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Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew Season 5 Episode 6 "Family Weekend"

Family weekend is usually pretty interesting. The previews certainly looked interesting.

Michael Lohan is talking with Dr. Drew and Dr. John Sharp. Dr. Drew calls Michael's ex fiance and tells her she must go into treatment in order to attend the group. Dr. Drew tells Kate Major she can attend the family weekend if she commits to going into rehab. So basically she can say she will do it and then not go. She still has to show up clean or she can't get in. 

Day 14 8:30 am. Dr. Drew explains to the group that the families are liable to start unloading on them. They load up in the van to go to Pasadena City Hall to meet their families.  Dr. Michael Farinha, Dr. Drew's colleague is also there.

Jeremy Jackson's sister Taylor and mom are there. Taylor says they share the same depression and she worries all the time that he is going to accidentally kill himself.

Amy Fisher refuses to say anything. Her husband Lou stands up and says that is part of her problem that she cannot overcome this shyness this inability to break out and be herself as just displayed now. Dr. Drew says that is a psychological mechanism that can be pretty complicated and that they will address that.

Kate Major stands up and says she is Michael's sometimes girlfriend. She starts crying and sits back down.She admits that she has her own issues in that they both need to get better.  Michael's mom Marilyn is sitting there, shaking her head no. Kate says Michael needs to get control of his anger, that she doesn't want to beat him up but, that there was physical stuff that went on.

Rena, Jessica Kiper's sister stands up and says she thinks her sister is selfish. It's always about her. Once she moved over here (I guess she means California?) At seventeen she almost disinherited everybody. It's not fair that we don't get to know who she is. She claims that her friends are her family. Jessica denies ever saying that. Rena says that's how you make us feel.

Dr. Drew explains to the sister that the alcoholism has caused her to isolate probably out of shame.  The sister doesn't think that's it, she thinks it's more than that. Dr. Drew says they will discuss that more in a one on one situation.  

Jessica and Rena meet with Dr. Drew and Dr. Farhinha. The sister is talking about how they only see her at family reunions. They argue back and forth about that and Jessica ends up saying Rena has problems too which Rena denies.

Jessica tells Dr. Drew she has a USO tour in Singapore to do when he asks her if she needs further treatment. Dr. Drew of course doesn't think this is a good idea. Rena tells Jessica her nieces and nephews love her. Jessica says that's why she doesn't off herself, because of her brother and nieces and nephews.

Jessica did not want to talk about her dad. That makes you wonder what's up there.

Dr. Drew and Dr. Farinha meet with Lou and Amy. Lou says Amy won't even speak on the phone a lot of times he wants her to be able to function by herself without him. Amy says it's hard for her to open up. She has told Dr. Drew a lot of things that she has not even told her husband. Lou says she is stuck because of a consequence of our relationship I've lost a lot of work. Dr. Drew is surprised that their relationship has affected his career. Lou says a lot of clientele do not want to be associated with Amy Fisher.

Lou says I want you to help her recognize the mechanisms that set off anxiety, or loneliness or sadness and help her deal with that. Dr. Drew explains that it's much more complicated than he imagines.  He says it sounds simple when you say it like that but it's not.  I am seriously getting the control freak vibe off of Amy's husband. Dr. Drew says it's clear Lou is also part of the problem. There are some unhealthy dynamics in their relationships that we're just starting to uncover. I see control freak, enabler, and blaming her about his business. I wonder how often she gets blamed for his career or at minimum feels guilty about it?
LOL, The look on Dr. Drews face when he looks at Dr. Farina as Amy and Lou walk away made me laugh. It was like what pot of worms did we just open up? 

Dr. Drew wants to speak to Kate to make sure she is going to go to treatment. Kate tells Dr. Drew she has been in treatment before but did not do the aftercare.  She was addicted to prescriptions and stopped those, now its alcohol and Klonopin.

Dr. Drew asks what is the nature of her and Michael's relationship. She tells him she is trying to give it another chance. Dr. Drew tells her she needs to take care of herself first. He then asks where she is going to live. She says we live in West Hollywood, I am going to move back in there, she just wants to make sure it is a healthy relationship. Dr. Drew doesn't think that sounds right. He tells her she should not have a relationship or make any changes for year. Kate says but I love him. Dr. Drew says he doesn't care, that's crazy before she has been treated. She needs to focus on herself, get treatment and get better. Kate says she doesn't know how to tell him that. Dr. Drew says he'll tell him.

Dr. Drew tells them it's like putting two angers together it won't work. Michael agrees they should do the plan. It looks Kate is going to follow through with treatment. Good for her.

It's the evening of day 14. Kate went into treatment.

Jessica is telling Will Smith and Jennifer Gimenez that she feels like she should go through with the tour, because she is the main person and people have already bought the tickets. She doesn't want to let our Troops down. Will is trying to tell her why she shouldn't and she gets up and walks away. She calls and cancels the tour. The person on the phone was very supportive and told her take care of you.

The patients and family gather at Happy Trails Cafe and Garden in Pasadena on the second day of the weekend. Nikki McKibbin a prior patient and success story. Also an American Idol contestant is going to sing with the video they are showing. These video's make me cry every season. Nikki is almost three years clean and sober. Yea!! Nikki.

They are sitting down eating and Jeremy Jackson's sister Taylor says to Amy Fisher. Yesterday you were like Jeremy didn't tell me you were rehab best friends, and I said no, because you didn't introduce yourself as Buttafuoco face shooter. WOW! Lou Amy's husband, now don't say that, that's not nice, it's disrespectful. Taylor, it was silly. Lou, It's not silly, it's stupid. Now I showed respect to your brother and mother, show respect to my wife. Taylor, Oh I definitely do. I love her. Lou, Don't say things like that, it's very hurtful and offensive quite honestly. Taylor, I didn't mean to be offensive at all. I thought it was a sweet funny joke. Lou, It's not a funny joke. Amy, lets go sit somewhere else. Jeremy, don't worry about her. I wonder if Jeremy has been calling Amy that and that's why the sister thought it was okay.

Dr. Drew is getting ready to speak. He addresses Amy and Lou because they have gotten up from the table. Amy says she can't sit over there anymore. She starts telling Lou, why are you pushing me. You're pushing me and I'm going to fall over.

Taylor is now starting to hyperventilate. Jeremy and Taylor get up and go to find a paper bag. Amy tells Lou she doesn't want to sit with these people. He gets to go sit back at the hotel and she has to sit with this insanity.

Dr. Drew goes to Jeremy and asks what happened. Jeremy said she got embarrassed. She made a little joke to Amy Fisher and her husband didn't take it very well and jumped down her throat. My sister made it in a flippant endearing way. I wouldn't call that endearing.

Jeremy goes to get a chair for Taylor. Lou comes up and says do me a favor, be careful how you talk to my wife about the serial killer bleep. I didn't hear anybody say anything about a serial killer. Jeremy, did I say something. Lou, you said something to her that's got me very upset. Jeremy, what did I say? Lou, you said something like hey Amy how's it feel to be a serial killer something like that. Just be cool about that. It's my wife and I take it personally. We have an understanding on that? Jeremy, that's your issue dude. Lou, it's my issue, it's going to be a big issue. Dr. Drew is coming over. Lou, turns and tells Dr. Drew I don't want him insulting my wife with the serial killer stuff. Lou, nobody's insulting your beautiful mother or your sister. You would take offense if I did that. Jeremy, I'm comfortable with my truth and I pray you get comfortable with yours. Jeremy starts to walk away. Lou, I'll kill you you mother f**er.  He wants to pick on somebody let him pick on me. Jeremy has gone back into his sister who is still breathing in a paper bag. Lou, I'll kill him. I'll kill you where you stand.

Dr. Drew, please don't get into it, we don't want that. Lou goes and sits down next to Amy. Bai Ling comes up says to them, I've been telling her not to take it personal. Lou, don't start with me, I'll tell you right now. Michael Lohan goes over and tries to say something to Lou. Jeremy walks by saying lets drop it, I don't speak idiot. Dr. Drew is trying to calm everyone down. Jeremy's mother goes into the room where Taylor is sitting and tells her to call the police.The guy threatened to kill Jeremy. Lou is still screaming if he wants to pick on someone let him pick on me. I'll kill him. I'll F'ng bury you right where you stand. Dr. Drew is trying to get Lou to stop. Dr. Drew, think about that. We don't want that kind of trouble for you or anybody. Lou, yelling smart ass over there.

Steven Adler is explaining to someone at the table that she is a murdered that she shot somebody in the head. That's why she's famous. She did shoot someone in the head but they didn't die so she is not a murderer. Amy is explaining to Michael what happened.

Lou is still over there screaming and saying he'll kill him. Dr. Drew finds out Taylor and Jeremy's mom are calling the police. He told them security is on the way. Dr. Drew comes out and tells Will Smith PD are on their way with a full swat team and everything. They went and called the police.

Lou, you let them attack her when I'm around, lets see how fast they are going to attack. They aren't going to attack so quickly.  Michael can we just leave it alone for now. The police are arriving outside. Lou, I'll make it worse for him if he starts with my wife.

A police officer goes up to Will Smith and says we got a call about somebody making death threats. Will says I don't know let me find out. LOL

To be continued. Are you kidding me? Of course they have the threat on film. This could end badly for Amy's husband. I suspect it isn't his first dance with the law with that temper. Will Dr. Drew keep him out of jail or will the police hall Lou away because the threat has been made and it's on film?

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  1. Taylor Jackson is such an idiot! She is so desperate for attention that she has to start drama. She is an ugly rat and I cant stand her!

  2. LOL Tell us what you really think.

    I don't know what possessed her to make that comment. I can't figure out for the life of me why she would say something like that, and then to say it was endearing. ????


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