Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Big Brother After Dark Recap August 2, 2011

Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas are discussing their wedding and honeymoon. Boring!

Daniele Donato is working out. Rachel is now working out. Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd are in the kitchen. Jordan is eating.

Jeff and Jordan are talking game but it’s kind of hard to hear over the running water. They are doing dishes. Jordan said someone was out there crying earlier. Shelly told them everybody loves you guys. They are talking about how Kalia likes whatever Daniele likes. Jordan thinks Brendon using the veto on Rachel was a bad idea because Brendon would have lasted a lot longer than Rachel. Brendon told Jordan the four of them need to talk. Jeff says after Brendon leaves they are going to have to listen about him from Rachel every other word.

Shelly hollered at them from the bathroom. Evidently Rachel was the one crying earlier. And Shelly yelled to Brendon and Rachel in the hammock that America loves you guys. Jordan says the only thing she can think of is that Brendon thought he would have a better chance against someone else than Rachel would. Adam came in, saying Rachel is going to be coo coo for cocoa puffs. He doesn’t think she will be able to concentrate to win the next HOH competition. Adam Poch asks about Porsche. Jeff says he would knock her out next. Jeff says Porsche scares him because he dismisses her in his mind and she is still here. He forgets about her.

The Jordan is talking to Kalia Booker to assure she has her vote. Kalia tells her she does and that she also has Lawon’s vote.

Porsche Briggs and Adam Poch are going to do some kind of interpretive dance for Brendon and Rachel. Porsche said they were told in the DR they had to downgrade it. I guess they are having a bachelor party for Rachel and Brendon.

If I wasn’t blogging this for ya’ll. I would have fast forwarded an hour ago. LOL Very boring tonight.

Some how they got on the subject of how many times Rachel and Brendon have sex a day. Rachel said usually three. Jeff, sometimes I just like to watch a good movie. Kalia, some people multitask.

They have been calling Adam Poch Cruddy the Elf.

They have set Rachel and Brendon in two black chairs in the back yard. They go to commercial. They come back Brendon has a police cap on. Everyone is laughing. Porsche is in a hooded swim suit and Adam has striped his elf suit off and is in his drawers. It sounds like they tried to do the dance to Single Girl.

Lawon tells Rachel they weren’t allowed to do it any longer. Rachel, why the music? Lawon, yes. DOG, You are not allowed to talk about production. Rachel, tomorrow is the white trash wedding. I mean trashy wedding.

Jordan, Adam was so cute, he was such a good sport. Porsche yeah both of us.

Adam has taken the elf suit on again to do a cannonball in the pool. I didn’t think they were allowed to take the suit off except to sleep.

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