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Big Brother After Dark Recap August 1, 2011

Earlier today in the house, the house guests started making Rachel and Brendon wedding attire. They made Rachel’s dress with white trash bags and the boys suits with black trash bags. Kalia Booker has found something to make a crown veil. They are still working on these.

Now they are eating and playing games in the back yard. They are also trying to get alcohol.

They got alcohol.

Jordan Lloyd is talking to Shelly. Jordan, I’m going up.You don't think Kalia and Lawon will flip do you? Shelly Moore, absolutely not. Jordan, because I heard Brendon tell Jeff that if she doesn’t keep Rachel and she’s gone I’m coming after her next week. Shelly, she already knows that, she knows he’s coming after her. Jordan, Oh OK. Shelly, Kalia absolutely swore on the Bible that she would never put you up or vote you out. Jordan, that’s really sweet, but remember how you said when we got two singles you can’t be afraid to put them up. This is the best time to do it now. Shelly, he’ll be next? Jordan, yes. Adam Poch comes out to the couch.

Adam Poch is sitting on the couch the dark sunglasses on, a cigarette in one hand and a beer and the other. LOL He's the evil elf.

Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas just went into the HOH room with Daniele. Brendon, so um we just kinda wanna see where you’re at, what you’re thinking? Daniele, what are you guys thinking? You are the ones with the power right now. Brendon, so I am going to be using the power of veto. Daniele, so I heard. She told me yesterday. I’m just wondering what made you change your mind? Brendon, I kind of feel like at this point I will get further in this game. Daniele, that’s what I figured. Brendon, so I think it’s a smart move for us. So that being said for you at any point considering still wanting to work with us at all? Why the heck which she want to work with you and what’s this us business one of you are gone.

Rachel Reilly, keeping both of us in the game? Daniele, it’s kind of out of my hands now because I don’t have a vote. Rachel, you have the power to put someone on the block that would go home. Daniele, like who? Rachel, what are you thinking about? Daniele, I don’t know. I kind of have two people in my head. Its hard right now because I feel like no matter what I do I’m going to make another enemy. I have two people in my head. But I really don’t know which way I’m gonna go because of that reason. I don't wanna make more enemies in this house because that's the last thing I need right now. She can’t tell them anyway that’s an HOH rule.

Daniele Donato, what were you guys thinking? Brendon, putting up a floater like Lawon. Is he nuts? They really just think she’s stupid don’t they. Daniele, I don’t think they’d vote him out though? Brendon, you don’t think so? No Brendon she’s not stupid. Rachel, not over me? Daniele shakes her head no. Rachel, Who wouldn’t vote him out? Daniele, I think a lot of people wouldn't vote him out. Rachel, Jeff, Jordan, Brendon and we need one more vote. We can work on that. Daniele, the only problem and I am being completely honest is I’m still in the same spot as last time only worse because I’m the jack hole that screwed everybody. Rachel, but you have this in the game.

Brendon, if you were to do this and keep us both in the game it would pretty much be a clean slate. Key word there being pretty much. Are you willing to is starting over start fresh? Even if you’re uncomfortable with that are you willing to make a one week deal? ‘cause I promise you I am going to win HOH next week. If it’s a quiz I still think between her and I we have a good shot of winning. Seriously you’re trying to convince her to keep you both right? When are you going to learn that threatening people probably isn’t the best strategy? Even if you wanna do that I’m still willing to do that. I still haven’t abandoned the idea of the three of us working together. At this point I feel like there are a lot of people that are going to play the game for themselves. Duh! That's the point of the game Brendon. Still even with people saying things and being on sides. Daniele, aren’t picking sides. Brendon, yeah they’re all going to tell us exactly what we want to hear. Rachel, and there are definitely floaters in this game. So.

Brendon, I feel like this is the same exact time point that we’re reaching last year with Matt and Reagan. Where we can all go to battle with each other all four of us, we can go to war with each other. We’ll probably take each other out and then look at who is going to be at the end of the finish line. We really do have a chance to reset here. That would mean her keeping you two and her trusting you. I don’t see that happening. Brendon, if you were to do this and put somebody up on the block that really is not legitimately going to get her voted out that’s going to be a big thing. A big demonstration of trust. Why should she prove her trust to you? You guys are the ones that went back on the deal with her. You wouldn’t pull Dominic in so that she had a partner and could play fairly against you and Rachel and Jeff and Jordan. It’s all about you Brendon and she can see that. 

Daniele, I think if I put you up next toLawon you would still go home. Rachel, why do you think that? Daniele, because people don’t see Lawon as a threat. OK I’m waiting for it Rachel to say put Kalia up. Rachel, I know but Jeff, Jordan, Brendon that’s three votes. Does Rachel not think Adam and Porsche will keep her in? That’s five votes, that should give her the majority so why is she even concerned. Rachel, we only need one more. Brendon, I think we can swing one more for sure. I’m just trying to remember Daniele’s deal with Jeff and Jordan. They agreed not to put her up next week if she didn’t put them up, but I don’t think she asked them to vote in her direction in exchange for that. Which means Jeff and Jordan could still vote to keep Rachel in. It doesn't sound like Jordan’s going do that but I’m just saying.

Rachel, if I go home and you take that chance and put up Lawon Exum there still a good chance that, I mean if I go home Brendon is still gonna be true to your deal because you put up Lawon. Brendon, yeah, as long as you're still not telling everybody to get her out. Okay I’m nominating Brendon and Rachel worst negotiating skills ever. Brendon, I think Lawon is somebody that everybody would still vote out, you would still be in a good position, not really making anyone mad, good with us, Jeff and Jordan would be back on your good side too. At this point we can all still work together and takeout people that don’t need to be here. Clueless! She’s already back on Jeff and Jordan’s good side and her game isn't to takeout floaters. Rachel, it’s really the best spot to be in, I think. Because you don’t get any one upset, Lawon doesn’t have anyone to come after you and we’re guaranteeing you whatever you want basically. And we have great chances of winning HOH’s and POV’s, you know that. OMG ROFL We’ll give you whatever you want but we’re going to be in control. Smooth Rachel.

Brendon, I’m not gonna lie if she goes home I’m gonna be upset. I will be in the same boat you were with Dominic. I’m going to be upset just like you were with Dominic. I’m going to want to go to war and I’m going to fight hard and I’m going to fight as hard as I can. Sending you home will vindicate sending her home but how is that going to farther my game?

Daniele, like I told Rachel yesterday that’s how I played last time, for vindication and revenge. That’s not why I put you up. The trust was broken, so to me when you’re number one allies who are the strongest threats in the house are not on your side anymore and they are against you they have to go.

Daniele, you guys are super close with Porsche, I don’t know. Rachel, we don’t have an alliance or anything. Some friend you are throwing your one friend in the house under the bus. Brendon, she’s a lost puppy that Rachel has. Brendon, This is how I would look at it from your point. If you send Rachel home I’m going to be gunning for you. I don’t think necessarily everyone down there is going to have a problem with you going home. Because you are a threat to their game. They aren't going to have a problem with any of us going home. We have the chance of it least one of us making it to the final two. I’m pretty sure, 95% sure that if are one of the final two we will win half a million dollars. Because I don’t think any new person that makes it to the end is going to have the HOH’s, the POV’s, the anything's, big game play to have made it all away to the end. They probably will more than likely have floated all the way to the end. Rachel, especially the ones that are in the house right now. Do you think they’re going to send in a new cast of floaters Rachel? The only one that could have had a chance would have been Dominic. 100%. Yes Rachel but you sent him home. Just keep digging the hole deeper. Brendon, because he already showed he could play, he already showed he could compete he would have continued to compete all the way through. I need to put up a new fence. Do you think I could hire these two to dig holes?

Now Brendon is trying to convince Daniele that all of the floaters are just going to sit back while the veterans destroy themselves. Sounds like a good plan to me if I was a floater.

They just keep digging more holes I could’ve fenced an acre by now.

Rachel and Brendon Villegas are in the have not room whispering. Rachel, she makes it sound like Jeff and Jordan won’t vote for me. She’s finally starting to get it.

Rachel Reilly goes outside and starts whispering to Porsche. Brendon comes and sits down. Shelly Moore has gone to bed already.

The downstairs bathroom ceiling has a leak in it. So they have put a bucket and a towel under it. They think the HOH bathtub caused the leak, but it did also rain there earlier in the day.

Now Jordan and Rachel are talking. Jordan says she let Jeff do all of the talking. Jordan is telling Rachel she didn’t tell them who she if putting up. I heard some chatter yesterday that she was trying to decide between Porsche and Jordan. She doesn’t think Jordan would get sent home over Rachel. Putting Porsche up would take one of Rachel’s votes away, but no one likes her. Jordan tells Rachel she is a threat to people in the game. If her and Brendon’s butts are on the line they win. Rachel asks Jordan if she will vote to keep her in here. Jordan told her yes. I sure hope Jordan is lying for once.

Everyone’s got their heads together trying to figure out who’s going up when Brendon uses the veto.

Update: I just saw on Twitter. Brendon used the POV on Rachel and Daniele put up Jordan. So that means Rachel and Brendon lied to Danni AGAIN. I don't know about Jordan being put up. At one point she said she would go up if she wouldn't go home and it would keep Jeff safe. I don't know how that affects the deal between Jeff, Jordan and Daniele. Brendon told Jeff he just decided that this morning, but that is what he was initially going to do so he could work on his research. He was telling Shelly that the other night. 

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