block we will have Shelly and that’s four. Jordan, Do you think she will put him up. Kalia, no I don’t think that’s what she wants to do. I think she wants to get them out of here. Jordan, if he goes up he will go home. Kalia, I think that’s why she’s not going to put him up because she is afraid of that. Kalia, I just don’t know why anyone would want to keep them. Jordan, she is not going to keep both couples here. Kalia, but it’s not up to her. Jordan, if he takes himself off. Kalia, her intent is not to get rid of ya’ll, but the people in this house have to vote right? Jordan, If he uses the veto and she puts one of us up then everybody could flip and take one of us off. Kalia, I know that’s what she is afraid of, because you don’t know who you can trust. Jordan, I’d rather me go instead of him.

I sure hope Brendon takes himself off instead of Rachel.

Daniele has left the have not room. Porsche came in and said if she’s really mean she will put me up against you. Rachel, she is really mean. Porsche, she was mean to you in here? Rachel, no. Porsche, I think she really felt bad after she said it. I think she was just trying to make conversation and forgot. She went upstairs after she came out of here. Rachel, she said I really think we are going to be friends when we get out of here. I even told Kalia that. Porsche, what a b why would she tell you she told Kalia that? Rachel, I said that’s great I’m sure you and your best friend Kalia have a lot of great talks together. I never heard that. If it happened, it must have happened while the cameras where in the purple room. I’m like you’re making a great game move with your best friend Kalia. That sure isn’t what I heard. Porsche, you can’t make digs at her if you expect her to listen to you.

Rachel, even with all the backdoor stuff with Jeff, I wouldn’t have put her up. Porsche, yes you would have. Be real. Rachel, not this week. Porsche, I get it now you wouldn’t have because you couldn’t have. Porsche, if nothing else I have a bag of beef jerky stashed we could bribe Adam.

Kalia is in the HOH room with Daniele. Kalia, did she say why they decided to swap and he was going to stay. Daniele, no she said Brendon wants to talk to me. I’ll ask him then, but I think it’s obvious he has. Kalia, the better chance of winning. Daniele, yeah. That’s really true that’s why he was my target putting them up.

I think it’s weird though going from this morning from the veto, where they are walking around giving everyone dirty looks and then he’s making sarcastic rude comments to me during the competition. Mocking me for no reason. I mean literally I didn’t even look at him during the whole competition. I’m not like that, I’m not into that. Then all of a sudden they won it and they are being nice to everyone. Good I’m glad. Thank god, it wasn’t awkward down there tonight. Kalia, just try and remember a couple of hours ago they were being so mean because you are the one that is making this happen. It’s all a part of the game.

Daniele, she was being so sarcastic down there. From what I get she genuinely thinks I have no shot at winning without them being on my side, which is insulting. Kalia, but she genuinely believes it. It’s not like she is being an a$$, it’s her being I really don’t think she can do it without us. Brendon has to go sometime. I just don’t want anyone to feel like I’m attacking them on a personal level. This game sucks sometimes.

Rachel is in the purple room talking to Jeff telling him now. Rachel, just keep it in your mind when I’m gone you and Brendon have to get her out. She’s mean. She’s just a mean girl. Jeff, I didn’t hear the comment. Rachel, well Porsche, Lawon and Adam were all sitting there. Jordan comes in and Rachel asks Jordan did you hear what she said to me? Jordan, no. Rachel, Doesn’t it suck that you didn’t get to have your interviews with Julie and now you are not going to get too. That is so not what she said. Rachel, I said I guess I’ll get to have a big interview with her this week.

Rachel whispers to Jordan she thinks Daniele will put the two of them up against each other. Jordan wants Jeff to stay and win prizes. Jordan thinks they think Rachel is a bigger target than Brendon. I just feel like if Brendon leaves everyone will target you. I think Brendon will make it really far.

OMG I guess we can look forward to all the drama until Rachel leaves. NOT! I can do without Rachel's crap. I like seeing people mix it up, but Rachel just makes stuff up so she is the center of attention. That I can do without. I believe the name for that is borderline personality.

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