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Big Brother After Dark Recap August 6, 2011

Holey Moley!  The nomination ceremony was yesterday. Kalia’s speech hit some nerves. There is drama, crying and fighting all over the house tonight.

I can't wait for Sunday's show to see some of the clips. Oh my!

Rachel Reilly is in the HOH room with Kalia. Kalia, you can only deal with the information you have when you have it. If you come back in the game gunning then that’s that. Rachel, I promise you Jeff or I will come back. Kalia, and I know that and that was their argument why would you put two people in the game that are gunning for you, and I understand that. If that becomes what my demise was, then I will sit in the jury house with my head held high. If you’re Jeff and up in the final two I am going to vote for whoever I think deserves to be there. I’m not gonna be well Rachel and I didn’t get along. Rachel, I felt like you would. Kalia, I would never do that I respect the game too much.

Rachel, Kalia you have changed my opinion of you 100% by winning that HOH. That speech really ticked me off, but you’re not my target. If I come back in this house you are not my target. I am mad at Daniele but I am not going to target her friend who is actually a competitor. When I was going to put you up it was because I thought you were a floater. I told you that to your face. You’re not a floater, your new, you’re playing with veterans and you’re not afraid to be HOH.

Shelly Moore is in the purple room crying. If two people that when you guys go back and watch. Jordan, no we don’t mean that it’s just that it’s just all this stuff is going on. Shelly, everyone’s giving them all the power saying we’re just a bunch of idiots. Jordan, no I didn’t mean that. Shelly, I’m not mad at you Jordan. Today is just very frustrating. Everybody is ridiculous. It’s ridiculous I’ve never seen a bunch of people act like three year olds. I know seven and eight year olds that act better than this. At my work I'm the boss and people don’t act like this. At home Tony is the boss and I don’t act like this. And then Jeff picks out my name and he’s just like Shelly. I knew right there that he just thinks, it is just stupid. Jordan, all my god Shelly. Shelly and, I’m tired and done I don’t care. I’m tired of listening to every one yell and everything else. It’s a bad day all the way around. But to suggest that I would try and not guess the stuff. I’ve never seen a f’ng yam in my life. You can see what I eat. I don’t know that the yam is a sweet. I don’t put a spice on anything or anything else. Jordan, I know. Shelly, for him to suggest that is crazy. I would love to know who he’s listening to. Porsche?

Jordan Lloyd, would you come back there and talk to him. Shelly, I will in a little bit. Jordan, do you want me to tell him to come in here? Shelly, no. Jordan leaves the room. She goes out to the kitchen and tell’s Jeff that Shelly is crying to go in and talk to her. Jordan didn’t listen very well Shelly just said she didn’t want him to come in there.

Jeff Schroeder walks into the room and says Shelly you are such an idiot. Shelly, no I’m not. Jeff, Would you stop. Shelly, would you go eat. Jeff, no you better stop. You have to understand we are upset. We have to know where she is coming from. We love you Shelly. Shelly, that’s great that you guys are upset. You guys are giving in to Daniele and all the power. You guys are giving up. Jeff, are you crazy? Shelly, no. Jeff, we are not giving up far from it. Shelly, now you guys are running around and telling everyone that everyone is her minion, and for you guys to suggest in the food that I’m scared of her. Unbelievable! That’s reaching for the stars. Jeff, I’m not giving up. I’m making other people open their eyes. That’s what I’m doing.

Jeff is talking with his mouthful so I can’t understand what he said. Something about what happen with the food today is the only thing I said. You said shoot you straight so I did that’s all I said. Shelly, I appreciate that you’re shooting me straight. I have no problem with that. I’m shocked that you even believe that were things that. Especially since the beginning I’ve been the Trojan horse to go in and get the stuff and play on their side with the sole intention of getting you two to the end. That’s kind of stupid. I would think she would wanna get herself to the end. It’s stings just a tad just accept that.

Jeff, I accept that. It was nothing in the terms that we are questioning where your heart is. Shelly, I know. Jeff, no you don’t you’re lying. Shelly, no I’m not. There are a bunch of freaks in here. Jeff, and I’m stirring up everything so people open their eyes. This has got to stop. Jeff, there is no reason why Porsche shouldn’t be up there this week. There is none. Shelley, you guys can go talk to Kalia about that because I am done talking for everybody else’s behalf. I can play selfish I can go out there and win $500,000.00 and for myself. I can scratch, claw, and throw people under the bus. I can play these people’s games. Jeff, right but you’re not going to do that and neither am I, so we both know we’re kidding ourselves.

Shelly Moore starting to cry again, but the two people from the beginning and before I even got in here. Jeff, your emotions are getting the best of you, we never questioned you. Shelly, dude Jeff. Jeff, why would I be in here BSing you when I just said I'd shoot you straight. Shelly, that’s cool. Jeff, what’s cool? Your emotions are getting the best of you. Shelly, your emotions are getting the best of you, when you start believing other people. Jeff, I’m not believing anything. I just asked you, I can’t ask? Shelly, you absolutely can. You are entitled to that. That's no problem at all. Jeff, listen no one’s questioning you, I’m not questioning you, I don’t care about anyone else that’s questioning you. Shelly, nobody else is. Jeff, that’s fine. I don’t care about anybody else. I care about me and you, and I care about Jordan. I don’t care about anybody else to be honest with you. You are like Jordan, you’re getting there, to that breaking point. And me too I’m not questioning you, trust me. Shelly, I know. Jeff, no you don’t because you’re feeling and you are not looking me in the eyes. Shelly, I have looked you in the eyes. Go eat your dinner. Jeff, this is my dinner. Shelly, that’s right you’re a have not too. I forgot. These people are weird. Jeff, they are what? Shelly, it’s just different in here. Jeff, It’s a lot harder than you thought huh? Shelley we’re with you. We’re never ever ever going to break that trust. LOL. Jeff wants to pinky swear with her.

Jeff Schroeder, I’m going to start saying stuff so other people realize. Shelly, That’s great. You guys have got to stop giving them all the power though. Jeff, who has the power? Me and Rachel aren’t going anywhere this week. What do you think we’re dumb? Shelly, Rachel is a wreck and you guys are attached to her, which detaches me. Jeff, I told you earlier I’m done with the pep talks. Those are over. Shelly, she’s up there right now offering everything. Jeff, let her. They are voting her out anyway. I already told her today. She thinks I’m being mean ‘cause I said give me five minutes. Can’t I be PO’d for a half hour? Shelly, she doesn’t listen. She doesn’t listen when you say leave Jordan alone. Jeff, I know. Shelly, she doesn’t understand what anyone says and that’s fine. Jeff, I know. Trust me 100%, Rachel is coming back. Shelly, I know that the show wants train wrecks. It’s ridiculous. Keep putting more train wrecks in here. Jeff, that’s fine it takes the target off of me and you. Jeff, I know I’m not the target. I know I’m going to when the veto, and I know whoever leaves is coming back. Shelly, I believe that 100%. Boy are they going to be surprised if Dominic or Cassi walks in the door.

Jeff, you’re not going anywhere. We’re protecting you. Shelley, I’m not worried about going anywhere. I’ve done everything I can think of to do. You guys will see if I’m not worried. Jeff, I’m not worried about it. I’ve told you that. Shelly, I’ve told you from the beginning I wanted to have control of both sides so that the three of us can get to the end.

Jeff, For me I want Porsche out of here. I can’t put a finger on, you know what I mean. She hears a story and she goes and tell’s it and it’s completely the wrong story. Shelly, right. Two days ago she went in there and told this whole story about me not being on the Dominic train. You guys know I went in there and told them I was with them. Then she goes up there and makes up all this stuff up to Kalia. That’s what I got grilled about earlier today. Which I could care less, but Porsche is just whatever she is. People in here are just different. Jeff, that’s it you just have to understand this is a game. Don’t let it get to you. It does get to you. Trust me for an hour after the game I was pissed. You have to have your moment and then get out of it. Shelly, I’m out of it. I seriously am. I’m ready to go do whatever I need to do. There is nothing to do. It’s boring, we can’t go outside, there is nothing to do. Jeff I know but you’re mad at me. I don’t want you to be mad at me. We never broke from you at all. I asked you that question because it was on my mind. That is it. I said the same thing to Adam.

Jeff, People are who they are in here. If they’re that good of an actor they belong on the other side. I play this game with integrity and I make friends. I want to play a good game and take the bad guy out. That’s how I play and you don’t always win. But I’ll tell you one thing I will go down fighting playing the good game. What I did last time a good guy won. Jordan won. That’s what I’m fighting for. That’s what I mad about. Shelly, right.

Jeff, I would do the same thing for you. I don’t mind going down. If you win this game I don’t mind going down. Shelly, sure. Jeff, don’t yes me. Shelly, I’m not. Absolutely I’m not a yes man. I have done everything I can to play both sides and keep people happy. I’ve tried to keep Jordan off the block and not up as a pawn. I don’t want her up as a pawn. Jeff, I have 500 other questions in this game and you are not one of them. From how people do their dishes to how they put their fruit away, you are not one of them. Shelly, you should ask those questions and get your answers. Jeff, for what? What does that do? You can’t in here. Shelly, Oh yeah, right. There are a lot of people that are not normal in this house. Everyone was normal the first two weeks but. Jeff, I told you. That’s the game, that’s how it is, if people didn’t get this way it would not be on. It wouldn’t be a game. It’s an emotional train wreck.

Shelly, there comes a point when you think these people won’t make it in society. Their biggest aspiration is to walk across the yard in a bikini. Jeff, that’s true. Shelly, I have way more aspirations than that. Jeff, so do I.

Rachel Reilly is still up in the HOH blowing smoke to Kalia. Rachel is telling Kalia how much she respects her as a competitor again. Kalia has told Rachel basically if she doesn’t show her butt, she will go farther in the game. I think that is every female in the house that has told her that now. Kalia says she will not put Jordan up because she said she wouldn’t, she gave her word. Rachel is trying to convince Kalia to put up a floater to send home assuming she or Jeff wins the veto.

Rachel thinks someone is coming back in the game. Kalia, Julie said whoever gets voted out has a chance to play the game. Rachel thinks if the right person is evicted, they are coming back if the wrong person gets evicted they are not. HUH? Kalia is going to make her moves on what she knows. Not what might be.

Rachel, is upset because Daniele Donato hasn’t even apologized for sending Brendon home. She says it was a personal stab in her heart.

Daniele Donato is in the purple room talking to Shelly now. She is telling her about how she hit bottom in the DR over everything including her dad. She said it’s hard when people are judging you and they don’t know the back story. Shelly, it’s weird how things in this house affect you. In the real world I’m the boss. When Tony comes home he’s the boss. I know my role. You get in here it’s a bunch of type A people going after each other. But not even for the right things.

Kalia Booker comes in the purple room. She leaves then Porsche comes in. Porsche, I heard you were sad. Shelly, I’m fine. Porsche leaves. Daniele and Shelly are discussing how this season is different from others. Shelly, you have two people in this game that have people to their left and their right and know they can trust that person. Nobody else in the game has that. So no matter what they get told they are going to question the other person.

Shelly, Because I didn’t hear someone on my team say canned yams. I threw it. Daniele, who said that? Shelly, that’s how it was. Daniele, wow. That’s when Rachel and I got in the fight. Because I wasn’t trying to start anything I just asked if we are allowed to talk to the contestants, because that seems like cheating, and it’s not fair if you are shouting out the answers. They were like whoa, whoa, whoa. I’m like it’s a valid question. Shelly, all I can see is (she imitates someone mouthing words) candied apples? I had no clue what was going on. Bottom line is they thought I was scared of you so I threw it. Daniele, What? That’s ludicrous. Shelly, I have never seen a yam in my life. Put sweet potato up there. Daniele, it’s amazing how much power I have in this game. Apparently I run everybody. Shelly, take it while you can. I was insulted. Daniele, that was insulting. Shelly, yeah I want to eat slop all week and not eat.

Shelly, it’s hard if you don’t eat a lot of foods. I’m like its orange maybe it’s a carrot. Everyone in the whole yard knew what a canned yam was except me. How did yours taste? Daniele, like cat food. Shelly, you sucked it down though you got it down. Daniele, it was disgusting. My stomach hurt so bad. There were two meat things up there corned beef and liverwurst. Once I knew it wasn’t the corned beef I knew it must be the liverwurst. I wouldn’t even give that to DJ, my cat. She must be proud. It was disgusting.

Daniele Donato was mad because Lawon Exum got more food on him than drinking it. It was one of those competitions where they mix stuff up in the blender.

Daniele, the tension in the house is so thick. It’s nuts. Shelly, No doubt and when we sat down for that thing. I was like oh my gosh this is not happening. I was nervous. Daniele, imitating someone, just to spice things up a little bit. They both start laughing. Daniele, do people like you really exist? Shelly, Porsche looked like she was going to run from the table. Daniele, I feel really bad for her. Shelly, she was scared. Daniele, whispering something. They tried to tell her before and now she feels used. But she still wants to be nice to her. I don’t know I feel bad for her. I’ve said this numerous times, if she takes the Rachel out of Porsche I really like her. Shelly, I seriously have questions if she has a clue. She is just lost. Daniele whispering something. Shelly, you could just put strings on her. She imitates a puppet. Daniele, and literally that is going to mess up everybody’s game because you never know what’s going on. Shelly, if somebody like that makes it to the end I’m going to throw up. Daniele, but at the end wouldn’t you rather be sitting next to someone like that? Shelly, I would rather be sitting next to two strong people that did something.

The house guests are unlocked down again.

Kalia, I had a really good conversation with her. Daniele, I had a really good conversation in the DR telling them if she ever touches me again, no I’m one being dead serious. They’re going to tell her (she’s whispering again) I think she said they’re going to tell her she has to keep her distance between me and her. I’m like OK. They’re like just blah blah blah. I’m like I’ve never been in a fight I don’t plan on starting now. I’m just saying. Kalia, I’m hoping from the conversation I just had with her that will stop. I really hope it does. Daniele, I really don’t care. I don’t think it’s going to work Kalia because you are not the first one to talk to her, she hasn’t listen to anyone else. Daniele, I find her to be a really disgusting human being in this house. I say in this house because I don’t touch her outside.

Kalia Booker, I have been just trying to think about playing this game smart. I keep thinking about someone coming back in the house gunning. She swears if she leaves she won’t come back gunning. Daniele, she is also telling people if she gets voted out she is not coming back. Kalia, I think there were pieces of that conversation that were genuine. Daniele, she is coming after me. Kalia, probably. Daniele, not probably.

Kalia, that was my goal from the beginning. I want Jeff to be mad and to win the veto. I cann't tell him that until after the veto. He is only going to play in it if he thinks he is in trouble. Daniele, we will fix it, everything in this house is fixable.

Now if Jordan is in the have not room crying to Jeff. Jeff, now we shoot it out and I’m the bad guy. Jordan, and then she said that to me before the competition. And then when that happened and you said that about the yams, and in my mind I’m like she did she didn’t try. I even said that in there. Jeff, I am going to say it again in there. How did she not hear me? She heard me. She didn’t want to do it. I don’t know. What if she is playing us? And you are getting played right now and you’re crying. Jeff, talk with her. I just had a talk with her and she is fine.

Jordan, do you think I acted bad today like a four year old? Jeff, you were a little lippy today more than usual. No you are never lippy. Whatever you can have an opinion too sometimes. You’re fine. You don’t always have to be quiet and a good girl. You can say what’s on your mind sometimes. Everyone else runs around the house like they own it. Why can’t you say something once in awhile? You are fine.

I wanted to talk to Kalia when she came down, but she’s all happy now. Jeff, Kalia or Rachel is? Jordan, Rachel, I thought she would come down stairs all crying and she was like I talked to Kalia about you being the replacement nominee. I’m like I could care less if I’m the replacement nominee, because I know I’m just the pawn to get somebody out. Jeff, I hate when people talk on my behalf. Don’t talk about me. I don’t care if it’s for me or against me. Don’t talk about me. You are not a replacement nominee. Did you set that up Rachel? I fricking hate that. You know what I’m going to evict myself for you. Get out of here. I hate when people do that. Jordan, it pissed me off. Maybe I’m tired, just being immature and stupid. Jeff, you are fine. I did though with my key, I wasn’t going to say anything but I had to say it. I was like you say it. You know with that key, I don’t even know why he put my key in there. I know it was bad but I don’t care and I’m not apologizing because I didn’t do anything wrong, and I know she is not admitting to it. I’m not sure what that is about. Jeff, right. Jordan, about you. Jeff, Let everybody do their thing and that’s it. Rachel came in.

Jeff Schroeder is excited about the catfish. He said it is bomb diggity. He will eat it all week. These lights are the only thing I have to complain about.

Kalia Booker and Adam Poch up in the HOH room. Kalia wants to talk to him about the veto competition. Adam if its prizes… Kalia, I know people are going to go after the prizes. Kalia went to the bathroom and changed. She came out with a wipe for her face. She said she spent the whole day crying so she is pretty sure she has no makeup left on her face. Kalia really wants Adam to play the veto the best he can. She gives him a pep talk. Adam doesn’t think there will be a lot of prizes because they won a grill today.

Rachel, Jeff and Jordan are the have nots. Rachel is doing a video diary to Brendon.(talking to the camera) Jordan and Jeff are chiming in about how Rachel didn’t win HOH, they are all have nots and things aren’t going to well. Rachel cried 18 times today and tried to quit and Jordan blew up at somebody. Cruddy disappeared today. Daniele is not playing in the POV tomorrow.

Rachel was going to reenact the fight between her and Daniele, then Jordan got called to the DR so she didn’t do it.

Porsche Briggs and Lawon Exum is in the HOH room. Kalia is telling them they have to play for themselves not for anyone else. Jeff and Jordan are not going to split the money with her.

Evidently Jordan and Rachel were fighting outside while Kalia was trying to make up her mind who to nominate. They when Kalia was making her speech she said people were laughing and interrupting. She said that’s not fair. The week Jordan was nominating people she had to get the lines feed to her 6 times, she was very clearly nervous. Can you imagine if people laughed in the middle. Porsche, isn’t Jeff. Kalia, yes he also laughed on something that was very serious. He evidently made a comment about Kalia’s family and she told him the people up here, my family would be absolutely pissed if I didn’t do something because you bullied me.

Kalia starts talking to them about her conversation with Rachel. Kalia, I told her if you were this person like you are right now…. You are just so filled with emotion and you do things that make people think you are just that catty. Because she was upset about the catty comment. I was like I can give you examples of why people feel that way. Porsche, right after she was fighting with Daniele. I said this is exactly why you are on the block. Porsche, that was unbelievable, that was embarrassing. Kalia, that was weird. First of all, you have to be very careful with that. First of all obviously you cannot put your hands on someone else in the game. But you only come in someones face like that when you are going to kiss them or fight them.

Lawon, you weren’t down there when we were sitting down, before you came down there. Evidently Rachel went and got up in Daniele’s face and said hey best friend. That’s why I told Daniele I respect her because. Kalia, I would have clocked her. Porsche, I think if Daniele would have picked her words wisely and said something after. I think Rachel would have swung first. Kalia, you saw Shelly grabbed her and pulled her into the purple room because she really thought they were going to have a fight. I told her just go in my room. Then when I saw Rachel following her up, I was like girl don’t you go in my room. Lawon, that wasn’t right.

Kalia, that’s the thing if Rachel gets to final two. People can respect your winning competitions, but they cannot respect that part of your game.

Lawon, I told her last night. I’m going to remember what you’ve said to people. Kalia I told her that’s the thing about this game. There is a word that starts with C everyone thinks it’s about competition. It’s not it’s about character and if you have both that’s a winning combination.

They start talking about how the veterans think they are all floaters. Kalia, yeah then you step up and they blow their lid and act like a fool. Lawon, you weren’t in there when Jeff was like I give you your props man you stepped up today. I felt like saying to him, what do you mean, I have played this game since I stepped foot in this house. It may not be the way you guys play the game, but guess what I’m still here. One of ya’ll vets is out the door.

Now they are all discussing the different ways to play the game, there are no rules on how you must play.

Then they started talking about the food competition. They talked about Daniele questioning the rules. Kalia, there is a difference between saying taste it is it salty and giving someone the answer. Lawon, yes he did he said candied yams five times. He said it. Kalia, I never heard it. Then he said later on I gave Shelly the answer why did she throw it?

Porsche, Rachel took all the blue bandanas to guarantee they were all on the same team. Clearly that worked out well for them. Now they are all have nots.

Daniele and Shelly were not happy about having to wear dresses in the competition. Daniele said that’s the third time this week. Shelly was afraid she was falling out of hers. She said she’s never worn a small before.

Jordan is back in the have not room with Shelly crying again. I just told her you have everyone else in this house following you. She said you’re not going up. I said if she puts Porsche up against Jeff. Jeff is going home. And if somebody comes back that’s three. Then during the have not competition her arrogance and cockiness, when Jeff was trying to help you and she said I don’t think you can say that. It’s not really cheating because you can’t smell it or anything.

It ended there, wow what a night! Like I said Sunday should be good.

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