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Big Brother After Dark Recap August 4, 2011

Let the fighting begin! Sounds like a pretty good fight happened before After Dark came on.

The boys are playing pool. Jordan has packed.

Daniele Donato and Kalia Booker are in the orange room. Daniele is not in a good mood. Something happened earlier tonight. She said she is not angry or sad. Kalia is going to grab either pictures or popsicle's to slide under the door to Daniele after the lights go out. It almost sounds like something was taken and they are out for retaliation. They are talking about hiding lemons or oranges I think in Porsches bag.

Daniele don’t you think it’s weird she is hiding out in her room and he is out there playing pool on their last night together. Kalia, she was hysterical she is probably asleep. He is probably out there trying to save face just in case.

Daniele Donato, They put everybody in a bad mood. Everybody just wants it to be tomorrow. Kalia, I wonder if this is how it’s going to be once he’s gone. Is she truly going to fall apart or is it going to be fire. Daniele, she cannot have over a week in here or she is going to be ready to go.

Kalia, I could always take my lamp. Daniele, then you’d have to take all of them. It can’t just be one thing it has to be all of them. They may just be thinking of stuff to take to throw people off.

Daniele, I was so mad today I was shaking I'm not that kind of person. She was calling me a liar saying I never wrote that, that I made it up to get to her emotions, that’s what the whole thing was. Kalia, that’s like something she would do. Daniele, or because somebody did something she wished she had thought of. I’m sorry some people can actually be nice to people in this world. Kalia, with no hidden agenda, just to be nice. Kalia, no words can express how happy I will be when she is out of this house.

Jordan, she was yelling against her. They said she was yelling this is what happened in the in my season then was just like really mad. Jeff, no offense but with an attitude that you think everything is against you and bad in your life. Everything bad and people are gonna be against you because that’s what you believe. If you believe everyone is with you and you are positive and that’s what’s gonna happen because that’s what you believe. She won’t be happy until she fails because she expects it. Everyone is not against her. That’s not reality, she just thinks it. That’s what’s gonna make it so hard to keep her in this house.

Jordan, Kalia told me the other people in this house want to put her up next week. Don’t tell her that. Jeff, they might just be saying that. Why would you want to get rid of a mental case? I’d want to keep that. Because she’s going to make you insane. Jeff, the reality is she needs to snap out of it she has an HOH to play. I hope she hits the button and walks out the door with Brendon, she probably won’t because she didn’t last time, but one can hope.

Adam has walked up, Jeff and Jordan are playing pool. Jordan, I think Brendon used the veto on her because he thought he was going to stay. Jeff, he thought Daniele was going to put me up. That’s the story I heard. Jordan, who told you that? Jeff, a little bird. And Rachel knew she was getting the veto. Jordan, so that was an act? Jeff, that’s what I hear. I wonder who told him that because Brendon said he wasn’t telling anyone although we did see a clip of him telling Rachel last tonight, and they had talked about him going home so he could do his research to Shelly. But as far as I know they didn’t tell Shelly that he was going to use of the veto on Rachel after he told everyone he was going to use it on himself.

Jeff, did you hear that Cruddy? Adam, I heard something earlier that he was going to use it on her but then I heard he wasn’t. Jeff, yeah. Jordan, how could she have cried that fast? ‘Cause she has a water works button. Adam, he told me he didn’t decide to do it until that morning. Jeff, that’s what he told me to. Jordan, he asked me who I thought was going up and I said either me or Jeff. So maybe he thought you were going to go up. I don’t know. Jeff, that doesn’t matter right now, what matters is Rachel needs to get it together. Jordan, I think I honestly she’s not even going to want to be here if he’s gone. She has to quit thinking that because one of us has to win tomorrow, or our alliance will keep decreasing and we can’t lose anyone else. I’m kind of concerned everyone is assuming Jordan will stay. There have been some really strange moves in this game and I’m not convinced Shelly, Lawon and Adam are voting for Jordan.

Here comes Rachel and Brendon out to the back yard. I’m not sure if they stopped at the table or headed to the hammock.

Porsche Briggs is inside frying slop.

I wonder if when Adam came in the house he imagined leaving with the nick name Cruddy. LOL

OMG I can’t take it. I have to fast forward past Brendon and Rachel’s crap. I can’t take how much he loves her and how wonderful she is.

Jeff and Adam are on the couch whispering about back dooring Daniele. Adam asks Jeff if Daniele wins the veto would she pulled Kalia off. Jeff, Maybe, maybe not. Adam, if she does do we put Jordan up as a pawn again? Jeff, against whom? Adam, Lawon. Or put Porsche up I keep forgetting about her. Jeff, do you have an issue with her? Adam, I don’t have an issue with putting her up no.

Now Adam and Jeff are discussing things they’ve counted in the house and the order things have happened. Shelly Moore has come out and sat down. Jeff soon gets up and leaves.

Shelly and Adam are talking about being a foursome with Jeff and Jordan. That makes me feel better about Jordan staying. Adam is talking about if he wins HOH putting up Kalia and Rachel and telling Rachel she is a pawn. But after today he doesn’t know how true of a statement that will be. Shelly, right now she is a vote with us so we probably need her one more week. Unless you got something going on on the side.

Jeff is back out on the couch. Adam is telling him how if it is majority rules tomorrow if they all answer the second answer they will have the majority until they’re down to four people. Rachel and Brendon come over.

Okay so I said earlier I would check Brendon’s knees on After Dark. His knees have no bandages or scabs on them. I guess it was sympathy, maybe be padding, but I’m going with sympathy because his knees look fine.

Daniele is telling Lawon Exum what happened earlier. If you guys would have seen her when she came up here. Daniele imitates Rachel with a smile on her face and that snake head thing Rachel does. I’m like what! I’m sleeping. I’m like what and she’s like I can’t believe you blah, blah, blah and then she’s saying how I questioned you. I can’t believe how you would use somebody’s emotions like that and make her cry. How dare you! Kalia, that’s when I heard was the how dare you. Daniele, that’s when I go I’m sick of you. You disgust me. She kept going on and on and I go get out of my room, I don’t even want to see you. That’s what I told her. I’m not kidding you. I was over it. I go I’m over you get out of my room. She was like fine, I’ll leave it’s your room and she stormed out. That’s when I went outside. I wonder who Daniele made cry I thought it was just Rachel, sounds like two of them were crying. That is probably the most angry I’ve been in this house. And then Brendon coming over, I was like let her fight her own fights, she starts them all. Kalia, literally let her fight her own battles cause she does start them. He won’t be here to fight them anymore.

Daniele, I always wondered why he said you are not allowed to talk game unless I’m around. It’s because he has to do all of the cleanup for her. I would’ve liked to have seen her storm in the DR like you said. I told her why do you care what I wrote in my blog? My blog has nothing to do with you. You wrote yours, let me write mine. How can you use a nice gesture? Kalia, I’m telling you she doesn’t know how to genuinely be nice in this house. She just doesn’t know. She only knows how to do it for personal gain.

Daniele’s Blog was not posted yet when I looked. Rachel told Lawon she is not good at questions. Daniele, she is lying to you. She is too good at questions. Lawon, what is Shelly doing? That is what I want to know.

Lawon, today was a day. What did she say? Daniele, she was calling me a despicable person. Lawon, You’re playing the game despicable yeah that’s what she said. That’s how it’s played the game? Daniele, yeah she called me the manipulator and everything else. The best part was when she said honestly I don’t like you. Did you hear me? I was like am I supposed to go upstairs and cry? I don’t think I’m going to lose sleep over it. I told Kalia I should have said just because you didn’t get questions the last two times you were HOH don’t cause scenes just so they have to make another clip just to cut out my questions. Cause we all know Julie Chen wants to talk to me. She would have had a heart attack. I’ve literally never been mean to her that’s what bothers me. To each their own. Lawon, Do you think that changed Shelly’s thing? Do you really think she is on board with us? Daniele, I don’t know where Shelly is at. I just think this helps because she sees Shelly is a liar. I like Daniele more and more every day!

Jordan mid sentence, splitting up. I was like really you guys are engaged and live together. We never see each other. Jeff, I’m not comparing. It’s just whatever. Jordan, I’m just saying and then he said I don’t know what you guys heard but we were not throwing you under the bus. I’m like the yeah but Shelly wouldn’t lie about that. Shelly has everyone snowed. I haven’t caught her lying, but she is certainly running back and forth between both sides. Shelly just looked at me and rolled her eyes.

Shelly is sneaking up on the hammock where of Rachel and Brendon are laying. She did this the other day to scare Kalia.

Rachel and Brendon are discussing the fact that they do not trust anyone in the house. Brendon says that at this point Jeff will do anything to win. Rachel says he doesn’t respect her. Wow that’s hard to believe after the way Brendon treats her. Brendon, he doesn’t respect women. Rachel, I think that’s true too. Brendon, like when that thing with Daniele happened he was just ripping into her, going off on her. He’s picking his nose again. Gross! Rachel, what’s bad is when someone is afraid to throw you out because of your temper. He’s talking about Jeff. I think Brendon’s temper is worse than Jeff’s. Shelly is almost under the hammock. Rachel, I’m scared of it that’s why I don’t think I can work with them. Rachel just figured out Shelly was under the hammock. Shelly was poking her, but hitting her mic pack. Rachel, how long were you under there? Shelly, it was just me trying to cheer you guys up. After Shelly leaves. Rachel, that was not funny. Brendon, she did that to Kalia the other day. Rachel, and she just heard everything we said.

Rachel is telling Brendon how she’s not gonna try in the game. Big Brother doesn’t want competitor’s in the house or they would have cast more. She’s just going to lay around and sleep all day and act like everyone else is doing. Brendon says just don’t gain 35lbs. What an a$$!

Rachel has told Adam and Shelly that Jordan is a bigger threat than Brendon. I don’t understand that because Brendon is a physical threat and the chances of Jordan getting voted to win again after she’s already won are pretty slim. Brendon, agrees that is the best plan she has had because it’s less stressful for her and either way she goes to jury.

Shelly just came running and nose dived over the hammock. Brendon thanks Shelly for cheering Rachel up.

I'm still not convinced Shelly has a rod in her back. I don't think she could do some of the stuff she has done. Unless maybe it's at the top of her back ??

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