Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Who Killed Diane Jenkins on The Young And The Restless?

For those of you whose soap was interrupted by the President yesterday as mine was. Here is a short recap so you have an idea how long the list of suspects is.

Adam has muddy shoes.
Tucker had a leaf in his hair.
Ashley has water in her watch.
Abby was drunk and in a blackout so she has no idea what happened.

Nick has a scratch on his neck.
Victor is on his plane leaving town.
Jack is still trying to find Kyle. 

Murphy finds the body while fishing.

Phyllis calls the nail salon for an emergency fix of her nails. She says she needs her nails cleaned up right away.

Victor's plane is stopped by the police and he is arrested for trying to leave town while on bail.

Abby tells Ashley she was brain storming with Claire about Naked Heiress and fell asleep on her couch when Ashley questions her about being in the same clothes as yesterday.

Murphy calls Catherine and tells her Diane is dead. She tells Jack and Adam. Jack calls Ashley.

Adam puts his shoes, that he had cleaned the mud off of in a plastic bag.

Jack runs into Victoria at the police station and tells her. Victoria is there to bail out Billy. Jack is there to get help finding Kyle.

Jack sees Victor being brought into the police station and says you did it you killed her? Victor says I killed who? What are you talking about?

Adam went and searched Diane's room. It didn't look like he found whatever he  was looking for. The police come to the room right after Adam leaves.

Billy says he can't be blamed because he was in the drunk tank.

Victor is told his bail has been revoked and he is going to spend the night in jail. He says that ain't going to happen.

Abby runs into Ashley and Tucker at the athletic club, they are all there looking for the tape. Ashley and Tucker won't let Abby help. So Abby goes over to ask the bartender what time she left the bar.

Ashley and Tucker find the room guarded and sealed.

Phyllis and Nick do not want to release the story and have a media frenzy. ODD.

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  1. where is Niki and what is Deacon up too

  2. Anonymous 08/14/11 12:35

    Niki appeared back at the rehab a day or two after Diane was killed. I'm not sure what Deacon was up too, but he is in this mess too. He had the tape of Abby, I'm thinking he made a copy.

    I'm also wondering what Genevieve was up too. She has been after Jack, maybe she thought Diane was in her way. ??

  3. it was definitely genevieve, they need someone that has motive (lust for Jack) and someone they can easily get rid of.
    Also, Skye is alive

  4. Anonymous 08/15/11 1:19 AM Genevieve is definitely a candidate and they haven't shown anything about what she was doing during that time. At least not that I am remembering.

    I hope they don't get rid of Genevieve I like her. :)

    I agree about Skye I think Victor pulled her out of the volcano.

  5. Where is skye? Will Victor ever pay for His Crimes?

  6. Anonymous 08/18/11 8:07 pm

    You know I wondered today if Sharon's attorney was Skye with plastic surgery. Victor did hire her now that I think about it.

    Victor probably won't pay for his crimes. I guess they don't think it would be good for the show. But even Erica Kane spent time in prison. LOL

  7. I don't know who did it either. My thinking is one of the lesser known characters did it. It always turns out that way

  8. I'm thinking Patti did it right now. I think she imitated the doctor to get the meds. Or maybe the doctor lady.


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