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Big Brother After Dark Recap August 5, 2011

The house guests are still on lock down. They are ready to get out of the house.

Kalia Booker has gotten the key to the HOH room. Oh my she is crying like a baby.

Rachel hardly said anything at all, then as she was leaving the room she congratulated Kalia on her win. She told her she was glad she was a competitor and apologized for saying something two weeks ago.

Everyone left the room except Daniele and Lawon. Daniele, oh my gosh she apologized for saying that two weeks ago? She said it yesterday. Rachel has made so many comments. I’m not sure which one they are referring too.

Daniele Donato says Shelly Moore told her she is in a better place than she thinks. Everyone was coming after Kalia but she saved herself. Daniele says you know by everyone who she means. Daniele Donato is disgusted by Rachel Reilly. Daniele told Lawon not to leave someone alone.

Evidently Jeff said to Porsche, it’s you and me going up. I didn’t hear that, but Daniele is telling Kalia that. Kalia said people are mad she won.

Kalia thinks putting Shelly up would be a disaster. Daniele, your idea is not bad. Kalia, What happens if Rachel wins and takes herself off the block. It’s not so bad that Jeff goes home. Daniele, that’s what I’m saying but who do you put up? And don’t forget about the twist too. And then the two options that I said it’s probably one of the other. Kalia, them coming back to play, or them coming back to play in the competition? Daniele, no get voted or compete to get back in. Either way one is beneficial to one and one is beneficial to the other. The vote you know that’s a shoe in for one. I think we should not worry about that. Just play the game as is.

Kalia, I’ve thought about this a few times my deal is with Jordan not with Jeff. So unless she is HOH I think he would put me up in a heartbeat. Daniele, Well apparently. Jordan wasn’t smiling either she was furious. You saw her. Kalia, When I talk to them I might try and play the emotional card. Daniele, what do you mean? Kalia, their reaction to last week’s HOH and this week’s HOH makes me extremely nervous. Daniele, the only thing is if Rachel gets voted out and he does stay you want him to think you are on his side. Kalia, are you sure it was them that wanted me out? Daniele, Shelly said everyone. Could it be more obvious from the look on their faces? That was bad game play.

Kalia is going to tell Rachel that she is putting her up because she was coming after her, but this way she gets to compete for the veto. Tell her she is a good competitor and give her the same lame speech she gave her.

Kalia, I’m really annoyed if that is the twist. I wanted it to be something behind the door this week. I wanted something really game changing. Daniele, We’ll have to see if’s it’s only one person who has a chance to come back. At least it’s not Brendon. It’s none of them, that would have been yuck. Isn't she going to be surprised.

Kalia, Shelly said to me what are you doing for yourself? Because she’s protecting herself up there. She’s making sure she is being taken care of next week. You are not.

Kalia, there is a part of me that is really disappointed in Jeff and Jordan.

Kalia, their goal was to keep putting me up until I got knocked out. When Porsche put up Shelly and Jeff and Jeff got knocked out by Shelly. Daniele, you would have known that question anyway right? Kalia, yeah. Daniele, that was easy. Kalia, maybe they weren't paying attention, because I knew the answer to every question. Daniele, that’s what I told you, you listen for keywords. Kalia, is glad she didn’t have to say their name there was just a button to push.

Kalia Booker and Daniele are talking about Rachel again. Kalia, I was really surprised at how sloppy her game is. From day one, it is the thing I was shocked about. Daniele, she was the first one in jury it’s not like she’s a really strong player. She makes good TV. She wasn’t a dynamic duo. Kalia, that’s what I’m saying that she plays that card I’m such a strong player. But I’m like you suck at this game. Daniele, here’s the thing. What everybody does when they come back in the game for the second time is they do the same exact thing. Listen to yourself Daniele. Daniele, Lawon needs to step it up. Not to be mean or anything we can drag him to the end. It would be nice just to have somebody to help.

Kalia, how can she be so mean? We kept you so you can be in the jury with Jeff like you wanted. Now that’s not all you want. Daniele, shocking. Daniele starts talking about how people don’t care about anyone other than themselves. They don’t pay attention that’s why they didn’t know the answers. Don’t you find it weird to Jeff and Jordan don’t keep in touch with anyone else from the show? You have to remember this is a game. To them when it’s over its over. Kalia, that’s the thing that’s really hard for me I'm very guarded but once I’m your friend and once I’m looking out for you, I will until I die. I don’t care if we have a falling out. Daniele, that’s the thing, this isn't real friendships. Kalia, that’s what’s hard for me.

Kalia, I hate to say I told you so, but it’s like when we tried to tell you when you wanted to keep Dominic those people are not your friends and now look. Not only are you out but you have an alliance with us because you hang out with us. It’s so ridiculous.

Jordan is trying to motivate Rachel and cheer her up.

The have nots are now allowed to eat and have hot showers but they still have to sleep in the have not room. They are not happy about that.

People are still missing things from the house. Porsche told Daniele she found some of the stuff in the have not room that Rachel was stealing. LOL

Daniele will speak to Rachel and be cordial but she isn’t going to be nice to her. She still hasn’t apologized to her.

Rachel just came in the HOH all smiley. Kalia is holding a conversation with Rachel. Daniele is just sitting there. Rachel pointed out no guys have won HOH yet and there are only three guys left. Rachel asks Daniele to leave so she can talk to Kalia.

Rachel is blowing a lot of smoke about how much she respects Kalia for winning HOH. Last week in jury she wouldn’t have voted for her. Now she will. Kalia almost won last week’s HOH too.

Kalia, Daniele and Lawon are pointing out to Porsche how Rachel and Brendon quit talking to her. Porsche says she doesn’t even acknowledge that I just stuck my neck out for her. They tell her in the next day or so she’ll be talking to you again cause she wants your vote.

Rachel, Jeff and Jordan are discussing how Jordan told them back in the beginning how Kalia was smarter than she let on and no one believed her. Rachel says she can’t win physical competitions. But yet she was just congratulating her for doing so well in the competition two weeks ago.

Jeff is telling Rachel and Jordan they have to watch their mouth. Jeff says he was wrong by saying the competition was stacked in Daniele’s favor.

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